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  1. Wait. Where do I find the details about the free grats? What sailings does it apply to?
  2. My friend's sister posted on FB yesterday that the Canadian govt told them two more days before they could get on the plane.
  3. Sorry, just seeing this now. Plantation location is about half the price of your recommendation.
  4. Meeee! I'm on the semi-final! I will finish the season off tonight!
  5. My friend's sister and BIL are on the ship. Hoping that all is okay with them and are able to return home after the quarantine is completed.
  6. We are not doing a cruise this year, but we are going to Atlantis this summer for a week. I'm looking for recommendations on water shoes! The pavement at the water park will likely be really hot and I don't want us to rip our feet a part. I've been eyeing these on amazon, but I'm looking for suggestions from others as well.
  7. Okay, that is what I figured. I just didn't want to miss something they might need to earn points.
  8. So I haven't sailed Carnival yet, but I did sign up for the club and have my number. Do I need to sign up DH and DD prior to booking our cruise so they can earn points as well? Or will they automatically be assigned a number upon booking? Just wondering as there is only one place to add a VIFP number when I do a mock booking.
  9. Can you get coffee at tea time? Or do they have different types of tea, like green tea?
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread, but can you pay a price just to use the computer to do online check-in from the ship? Or do you need to purchase a full Internet package?
  11. On NCL, you are definitely paying for it. In your cruise fare and the 20% you pay on it. And they don't include most items that Cheers does (specialty coffee, milkshakes, water, etc).
  12. You don't have to get alcohol every time. When we were on the NCL Epic and had the UBP, during the afternoon we would get non-alcoholic frozen drinks too, just so we didn't over do it before dinner and nighttime festivities.
  13. Even if I am from Canada? I was thinking there might be some restrictions paying for things since I don't live in the US.
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