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  1. Carnival is scrapping 19 ships (I believe 4 have yet to be named). That's a bunch of CD's, assistant CD's and other assorted crew members that are going to need jobs somewhere. At least it sounds like she has landed on her feet.
  2. Pfizer going for emergency approval by end of month. Good part of study is that while it is reported as 90% effective (flu shots are 50% approx), actual data on covid patients in study was higher than 90%. It will be awhile before enough doses are available to population, but we are looking to cruise soon.
  3. The report is 40 plus pages long, so it was in the works for awhile. The fact that it was releases on a day when the US had a daily infected number of 90,000 is reflective of the year 2020. We don't have control of this yet. Good luck to those who choose to cruise. I am in a "high risk demographic", I will wait awhile. As a CCL shareholder and someone who enjoys a nice relaxing vacation, I wish the cruise lines well.
  4. Someone is going to call Carnival, whether it is you or your T/A that depends on how you book. To use the FCC, you must first book a new cruise and pay the deposit. This can be done online if you so choose. Then the FCC is applied to your cruise but only after contacting Carnival and having the FCC applied to your new booking. If you use a T/A, they can do this for you. In these days of technology, it seems somewhat archaic. Speaking of talking with Carnival agents, while I received my refund quickly (I also chose the FCC), if you have an OBC based on a price drop filing, do t
  5. When I first started this thread/conversation, it was only six ships across the corporation. Times change quickly and now the number is 13. We have seen HAL announce 4 ships leaving the fleet. I think I saw 2 from princess leaving 7 ships from Carnival and the rest of the fleet. I saw the Fantasy was going to scrap, that leaves 6 left and I have not included the P&O and Costa brands. Most people are assuming the the Fantasy class ships will go. If that is Carnival's direction, look to the Imagination , Ectasy and Elation as candidates for retirement not so much for age but
  6. I noticed the same thing this morning when checking on my October 18 cruise on the Glory. All 7 day cruises out of NOLA are not listed.
  7. I just saw an article saying Carnival will be taking six (6) ships out of service. Have they announced which ships will be gone? All Fantasy class? When? Any info would be appreciated.
  8. The article I read was 820 people in Florida and 500 in California and Washington (Seattle). I think the 1300 number was an overall number. Sad but if your business is essentially shut down you cannot afford the people. I follow Carnival because I hold some stock (yeah ouch). It does seem that prior to this, Carnival had increased the number of people hired particularly at the executive level. Maybe some at the top trimming is healthy long term. Sorry for the PVP's and others who got caught up in the virus mess. Next time some politician says the cruise industry sh
  9. I don't really know the logic behind why I got it now but "when you get the answer you want, hang up" (Brad Pitt in the movie Moneyball).
  10. Original cruise date was for 5/3/2020 (I should have been cruising this week), the refund was generated when I changed cruises to a 10/18/2020 new date. I changed this on 3/12.
  11. My original cruise was for 5/3/2020 (yes, I should be having drinks with umbrellas in them at this moment), a 7 day out of New Orleans. When I cancelled, I rebooked for 10/18/2020. I did this change on March 12.
  12. Got my refund today. It was credited to my AMEX card which was used to purchase the cruise. Hooray.
  13. i had originally filed a claim, as instructed by my PVP. It would have been refunded, however, once Carnival instituted the new refund policy, the claim was denied. In the meantime, my amount paid for insurance was applied to my new cruise.
  14. If you used Carnival's travel insurance provider, you will be able to transfer your premium to your new booking. This happened to me and the amount transferred over w/o problem.
  15. Same thing happened to me. I re-booked my 5/3/2020 cruise and ended up placing a $250 deposit on my October replacement. I just applied the whole payment (I was fully paid at time of cancellation) to the future booking. Now that the future cruise credit and refund has transferred over, I now overpaid for the October cruise and will take it as an on-board credit. I suppose I could ask for a refund on the overage but we will spend it anyway. BTW; look at your travel insurance if you purchased it through Carnival or some other company. I had to ask for a refund for the May cruise while
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