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  1. Cruise critic rules prevent naming TA's or providing links
  2. Last time I called in 2015, I was advised they no longer require this information and respectfully suggested not calling again when travelling.
  3. Heidi13

    NZ eTA

    The application process was due to be available last month, so should be open.
  4. This is a subject matter akin to tipping, where both sides are entrenched. Personally, I have no desire to discuss what we do, as it works for us, but not necessarily for others. In my previous posts, I don't believe I provided full facts, as I did not discuss probability. I only responded to a statement that the ship "will" land passports, responding with the ship will "endeavour" to land passports, then upon request, provided examples of potential priorities that could preclude landing passports. While I don't have any actual statistics, I suggest reviewing based on a risk assessment. To ascertain the full facts, you must consider the probability. In most ports, while a number of reasons can preclude taking time to search for passports, the probability is low. Therefore, in most cases the ship will at least attempt ("endeavour") a cursory search to locate passports and if found, land them ashore.
  5. We spent 3 weeks visiting our Son & DIL and also an over-night on our previous World Cruise. Although the banned medications list is extensive, it did not include any of our medications. Also note in Dubai, you can purchase medications, including anti-biotics with out prescriptions, at very reasonable prices. Alcohol is readily available in the ex-pat hotels, bars, clubs, etc. Son also had ready access to alcohol for consumption at home. Pork is also readily available in supermarkets, in a separate area. Never had any issues in UAE. Nice place to visit once, but no real desire to return.
  6. We book cabins based on location, to ensure DW experiences minimum ship's motion. Most definitely we don't buy into the hype of booking tours to select more expensive cabins, which based on the science of ship motion are generally in worse locations than DV cabins. Having spent 40 years at sea, in cabins that couldn't be described as spacious, so I find the size of the DV cabin more than adequate. If we are interested in a ship's shore-ex and it is full, if Viking don't open additional spots, it is their loss. In Europe, I have no problem booking private tours, which are generally smaller groups & are cheaper than the ship's tours. Dining reservations - did not even make note of those dates, as we rarely make reservations at home, so have no desire to make reservations up to 6 months in advance.
  7. Affirmative - I researched insurance options for almost a week. Not many options available, actually only Viking, so read & re-read the entire document many times. Spent over a year researching ports, attractions & private excursions.🙂 We also have coverage on credit cards, but would never rely on it as sole coverage. Even with the Viking insurance, the medical component is only $100K. We don't visit the U.S, without $5 - 10 Million and that is above what our Provincial medical pays.
  8. Heidi13

    Pub Grub

    When I return to UK, I enjoy walking up to the village local for a meal & a few pints. Very limited hand pulled, real ales where we live. When in the Lake District, we had a great lunch at the brewery in Staveley - Hawkshead Brewery. Great lounge with comfortable seats. Enjoyed lunch & a 1/2 pint, as DW won't drive in UK. In the Vancouver area, we have about 100 breweries, but most are small and only a few have catering. So it is mostly heading out for a pint & a blether.
  9. Those numbers will provide coverage for short cruises, but when spending $100K+ the only option was Viking insurance.
  10. Most definitely less risk in Singapore. Totally safe country to visit. Last time there we hired a taxi for a few hours for a very reasonable price.
  11. While the suites are at the extreme fwd & aft extremes, these locations are still the least comfortable on the ship, for anyone afflicted by motion sickness. Many pax may not notice the movement (I don't) but the science of ship stability & movement in a seaway dictate they are the worst locations. Stabalisers reduce rolling, but do nothing for longitudinal movement (pitching) DW is highly bothered by motion sickness, so we only book lower decks midships. A number of other issues also affect extreme Fwd & Aft cabins, especially in a significant head seaway and when operating at full speed.
  12. Unfortunately, finding trip cancellation/interruption insurance is not always possible, except through the cruise line. For our upcoming cruise, which we booked 20 months before departure, no local broker/agency or the online options would accept the risk. If we wanted insurance, the only option was the cruise line
  13. The Atlantic can be rather challenging at any time of year, but fortunately you are Westbound, so they tend to route more to the south to avoid the Gulf Stream. Crossed a few times in December, in both directions, without incident. However, if you don't enjoy a little movement suggest bringing whatever remedies work for you. Will let others discuss the Christmas decorations. Enjoy
  14. If you remind me at the end of 2020, I'll check the schedule. If I meet any of the chaps from Port Metro Vancouver I'll try and get an early copy, if they will share.
  15. Jim will no doubt provide an excellent commentary on the first half and I will complete daily posts on the 2nd half (L/A to London) - www.andyandjudi.com Did posts from our previous WC in 2015.
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