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  1. Applied for refund March 14 Original sail date: April 4th Disputed charge with American Express on May 21 Received notice today (May 30th) that MSC will apply a credit on June 5th statement. Not sure if the message is from MSC themselves or American Express. I'm also unsure if that means ON June 5th or sometime during the June 5th billing cycle. Very strange. I'm not removing the dispute until I actually see the money has cleared.
  2. I suspect Carnival will be leading the pack out of the starting gate. So, if anything, this should be interesting to read for the MSC cruisers: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5366/?et_cid=3334830&et_rid=17086816&et_referrer=Boards&fbclid=IwAR3VmUeSqASOqdvH9yqUZl5wRHXwdPJncZsLmYHQTFVVkjEHh-RB1g_ujcE#
  3. Glad to hear it April! Granny, that sounds final to me. Congrats to you both. My refund request was March 14. Sail date was April 4th. Haven't heard a thing from MSC and it's been nearly 75 days. I gave MSC the benefit of the doubt thinking there might have been a sliver of truth to the Monday/Tuesday refund rumor. I officially filed a dispute with American Express. They immediately credited my account the full amount (I booked after final payment was due so I didn't have two payments to process) but said it could take until July to resolve. That would be odd for American Express who is usually right on-top of things. I'll keep the forum posted.
  4. That make sense. Totally me being unaware that I was posting in the generic refund thread and not the USA refund thread. Glad things worked out for you! We love Norway, been there twice and intend to return.
  5. If I'm understanding this correctly, they are adding an additional deck to Seaview? Is the additional deck all cabin, all public space, or a combination of the two? That will make a huge difference in terms of space ratios.
  6. MSC is a value/budget cruise line. There is a reason it's much less expensive than Oasis class. You don't get Champaign on a beer budget and MSC has to cut some corners to offer those prices. However; if you keep this perspective in mind, MSC delivers a tremendous value for the dollar IMO, especially in YC.
  7. What a lovely story!! I know that my personal buying habits are changed as a result of Covid and I am buying local small business much more than in the past. BTW: We are still locked down tight here in Michigan. Businesses are starting to ignore the Governors orders and opening illegally risking a fine. We can't even get our hair cut, no possible chance of tourism opening.
  8. Doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason. We both cancelled on the same day (March 14th). I have not received anything for my cruise that was set to depart April 4th. I wonder how MSC is organizing these refunds. There must be some sort of process, but I certainly can't figure it out.
  9. Still nothing for my April 4 sailing. According to the post above, they are still working on refunding February's cruise? That doesn't even make sense.
  10. Thank you! We're great. Yesterday was the first day of golf league and it was beautiful blue skies and mid 60's (which is perfect for us this time of year). However we had 3 solid days of rain previous and, as you have read, three of the dams burst in mid-michigan creating a truly devastating flood situation. The lake I live on is at a 20 year high. My entire dock floated away (we were able to retrieve). Our cabin in the Upper Peninsula is unharmed as they didn't even get much rain. See post #39 for detailed response to how CDC refuted the claim that the virus lives "upwards of 17 days". However; just today I received the following notice that the CDC has changed their advice yet again, stating that the virus does not spread easily at all from surface to human. I think this is relevant for cruisers knowing that they are unlikely to pick up the virus off a pool lounger or from previous occupants in the cabin. Of course, it doesn't solve the social distancing rules that the CDC is advising us on but it's a step in the right direction. This also goes to show how little the CDC really knows about the virus. First they told us not to wear masks. Now we are required to wear masks (in Michigan). They advised us to disinfect our groceries before bringing them in the house or leave them in the garage for 3 weeks, and now they are claiming that is unnecessary since the virus does not spread easily from surface to human. https://www.today.com/health/new-cdc-guidance-coronavirus-doesn-t-spread-easily-touching-surfaces-t182194 https://www.foxnews.com/health/cdc-now-says-coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-via-contaminated-surfaces https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/05/20/coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-surfaces-objects-cdc/5232748002/
  11. @Fredric22 love the positive attitude!! Originally I thought we'd be cruising again in the fall. Now I'm not so sure, but I live in a state that is totally locked down still so I think that may be playing on my mindset.
  12. Zero ports are open right now to cruise ships. I read USVI is opening to tourists, so that is a start.
  13. One of the NCL ships had the AIS data reporting as "Fishing" in Port Canaveral, so hopefully this is just a spoof. I think MSC has been holding up some ships on this side of the pond in hopes that they can resume sailing. So many things are unknown. I'm glad I am not making the decisions.
  14. OMG that is fantastic! I've been waiting to dispute hoping MSC will do the right thing. Congrats!
  15. This information is also incorrect. RNA was found. Not even close to the virus. The CDC corrected the press release almost immediately. I'll try to triangulate the data from a variety of left and right leaning media to finally put this rumor to rest. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/cdc-clarifies-live-infectious-virus-not-found-17-days-later-princess-ship https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/24/coronavirus-diamond-princess-cabin-surfaces-contaminated-cdc-report/2905924001/
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