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  1. We always get the choice of OBC or cash back after the cruise from out TA. Always at least $150...
  2. Being claustrophobic, getting stuck in a tube doesn't sound like "fun". I can't even do an MRI in a tube...
  3. Transfers on NCL are typically from the airport to the dock upon arrival and from the dock to the airport upon departure. So, if you extend/deviate a couple days on either end, shouldn't you be able to waive the transfer fees, since you're not going directly from or to the airport??
  4. For our group of six on the Bliss, we all had the beverage package. Each couple preferred a different wine at dinner. The waiter took our wine orders and then brought all three bottles to the table and left them. We loved that...😁
  5. I'm confused. O'Sheahan's has a bar inside? On the Bliss, the Local (equivalent to O'Sheahan's) has no bar inside. The bar is actually outside the restaurant, in the upper atrium. There is no hostess at the bar. Is it a different setup at O'Sheahan's?
  6. I didn't see any on our March 30th Bliss cruise. Of course, we had the beverage package, so we didn't miss having them.
  7. If the flights booked via NCL are truly "free"...meaning you didn't pay anything...my assumption would be that you could fly to the cruise on the NCL-booked flight and then cancel the return flight if you find a better option for the return flight. I realize your situation is the reverse of this scenario...
  8. We were on the Bliss a few months ago and spent countless hours (and had countless beers) in the District Brewhouse. The SDP really came in handy on that cruise. In the District we also had the most awesome waiter, Carlo. After our first order he knew exactly what everyone liked. He even made up some "special off-the-menu" drinks for our wives. If you're on the Bliss, be sure to look up Carlo. He's quite a character.
  9. According to the NCL Free/Reduced Air policy, it says: "Instead of flying in on the day of your cruise, you can arrive two days earlier. The same applies to post-cruise flights, so you can stay in the city of debarkation two days after. Please note there is a $25 deviation fee per person." So...can you pay double the extra fee and stay an extra two days on BOTH ends?? Or will they only let you do front OR back end?
  10. Thanks for the responses. We're on the May 3rd cruise out of Rome. We booked mostly for the itinerary and assume even though the two ships are sister ships and pretty similar, there will be enough differences to make it interesting.
  11. We were on the Bliss last March and will be on the Escape in May, 2020. We enjoyed the Bliss, but after booking the Escape we're afraid that we may feel like we're still on the Bliss. Kind of like, "been there, done that". One of the things we like about starting a new cruise is boarding and searching out the various venues, different decor, etc.. We realize the biggest difference is the Bliss has the Observation Lounge (which we loved). But are there enough differences to make us feel like we're on a different ship?
  12. Before I bug my TA with this question, I figured I'd bug all of you first 😊 We booked our May 2020 Mediterranean cruise a couple months ago. At the time of booking, even though "free" air was one of the options, we didn't choose it. They are still offering "free" air on this cruise, so I assume we could add it now. Correct?
  13. We were on the Bliss Panama Canal cruise March 30th. When they exchanged Puerto Vallarta for Acapulco, we were not happy. When we docked in Acapulco, we got off the ship, took a couple pictures in the dock area...and went right back on the ship. We thought we'd have the ship to ourselves...but it turns out most people ended up staying on the ship, as well.
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