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  1. 1) Sorry, too subjective. However, some pax, even with the SSBP accepted the "Included" wines. 2) The wine list has a fairly extensive selection of wines available by the glass. On the World Cruise, we could request any of them that were included with the SSBP, provided they were in stock. Due to supply problems, since we couldn't get into port, we were offered bottles that weren't included in the SSBP. 3) Yes, an unfinished bottle is corked and brought to the table the next evening. We sat in the same section, so our waiters stored it safely and had it at the table the
  2. We also took the cash refund option when they cancelled the World Cruise. Since it could only be used for a single cruise, the FCV wouldn't have worked for us, as we didn't plan on another World Cruise/Grand Voyage until 2025. However, having booked 2023, I now wish we stayed with the FCV. For our refund, it got lost in the works, but when contacted, they sent a cheque out the same day by overnight courier. We received it next day.
  3. If I had a choice of a N'bd or S'bd, I would opt for the S'bd Seward to Vancouver every time. One of the most scenic parts of the trip is from Port Hardy (top of Vancouver Island) to Seymour Narrows at Campbell River. On N'bd sailings, this is completed at night, but S'bd it is mostly during daylight. Getting from Canada place to YVR is easy and as an additional bonus, you clear US Immigration in Vancouver, so upon arrival you are considered as a domestic arrival. In addition to cruise line buses, the Skytrain (light rail) is a short walk from the port and takes you dir
  4. Wow, that's impressive, especially when some Crystal pax have been waiting over a year. Well done Viking.
  5. Viking Orion has now departed for Bodrum in Turkey, ETA 17th April.
  6. Thanks, good to see that the cameras are coming back online, as when I checked them last year, if online they only showed the day they docked. Something else to watch😀
  7. So much for that idea, as she has now departed Rijika and is bound for Ancona, which is where Viking Venus is completing her build. Ancona has Fincantieri & Palumbo Group yards, so could still be heading for a drydocking.
  8. Since Viking Sea is a 2016 build, she is due for her 1st Special Survey. While they had a number of drydocks in Trieste, I didn't see her use one of them. Could be heading to the S/Y at Rijeka to complete her 1st Special Survey. Couldn't see the point of Orion heading to a S/Y, other than for ship repair/modifications, but Viking Sea could be heading to one of the 2 floating drydocks. Will watch Marine traffic for the next few days.
  9. Used to enjoy the sail in to San Juan, which we did once per month, while doing the Acapulco to San Juan shuttle. Haven't been there for many years, but is definitely one of the ports I hope to see again. If Viking offers a TA on Viking Neptune, hopefully San Juan will be one of the ports, as we are considering booking that one before the World Cruise.
  10. We even heard about the Florida situation on our local news. If/when the CDC permits cruising to resume in US Waters, the Florida Governor's recent decisions would prevent us from considering any cruise to/from any Florida port.
  11. Some FCV have different terms & conditions, but in general, they may only be used for a single booking. A booking can be a single cruise, B2B or butterfly cruises, but multiple cruises must be on a single booking number. Any outstanding value, after paying the cruise/air must be used before boarding the vessel. Therefore, you can prepay tips, purchase the beverage package, purchase shore-ex, purchase pre/post excursions, etc. However, if any value is outstanding when you board, it is lost. We did a River/Ocean combo with almost 2 weeks between the cruises, which the
  12. I wouldn't believe everything the vacation planner (aka salesman) says, as they probably haven't read the Fleet Regulations. Making a pax cabin announcement at 02:00 was a guarantee of a flight home from the next port, which was highly detrimental to career prospects, as you didn't get another ship. When you work on the Bridge of a ship, the Deck Officer's follow the direction of the Captain & Fleet Regs, not somebody in an office. Prior to spending almost 30 yrs as a Captain, I worked as a Princess Deck Officer for 7 years and we NEVER made P/A announcements in pax areas at ni
  13. Thanks. A wetdock is what I would expect, as the 1st Special Survey shouldn't be due until next year.
  14. As most of you know, my experience is British tonnage for the 70's, particularly the P&O ships. The SS Canberra website has recently been updated, so thought I would pass on the link if anyone is interested. http://www.sscanberra.com/index.html
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