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  1. There could always be these covid set backs. We just have half the country that didnt want to do this shut diwn correctly and we wasted months. Imo. Demand is there. The cdc should understand soon this is not going away. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23878-royal-caribbean-sees-100-000-sign-ups-for-free-volunteer-cruises.html
  2. thx , have the highest with royal , but i have a status on celebrity and carnival and norwegian, i am a semi retired , business owner. i would have went on at least 3-4 this year . so its been a big bummer for me.
  3. They need to come up with a big stimulus to help ppl get through this, if this is another lockdown till spring.
  4. From what i understood, they did testing but no facemask protocol on board. Now being under 200 pax they do not have to adhere to the CDC order. I think it shows that look cleaning the ship and testing isn't enough to stop it as you could have gotten it while traveling to the ship and it shows up days later. Open it up in a few months for big ships , have ppl sign the waivers and lets go, we know we can catch any virus around others.
  5. This is not going to go away , im afraid. they have to start up or go under. we have to learn to live with it now.
  6. Yes that would be fine with me, i like the beach . I submitted a volunteer app. hopefully they consider C and A members before others.
  7. no , I don't think they have to wait 45 days to submit for the testing cruises then wait 30 more days. they started restaffing a week before the announcement . i expect them to file a request this week and have the month of nov to get ready for test sailings / also in the language it says "should" as far as cdc waiting periods between tests and reg pax sailing. but its not so easy i agree . will take some time.
  8. unfortunately that wont be in feb , 6 months from now or a year from now . prob never . So we have to live with it and move forward .
  9. that was referring to the judge not blocking carnival and before the new cdc phase plan was released . seems there should be test cruises in dec .
  10. mexico is open to it i believe , DR, bahamas , could be the private island , that is ok with me too.
  11. Its going to take a little time to comply with these orders and get the test sailings done. while you may see one in late january, feb would be the best chance so far imo.
  12. There are going to be protocols, im afraid, masks, distancing, control at ports, will all be a thing for a while. it is what it is, im ok with that but i know many will not be.
  13. would you feel comfortable going? i doubt covid is going away anytime soon .
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