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  1. My office bought us all one of these lol I agree that you would need to clean it as well as your hands.
  2. Aruba is doing great as well: https://www.visitaruba.com/news/category/cruise-ship/
  3. Because I am eating there! Why is this so difficult to understand?
  4. Another reason for you to NOT touch the tongs...I don't want THAT virus either.
  5. Then why are we constantly reminded to wash our hands and not touch our face? If it's on your hands and your hands go up to your mouth...?
  6. Them serving works for me! How many people are gross enough to use the washroom and NOT WASH THEIR HANDS afterwards, then come and grab the tongs and load up their bacon plate?
  7. If the Canada / US border is not open for non-essential travel, that's a lot of Canadians who won't be cruising. Or, how many in Canada are able to get time off work to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival home from the US / International travel?
  8. And your 17 year old will likely have more fun on the Breakaway...
  9. Nice! I have a trip booked (Disney resort, flights, tickets until end of 2020) for early December, but if I can bump out my tickets until December 2021 that will be great! Plus it will be the Magic Kingdom's 50th Anniversary! (Oh, wait. More crowds...)
  10. With everyone thinking if you've had Covid then you might be immune, what if it affects you the opposite way? Meaning, your body might be "damaged" from the virus and it can't recover as well a second time. I have read that it can affect your kidneys and heart and do damage to them and it would create more issues in the future for those organs.
  11. Halifax (Nova Scotia) port authority has no cruise ships until July 1st, at least.
  12. I thought it said they were considering closing the borders...they are limiting entry, however.
  13. I don't understand the logic of only 500 passengers. What if the lone carrier is within the 500?
  14. Did Princess make all of those passengers pay for being quarantined?
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