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  1. Ferd Berfle

    Crown Princess

    Only Coral and Island have an Alfredo's in Sabatini's on sea days. But I don't know about Sea and Sun.
  2. Ferd Berfle

    Grand Princess

    My one and likely only issue with the Grand (and the Golden): the steam rooms and saunas are out by the pool vs. in the changing rooms. We had a great 25th anniversary cruise to HI on the Grand a couple years ago. Well, it was great until we heard the ship music playing "Time to say good bye" on the last night ...
  3. Ferd Berfle

    Breadsticks on TV

    There are some more bottom right ...
  4. Ferd Berfle

    Breadsticks on TV

    We asked last cruise (Dec 2018) and were told bread sticks were "by request" and were not in the basket at lunch or dinner by default. Once asked for, they were brought. One of the downsides of Anytime or CC is that your crew doesn't know to have them sitting on "your" table.
  5. Ferd Berfle

    Booking future cruises while on board

    Yes. The Future Cruise Deposit of $100 per person is your full deposit on any upcoming cruise. Plus you get Onboard credit commensurate with the length of the cruise: Future Cruise Deposit OBC Cruise length OBC amount per person 6 days or less $25 7–10 days $50 11–16 days $100 17 days or longer $150 Edit: I think this does not apply to World Cruises
  6. Ferd Berfle

    Going Back to Visit Our Room Steward

    Very Cool! Was he heading home or getting back on?
  7. Ferd Berfle

    Grand Embarkation in SFO

  8. Ferd Berfle

    Club Class

    On the Star - a few 2 tops -- none of the 2 tops along the wall as on Coral, Island, Emerald.
  9. Ferd Berfle

    Aft Riviera Deck Balconies on Ruby???

    We did and security chased them off the railing, the occurrences subsided somewhat.
  10. Ferd Berfle

    Aft Riviera Deck Balconies on Ruby???

    Yah - actually had one smoker flick ash right down on me! Cigar ash "tokens" on the deck. Portside (R750 or R748) is the no smoking side.
  11. Ferd Berfle

    Aft Riviera Deck Balconies on Ruby???

    We did a couple coastals in R751, it is partially covered. I put in a review on the Cabin Review thread. It is generally quiet but on sailaways folks hang off the pool deck railing above you. I'd choose them again but would move to portside. We love the aft corners. The smokers above will occasionally ash on you or your balcony.
  12. Ferd Berfle

    Island Princess TV's - HDMI Inputs?

    Also, the remote menu has a multiview option, arrow over to the HDMI input picture and hit the center "enter" button.
  13. Ferd Berfle


    Thank you! My wife is still laughing!
  14. Ferd Berfle

    Suite Canapes

    I actually enjoy most of these - but freshness is key
  15. Ferd Berfle

    Minimum amount to gamble to get casino rate offer?

    I heard that Casino ratings are based on the "drop", how much was wagered, not how much was lost or won.