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  1. have you thought about SMARTSCOOT - LIGHTEST SCOOTER
  2. my husband took the battery off and is charging it now. the rear wheel was not moving so he unjammed that. seems it had something to do with the brake. your vacation sounds wonderful. a true trip of a lifetime. i paid 1,000 vs 2,095 plus tax + shipping. i was annoyed it didnt work properly and am anxious to use it. but if my husband cannot fix it, i'll bring it to a shop and have they look at it. i will look at emobility. tx.
  3. im glad you had a good time inspite of the scooter. i guess you were in the right place for the scooter to break down considering vn has thousands of scooters. i bet the cost was half of what the u.s. would be. i purchased a triaxe sport today for $1,000 on craigslist. its suppose to be 1 yr old . came w/the bigger sized battery and larger seat. the mans wife did not like the scooter. too fast for her. anyway, right now its in the garage being charged. hope it works for me. im excited.
  4. surprised there was no conversation on this topic. i know i had millions of questions. hope you all enjoy your trips
  5. how was the rest of your vacation. and how did the scooter hold up.
  6. anyone travel to greece with a mobility scooter if so which one. tx.
  7. my friends and i are looking at greece for our next trip. however, from what i've read/seen since greece is built into a mountain will i be able to use a mobility scooter to get around. tx.
  8. first let me say have a wonderful time tokyo. did you take a scooter or rent one? will take a look at the transformer. ive looked at so many after a while it all jells together. have a great time. tell us about your trip when you come back.
  9. thank you for all the info. especially the triaxe. i do not have a hatchback probably never will. and i really, really do not like the idea of taking the scooter apart. but i will look into the triaxe sport @ 44#'s. tx.
  10. when we went on some excursions there were people that had scooters that didnt fold and the bus driver would not take these people on the bus. also a lot easier when you go onto a tender when you have a folding scooter. chances are the crew will help you get onto the tender. how are you goin to manage a non-foldable scooter on a tender? i think not!
  11. we also recently back from a cruise and i saw the triaxe in action. the lady was not small and she went over every type of road condition w/o problem. and the battery lasted her all day. she said she went last year to paris and it handled wonderfully over cobblestone roads. im seriously looking at one.
  12. we just returned from ncl bliss alaska cruise. i wanted to discuss the mobility issue or lack thereof. i used a mobility scooter both on the bliss and in ports. there was absolutely no problem at all. yes, the elevators on the ship are crowded. but for the most part people will step aside and try to help you. if you can walk a bit but still have a problem, a scooter is a necessity on board. whether its this ship or another. you are spending so much money anyway, whats the difference. there was absolutely no problem in getting around in juneau, ketchikam, skagway or victoria. went to mendenhall glacier and the drivers put the scooter under the bus w/o issue. i also went to ocean raft wildlife adventure and these people went out of their way to make sure i was taken care of. the only thing to fear is fear itself. so its up to you whether you stay on the ship or not. you didnt pay all this money to stay on the ship. so take a deep breath and go for it. you'll love the adventure.
  13. so tim did you just go into the door to the bar that has the sign on it?
  14. any thoughts on luigi scooter?
  15. thats exactly what i dont want to do. i dont want to take anything apart & carry it.
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