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  1. As Te Papa Tongarewa is the National Museum of New Zealand, I would very much doubt that they were displaying anything that was inaccurate. Why don't you have a look at their website and search for yourself?? https://www.tepapa.govt.nz/discover-collections/read-watch-play/history/voyage-and-discovery-pacific
  2. IMG_0515.MP4 Trump Titanic.pdf
  3. Genuinely curious . Why do Americans call - what other nations call a fringe - bangs????
  4. This actually occurred to me too. We have spent many lovely holidays in the US, but an aspect of the culture there which really grated on our nerves was the seemingly false bonhomie i.e. "I'm your server, my name is......and tonight our specials are .....' and generally behaving as if they were our new best friend. Having spent more holidays in Europe, where being a waiter is a professional job and not someone serving tables while looking for a better job, we found this odd to begin with and then a PITA. So I wouldn't have this sort of personal relationship with crew. I'm pleasant and thoughtful, but definitely wouldn't consider giving them a gift, any more than I would give a gift to a flight attendant.
  5. I heartily agree! I can understand children being entertained/amused by this but adults??? Seriously??
  6. UK citizens don't have national ID cards, we have passports😉
  7. You would go through a form of passport control regardless of your means of transport. If going from the UK to, for example Spain, you would have to show your passport at the departure airport, the departure train station (yes we can go all the way to Spain by rail) or on boarding the ferry. ID is ALWAYS checked.
  8. To be fair, that's not the same as knowing where a whole country is. I doubt if any non-Brits would know where Sutherland, Northumberland or Clwyd are (and probably lots of English wouldn't know either!)😀
  9. No we do need passports to fly to Spain/ Portugal. My point is it's not seen as a big deal to have a passport any more than having a driving licence.
  10. When you say 'domestically' do you mean solely within each European country? Because living in the UK (or any other European country) means we can travel for instance from the UK/France/Germany/wherever to Spain/Portugal/Germany for a long weekend and we really don't consider that as international travel. International travel would be from Europe to somewhere outside Europe. And we do travel domestically within our 'own' countries. We invented low cost budget airlines!! My passport fits in my shirt pocket - how big is yours?
  11. I've been reading this thread with a certain amount of amusement and incredulity. For those of us who are not US citizens, it seems the process of verifying your US identity is unnecessarily complicated. Just get a passport like the rest of the civilised world does!!! We (and I'm not necessarily speaking personally - just ask any European) have passports and have had them since childhood/adolescence even if we're not contemplating immediate foreign travel!!!! Why don't Americans do this???
  12. WOW - you can get LION chops in Australia??? And I thought kangaroo meat was exotic!!!
  13. If you read the replies carefully, it wasn't me who made this comment. But obviously at least one person in your group wasn't happy about the 'group decision'.
  14. Well said! I just can't understand this 'hive mentality' attitude.
  15. Still, hardly the world though, is it?😺 Now the Rugby World Cup truly IS a worldwide contest!
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