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  1. The Platinum/Elite minutes never show up in the Personalizer, I think you got a TA or Promo Comp Gift deal. I'd read here that when MedallionNet first rolled out Regal/CB they were giving Platinum/Elites a $49.99 deal for unlimited. On the Royal last month a Roll Call member reported she bought the voyage package with her Elite minutes discount of 25% off: 7 days x $9.99 per day x .75 = $52.45. The 7 day Unlimited package was available online up to a week before sailing for $59.99, so being P/E saved a little over 7 bucks by buying onboard with the discount. On the 3/23 or 3/30 sailings on the Royal we never saw the 4 device package offered. I don't think the ship makes a difference - just the timing of deals as they roll the new service out.
  2. Given that, then this Bear Warning is on topic:
  3. Every time we've been in a suite the steward has told us not to rush since he has plenty of cabins to do before ours. An un-advertised suite perk I guess.
  4. No, but Elites/Platinum get 25% off the onboard voyage plan rate of $9.99 per day.
  5. Just did a b2b on Royal and changed cabins at turn around - one medallion. New cruise cards were delivered on the night before (likely because we changed from a suite).
  6. There were many crew who joined in LA. Jean-Francois Ferat is M'd You need to call the dine line to get on "the list" - likely reminding a head waiter will help - I think there must have been a good number of "royalty" onboard. We did have a good cabin crawl - a good group!
  7. We just missed the cutoff last week, the M'd stopped by our table later on, he knew our names and promised we'd be at the top of the list for this week, we called in right after reboarding but no word -- not even the nice note telling us we didn't make it.
  8. We're onboard now too - 2nd half of a b2b. I can confirm there really have been more issues with customer service than the norm. While you may have your paperwork they won't believe it until Corporate confirms it. The medallion is indeed in beta testing and both cards and medallions are used getting on and off the ship - they have 2 people scanning you but it is a bit of a slowdown. None of the Ocean apps work yet. O3b (the MedallionNet provider) contractors with attitudes are onboard. If you precheck with Ocean Ready it does slightly speed up check in, but berth 92 is major zoo time. MedallionNet is fast and reasonably reliable, didn't find a single deadspot (except in the Engine Control Room). We bought the package precruise for 7 days at $59.99. You can trade in your Plat/Elite minutes for 25% off the $9.99 per day whole voyage rate available on Day 1 with a visit to Internet Cafe. ($52.45 for the week) Maitre'd screwed us getting Chef's Table.
  9. That $69 includes a lot more than a haircut and beard trim. It's at least an hour of pampering.
  10. Someone on our 3/23 roll call is on now and says Secret Silk has been pulled - one of the songs was offensive to some.
  11. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival - we have our Ocean Ready profiles done and are ready to pick up our Medallions at check in and wait for everyone to get off the ship so we can get on! If there are any arrival events they may be on the Post of LA Webcam: http://www.lawaterfront.org/multimedia.php
  12. And ... sunsets! Crown Princess Jan 22, 2015 on the deck above the Bridge - one of the best Green Flashes at Sunset ever!
  13. I'd suppose you'd know to buy Unlimited MedallionNet on the Ruby and sign up for HBO Go and just stream it. HBO Go is free to an HBO subscriber Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  14. Me too - never a problem - I like booking via Princess website then transferring once I'm happy to get the extras. Sounds like they really messed up this one - wow - just wow!
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