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  1. By that measure Royal should at least cancel their circumnavigation of 16days Top End + 18days Bottom End this coming Feb/March or at least cancel it to non Aussie people.
  2. I assume you are looking at 2022 or later. That being said we did Celebrity Sydney to Aukland starting on January 5 in 2016. We flew on Dec 31 and effectively missed New Years Eve because we were in the air when we flew over the dateline and it was suddenly Jan 1. Jan 1 being a holiday a lot of stuff was shut down and of course we missed the Sydney bridge fireworks. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney and it would have been a great view except the Hotel fare would have been through the roof. It was great to be able to walk across the street to board the ship. We did the Milford -> Queenstown -> Dunedin overnight and loved it. Weather was great the whole time - some small showers but that was it. You just don't know. We spent about 5 pre days in Sydney and got an OPAL transit card to see the city. We were planning on doing the bottom end circumnavigation this next March but we fully expect it to be cancelled and unfortunately there is no 2022 equivalent.
  3. Given all the cutbacks on Celebrity they just don't stand out like they used to. The Oasis class ships are special but they are also so big that its hard to have something special for an individual. I am waiting for them to cancel my down under cruise and the next one I have planned will be on an upper premium line once things finally open up.
  4. It would nice though to hear what the luxury IT factor are beyond included booze and possibly gratuities. It's not necessarily cabins as Viking cabins are roomier with heated floors than say Crystal. Viking also offers included Wifi as compared to say Seabourn. The only thing I can figure is passenger ratio and the staff going out of their way for special meals or remembering your drink. It would be nice to hear examples that demonstrate real differences.
  5. I would say this is an early October surprise if you know what I mean and the big question is what will the late October surprise look like!
  6. Actually a variation of that happened to me. I had somebody come test drive a car I was selling and we essentially had a deal but the guy had to get the money. A second couple came by just as the first guy was leaving and offered me more money on the spot. I felt I had made a PROMISE and stayed with the first guy and said I would let the couple know if the deal fell through.
  7. Both the wife and I maintain our weight during the cruise. First rule is two meals a day. We tend to sleep in late and usually miss breakfast unless a port is involved. Second rule is 30 fast walk minutes on the treadmill everyday. Last rule watch the snacks at most 1 to 2 drinks a day.
  8. Thats another itinerary I looked at. How was Vancouver to Japan? Any must not misses on that one?
  9. Speaking of time of year what month would you book for the ocean part: May, June, or July. I did July and it was very nice but as mentioned you see very little snow except in the glacier areas.
  10. And given that is all we can do right now!
  11. Fine with me. The more info the better.
  12. It certainly seems like Cruisetours such as Princess in Alaska would be shut down. You have hotels, trains, buses, and various excursions outside of the ship and it makes the whole thing longer as well. When do they start to notify cruises that don't fit these parameters such as the long ones they are affected?
  13. I thought about the same thing to get to Elite level on a probably cancelled cruise for next March. I could change our cabin to a suite and the extra points would push me over. However we also have cruised Princess, Celebrity, and Norwegian and our next cruise is Viking. I suspect after that Royal may be more of a rarity for us.
  14. Yea well I would stay tuned on the future of those. Nobody has announced officially the restart requirements and phase in plans.
  15. I seriously expect restarts to be short 1 week most likely shorter cruises. How many of those are in April and May?
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