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  1. I was thinking that it could be a third party trying to get ppl to buy insurance however that is ncls number listed.
  2. how can they legally do this?, with so many stuck and not able to get a cash refund. i hope many do a charge back on the credit cards.
  3. ncl can kiss my grits. im getting a little annoyed with their antics as of late. not very impressed with them and after i use this fcc ,will likely not sail with them again and stick to royal,celbrity and carnival.
  4. There will be likely no cruises this year. and if you ask me its the peoples fault.
  5. i rebooked twice using all fcc only and never was required to add ncl insurance, could you post the email thanks.
  6. still missing my fcc from the last wave of cancels, anybody get theirs?
  7. the cruiselines dev /IT team has been on vacation for a long time.
  8. well im not going to hide in my condo forever. i will be cautious ,follow the guidelines and not be around crowds. plenty of space on the casino floor to distance.
  9. I benefited from the first cancel to the second. had that gone i had much more perks the same room same days and fcc left over. the 3rd cancel in sept , not so much so im playing the waiting game. i suspect they have pushed those who can get a refund on this wave of cancels toward a refund instead of rebooking.
  10. im going to miss the pool/gym most as im not much of a drinker. i dont mind take out and eating in my room , or getting it from outside the casino as i often do. by the time i got there may be less restrictions but ill be happy as long as they dont shut it back down.
  11. I think i read no inside dining or alcohol on floor allowed. im staying at harrahs and i dont really care for the restaurants there, i normally eat outside the casino anyway.
  12. i still wouldnt take that list as accurate, being as cases have exploded in the south and the cdc talks didnt seem to go well. i think this can change by the month.
  13. I agree , isnt that crazy. im not sure where to book the next one out of, as i live in the middle of the east coast i could go either way, im going to AC on the 23rd of july. first i went south to the beach when numbers were better down there,. now better numbers up north so ill go there.
  14. And what if that Fcc is missing? i think its bad business practice myself even though what you said was correct.
  15. You didnt upset me. i know its the scot sense of humor.
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