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  1. thats exactly what i dont want to do. i dont want to take anything apart & carry it.
  2. ncl bliss told me what company they used for scooters. i wasnt thrilled as they use go go.
  3. if you look at the tours offered whether w/the cruise lines or by yourself, they will tell you if wheelchair accessible.
  4. no problem getting around anywhere in bermuda or hamilton w/a scooter.
  5. i agree. a scooter gives me more freedom. i dont have to have someone pushing me. i dont need my husband breaking his back and getting exhaused because he has to push me around. then i want to see one thing and he's interested in something else.
  6. i think that is more of the problem than the walker. if you cannot climb the steps how will you get on?
  7. excursion budget is not very good. cost me $1,344 for an excursion 2 people.
  8. a few years back my husband and i flying out of la guardia and my sister were flying out of newark nj airport. bad storm came in all flights cancelled. we took a cab to jfk (int'l airport and larger). missed the ship but got a flight to puerto rico & picked up plane there. since the whole east coast wasnt moving hotels in p.r. were hard to get. but for $500 a night we got one. and put it into insurance when we got back and they paid. enjoy yourself!
  9. does the buffet serve any specialty foods i.e. a lobster night or salmon night etc
  10. when i went to book the restaurants i got 6 & 6:30 but next after that was 8 8:30. i didnt want to eat that late. might want to reconsider waiting til you are on board.
  11. should say i chose cagney's 2x and la cucina. i could not get teppenyaki for 6 or 6:30. and under impression teppenyaki was xtra in addition to meal package.
  12. i tried to look at the menus but i couldnt read them. we picked bliss 2x and la cucina. i didnt want italian but i wasnt paying any more for food than i had to. this cruise is certainly costing a small fortune. i have to stop somewhere.
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