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  1. I've lined up a quick four day trip to Cairns next month to make up for a couple of canceled cruises. I don't even have to leave the state. 😁 If this trip works out and virus willing, I'm thinking of a week in Darwin or maybe Broome later this year. Next year who knows, maybe NZ or Fiji for a week or two. Even though I hate flying and don't fancy the idea of wearing a mask the entire flight, it's still better than staying home. It's also better than waiting for ships that may (seemingly) never arrive.
  2. Would this open up the GP to any kind of legal liability if they perform a misdiagnosis? I would think that the cruise line would have to offer some kind of waiver before anybody would sign it.
  3. I don't know when she will come down here or how she'll be refurbished, but I would be very surprised if Carnival Corp would be spending shareholders cash on anything other than basic maintenance under the current circumstances.
  4. It is a bit. It's like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes, if those mosquitoes traveled around inside tennis balls. The tennis balls being the droplets expelled by sneezing or coughing. The virus is not self propelled. It doesn't suddenly jump up and decide to abseil down someone else's throat. It has to be put into the air inside droplets. Those droplets are much bigger than the actual virus. Besides, the main purpose of wearing a mask is to keep your virus filled droplets out of the air, not to stop you breathing in virus. Although it will do that too. Apparently the concept of avoiding infecting others is a difficult one for some people to grasp.
  5. You would have to be careful how you separated them. If you put all the oldies on board in one group on the bow, the ship would head for Davey Jones' Locker nose first.😁
  6. This. Even if you get past all the logistical problems with getting a fully crewed cruise ship to Oz, there is no upside for politicians risking another Ruby Princess. Only downside. I suspect that there will be no cruising until the pollies can be convinced that there is zero risk of a plague ship appearing on our shores. That will not be for a long time yet.☹️
  7. Same here. I booked one of the Sapphire cruises that never were in a great cabin, but it was not to be. If one or both came back after the emergency I'd be on board like a shot. For me the Majestic was missing something. It lacked a cruise ship feel and seemed both too slick and badly laid out, with no feel for the sea. Anyway I can't see how Princess or anybody else can be making plans for a future that nobody has any clue about. I'd take anything said about ships at the moment with a huge grain of salt.
  8. Masks aren't for stopping virus particles, viruses are too small for that. Masks stop the micro droplets that people spread from their mouths while coughing, sneezing, talking or even breathing. The virus is about 0.125 micons in size and these droplets range from about 1 to 5 microns in size. A human hair is around 50 microns thick. As pointed out by BirdTravels it's all a matter of probabilities. Masks drastically reduce the probability of transmission of the virus. They are not 100% effective and nothing ever is. However, they are a hell of a lot better than trusting to luck. Of course effectiveness will vary with the quality of the mask, the way the mask is worn and when the mask is worn. But even a bad mask worn badly will reduce virus transmission. It doesn't eliminate all virus transmission, but if you can reduce the incidence of transmission so that on average each infected person infects less than one other person, then the number of infected persons in the next cycle of infection will be less than the number in the previous cycle. Although the virus doesn't disappear, it becomes less and less common.
  9. Did they tell him how he was going to get to Singapore? To be fair, they gave a damn about aboriginals (and others) dying. So it's not like they didn't give a damn at all.
  10. They've said cruise ships will be allowed back at the end of the covid emergency. Nobody knows when that will be, or even how it will be defined. All we can do is guess. My guess is the 2021/22 cruise season, if we are lucky.
  11. The NT side of the border is closed. Which mob? The we should stop killing aboriginals mob, or the 5G causes covid conspiracy mob? Given these virus resurgences, it's just as well our Qld Premier didn't buckle to the "Open up or else" brigade in the LNP and the Murdoch press.
  12. It was more of a swamp than a floodplain. They just dug channels through the swamp and piled the spoil up on the sides, then they built on the spoil. They also removed the coastal sand dunes that protected the swamp from the ocean because they were in the way. It was always a disaster waiting for the next cyclone. The last big one was in 1954 when the Gold Coast was still a pup. Global Warming just adds to the fun.
  13. Then you won't like the Arctic, it was over 100F there yesterday. 🥵
  14. Very small. 'On Friday, Queensland Health extended its ban on a foreign flagged cruise ship from entering state waters "until the end of the public health emergency".' I strongly suspect the public health emergency will not be over by January.
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