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  1. Ferd Berfle

    Traditional or Anytime dining

    We've tried both and just preferred Late TD for all the above reasons, emphasis on the wait staff getting to know your preferences But also most of the time we're back on board, time to get dressed, go to PES and/or Casino, events, drinks in Vines, then off to dinner. We do tend to get a 2 top but visit with those around us. In ATD on Grand class the 2 tops tend to be long `8 tops' with random neighbors.
  2. Ferd Berfle

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    A nutty Irishman is Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur in coffee wonderful stuff
  3. Ferd Berfle

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    it's 15 alcoholic drinks per 24 hrs from 6AM to 6AM, so if you put Kahlua in your coffee that's 1 Drink. If no booze, all coffee drinks are just included. Fortunately, a Nutty Irishman is 1 Drink. (1/2 shot each liquor).
  4. Ferd Berfle

    Who is current Star cruise director?

    Check the Live From thread by Woobstr - he posted all the ships officers for us! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2600209-live-from-the-star-princess-hawaii-rt-november-4-2018/ Bernie Fuentes - Entertainment Director Marcus Juanta - Cruise Director
  5. Ferd Berfle

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    Thank you again for the updates. Makani E, Hawaiian Duo, Kimo & Lokelina are on our cruise as well.
  6. Ferd Berfle

    Skagway, White Pass Scenic Railway - LUXURY CLASS

    We did this one and loved it. (Having also done the other version a few years ago.) The car is at the front on the way up and the back on the way down with a large observation deck. The food and beer/wine is fine but what's great is your own tour guide in the car so you get a personalized tour of the up and back. Also good for mobility challenged - you get on and off right by the ship. (Not sure about wheelchair accessible) As always your mileage may vary...
  7. Ferd Berfle

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    Thanks for the update!
  8. Ferd Berfle

    Live From the Star Princess Hawaii R/T November 4, 2018

    Bon Voyage! We're on the cruise after yours and our Roll Call group is wondering if we do have Capt Tuvo for sure and who the ED/CD are? Take good care of our ship!
  9. Ferd Berfle

    Apple Watch useage on cruise

    My experience is that Princess WiFi does not allow device to device traffic only device to Princess services - such as Internet and Princess@Sea). There was an App called Ripple that "could" use ship's WiFi for a walkie-talkie but I never could get it to work and hence the conclusion that the ship doesn't allow device to device communications. If you've ever configured a home WiFi you may have seen this feature as an option. It can be a good thing that others on the same WiFi network as you can't "see" your device (and attack it). Maybe one of the days, Princess will provide a secure relay service to allow subscribers to walkie-talkie. Especially since the P@S messaging is horrid.
  10. Ferd Berfle


    Aloha deck - some cabins can be noisy from Pool deck above - crew moving furniture - etc. Some cabins - usually insides - the upper berths are mounted to the wall and protrude 6-8" - so if you have the bed made up as a queen you have these metal blocks sticking out from the wall down the bedsides.
  11. Ferd Berfle

    Something new in the MDR

    So... we are being trolled at a remove by MDR staff - how fiendishly clever ... Wonder what use they'd make of the butter?
  12. Ferd Berfle

    Hot tubs on the Grand

    Glad they are - it was a very quiet area on our HI cruise in 2016 - with netting over the tubs - on nice days. Looks very much like your mileage may vary... I prefer the hot tubs by the Lotus Spa pool - open to all with Steam and Sauna rooms right there. No Thermal Suite tho' - one of the suite perks we miss on the Grand (and Golden).
  13. Ferd Berfle

    Something new in the MDR

    Maybe to check if you've turned off autograts?
  14. Ferd Berfle

    Hot tubs on the Grand

    Nope - no hot tubs at the Terrace Pool. There are 2 in "The Oasis" on 16 aft but they may not be open.
  15. Ferd Berfle

    Platinum/Elite Lounge

    Agreed. I think it varies a lot from cruise to cruise. We try to go often and most always have a good time.