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  1. Well said Tom. Many Cruise Lines and other shipping companies promote how the safety and health of crew and pax is their number 1 priority, but with myself and our son having actually worked for them, we have experienced their real priorities. However, having spent almost 4 months on a Viking ship during the initial pandemic, talked extensively with many crew members and followed their development of the new Health & Safety protocols, I have learned that Viking appear to be one of the few quality shipping companies that actually practice what they preach.
  2. As of today for all of Canada we are 71% first dose, 57% fully vaccinated. By the time everyone gets their second dose Canada will be 71-80% fully vaccinated. Therefore much safer to travel to than the USA.
  3. Affirmative, it really changed the workload, especially on turn-around day. Prior to that, when I was on days off on a Saturday, I would drive in and pick up about 4 of the officers and drive them out to our place. Would head down to the river with the BBQ for some lunch & swimming. Would get them back on board about an hour before departure. After the Herald, the time off in Vancouver was reduced to a few hours, so only had time to take them over to Stanley Park, or one of the pubs. A couple of years later, they couldn't get any time-off, so my visits were reduced to me headin
  4. If you can do the walk on your own and can get started early, I wouldn't be too worried about the heat. DW isn't overly mobile and she completed the entire wall. Should the heat start to bother you, there are a few spots where you can get off and return to the old city level, returning to Pile Gate and a bus back to the ship. The views are definitely worth the effort.
  5. The latest contracts for Glacier Bay were issued about October 2019 and were awarded to Princess, HAL, NCL, Cunard, Seaborn, Viking Ocean and RCCL. If a specific cruise is visiting Glacier Bay it will be listed on the itinerary.
  6. On our last World Cruise we experienced 3 Tropical Revolving Storms in the South Pacific. Therefore, not possible to answer your question.
  7. In UK, at least on cruise ships, things started changing after the Herald of Free Enterprise sank, which was a couple of years before the Exxon Valdez.
  8. Pre-cruise, you can cancel in MVJ and receive a full refund up to 7-days before the cruise. At 7-days pre-cruise MVJ is locked, while the information is sent to the ship. Once onboard, any shore-ex booked within the first 2-days are non-refundable, but others mostly have a 2-day cancellation period. However, we have experienced different terms on some tours, so best to check.
  9. Our experience was similar to SantaFe. Our bags we picked up over 2 weeks before embarkation and sat in a warehouse in the US for a number of days, before heading to Los Angeles. You also have a number of options when selecting a pick-up time.
  10. I have completed the wall many times, with the last one in July 2015, when the temperature was in the mid 90's. If you are able to disembark and tour on your own, and Viking provides a shuttle to Pile Gate, the Wall is easy to do on your own. No need to sign up for a tour. We caught one of the first buses into town, which takes you to the Pile Gate bus park, which is a short walk to the Wall. We purchased tickets just inside the Wall and climbed the stairs up to the Wall. They were fairly narrow and steep, but easily completed, if done slowly. The Wall is uneven and has
  11. For photography areas fwd, I have used: open deck fwd of Explorers on Dk 7, probably my favourite, as on the wings you can also get shot aft and along the parallel body of the ship, pilots arriving/departing, etc. Might have to be early if the ship is full. Sports deck (Dk 9) can be used, but they have glass railing around the fwd end, so I rarely used that area. Explorers Dk 8 has Port and Stbd doors that open onto a type of Bridge Wing. In addition to the stairs up to Dk 9, they also have a reasonable view ahead. If watching the night sky, this is probably the best spot on
  12. The ship docked in the old harbour is the newly launched Crystal Endeavour. This might be its inaugural cruise.
  13. Definitely something we would consider, if we could combine with an around S/America.😀
  14. Just checked the Cunard website and the biggest Inside Cabin shows at around 200 sq feet. Our preferred line, all cabin are balcony, with the smallest being 270 sq feet.
  15. Clay - Good point, apologies as I should have been more specific, as I was making reference to the deposit, prior to payment in full. For 2023, our deposit was about CAN $6,000 pp, so if we cancel before PIF, we would receive a reasonable FCV that could be used on most short cruises. However, as you noted, once we have made the PIL, if we cancel, the FCV could only be used on another WC or possibly one of Orion's transits between Sydney & Vancouver.
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