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  1. Bottled Water PackageCA$9.20 for 12 (500 ml) bottles 12 (500 ml) bottles of water conveniently delivered to the stateroom. Price includes service charge.
  2. often they close off the balcony because of the wind effect while underway....
  3. Right, I saw a 2 minute Princess video last week of Commodore Nash giving a tour of his favourite spots on the ship.
  4. there are cruises to be booked....and it is presently in the water. I saw a short video yesterday of the Commodore giving a tour of his favourite spots on the ship.
  5. We have booked many b2b 10 dayers booked as a 20 day cruise, and have always gotten the minibar restocked at the beginning of the 2nd 10 day leg....and our internet minutes have always been added.
  6. These are the menus as we last knew them..... Specialty Cruise Restaurant Option - Princess Cruises Also, we will be on that cruise with you.
  7. according to the Princess website (that i have seen in the past) drones are not allowed on Princess ships.
  8. you asking if the airport or hotel has early check-in?
  9. Why don't you just book it now, and the do a re-fare, if and when the prices go down, or if perks are available. Seems to me that Princess is always having a sale of some sort or another.
  10. The post above your says they will be available on Dec 1st....think you misread it.
  11. Likely Skywalkers, but there will be a notification in your cabin with the daily specials
  12. yes, they do, but I am not sure that the pool area cabanas receive the same benefits or services as those around the retreat pool.
  13. Big change for me accessing on a desktop....
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