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  1. ghstudio


    There is a reason that celebrity now adds tips to the base cost of drinks/meals on cruises from the UK.....many living in that part of the world believe that tips should only be given for exceptional service. That may be appropriate at home because waiters, etc are paid normal salaries. That doesn't port over to cruise ships....the folks on cruise ships rely on tips to make what we who cruise would view as even a minimum wage. Tips are expected and withheld only for extremely poor service...not the other way around. For example...in Florida, the minimum wage is $$8.46 an hour....EXCEPT for those who work on jobs with tips (defined in florida law) which is $5.44 an hour. Translate that to ship's wages and they are relying on your tips just like a waiter in Florida. As suggested, consider it a service charge...it's just part of the cost of the cruise that's not on your bill from celebrity. For those who are interested in the Florida Law: https://www.bipc.com/florida-minimum-wage-increase-effective-january-1-2019
  2. ghstudio

    How many here get wifi coverage?

    It's not one DEVICE, it's one USERID/PW....celebrity (intentionally) mislabels the offering. If you sign up for the one device package, you can use that userid/pw on any devices you have with you...you can only have one signed on at a time. We share between a windows laptop, an apple and a couple of Kindles...sometimes a phone or two. One device package....means one device at a time. That's what we do...we buy one package (we don't take it as a perk) and we share the ID.
  3. ghstudio

    Edge Overpriced???

    I think one problem that has emerged is embodied on this cruise critic forum.....there are both good and bad points about the ship.....and some find the bad significant enough not to book. We fall into that group....we have had french balcony cabins on river cruises and we just don't like them...they are not balcony cabins...they are just cabins with big windows that open (to us). I recently asked if there were any non suite, non IV cabins and apparently there are only a very few on the stern in one category....and that's not even aqua or concierge (may be wrong, but that's what I was told here). We'll just stay on those old M and S class ships and certainly not pay a premium for what we view as potentially not as good an experience. (note: all info in this post is second hand....but I tend to believe reports on cruise critic)
  4. When you arrive at select dining the first night, they ask if you would like to dine alone or with others....and they will seat you appropriately. Now the hint....they keep track and the next night, they will try to seat you in the same area so that you get to know your waiter and vice versa. That's great if you liked the area where you sat the first night, NP....but if you prefer to dine somewhere else...speak up, don't just assume that the only tables available are where you ate the first night. We were seated next to the entrance to the kitchen the first night.....that (obviously) is not the greatest place to be and when they tried to take us to that same area, we politely said no....and it wasn't a problem....they found a great table in a much quieter area and we stayed in that area for the rest of the cruise.
  5. definitely make reservations for the same time (if possible) prior to the cruise. Once you get on board, find the dining room maitre d' and explain that you are 12 in a group...and give him the time (most of) you have reserved. We have done this with 8 people and they always had the table ready at 6:30 (we wanted 7, but they said they could do 6:30 so we said ok)....in fact, we didn't even have to check in, we just went to the table. Every cruise is different though...so see the maitre d' ASAP.
  6. ghstudio

    Food to look for (or look out for)

    When in doubt, I find that lamb dishes are very good. Definitely agree on the indian/thai/mexican choices in the buffet. Bread sticks are outstanding but recently we've been served stale ones....just send them back and ask for fresh ones....it's worth it. Everyone likes the onion soup but it actually is quite salty....I love it, my wife abhors it. Caesar Salad (you have to ask for anchovies) is excellent. Both herring and smoked salmon are outstanding....unfortunately, the bagels are awful (rolls with a hole in them). If Gravlox ever shows up, it's excellent. ice cream is excellent. Try the escargot....great butter/garlic sauce. Shrimp in shrimp cocktail are generally limp...skip it. agree with everyone...desserts in Cafe B'accio are the best. I'm one of the few who recommend not getting the tableside lobster in Murano....it's not maine lobster...in fact avoid any lobster even on lobster night, not that it's bad, it's just not the good sweet maine lobster you can get at home. Based on recent experience, skip the indian specialty meal ($) offered one night at the sushi restaurant...you get the same dishes at the buffet during the cruise....not worth any extra ($). Best hamburgers are at the mast grill, but don't let them reheat one or take it from pre-cooked ones....ask for one that comes right off the grill. Ditto on the waffles....don't take the one's in the tray, get them right from the waffle iron. if you want spicy peppers on your make your own salad, go to the mexican area for some jalapenos. poached eggs in the made to order area of the buffet are excellent...oh yes, avoid the corned beef hash, it's really strange. Enjoy your cruise....
  7. ghstudio

    Millennium Revolution -

    Our first also.....and it was the cruise where I won the big bingo jackpot and walked out to the pool to meet my family with $2400 in cash in my hand....clearly beginner's luck 🙂
  8. ghstudio

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    When people find this site unreachable or extremely slow, they go to "the unmentionable site".....and CC loses readership...translated that means advertising revenue. That's about the worst, but happening, scenario. Hopefully they will fix things soon because "that other site" is far less user friendly, at least to me.
  9. ghstudio

    Infinity verandas? Just windows?

    Are there any non-suite categories that have regular balconies on the edge? Are there any aqua or concierge cabin with a "sit outside" with the sky over my head balcony?
  10. ghstudio


    ?? what discount did you get for posting here???
  11. ghstudio

    Olives on X

    They could still do that today but it would be labor intensive requiring two people. The first picks up an olive and a tweezer which will be used to put some of the blue cheese into the olive....the other holds the magnifying glass so the first person can find the olive.
  12. ghstudio

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    stoli Elit or Absolut Elix straight up
  13. ghstudio

    Questions about a Reflection TA cruise.

    We have done a number of TA's both on M and S class ships. Yes, everything is open..no problems there. There are usually two or three lecturers on board so some sort of lecture each day at sea....some are interesting, others not so much. That's 30-45 minutes. There are many activities each day....but, unfortunately (IMHO) many of them are "selling activities" with a fee or trying to sell you something for a fee (eg. foot health becomes a buy a footbed from us...or "the chocolate diamond unveiling" to sell you diamond jewelry). Liquor store sales become activities listed on the daily events sheet. Some of the activities are "play table tennis with other guests" which is always open, but it's listed as an item on the activities list. It's rare that we go to more than 2 or three things listed on that long activity sheet....but I"ll go to the (fee) wine/liquor tastings or food demos or spend some time in the gym. If you are looking for activities to keep you busy all day, I'd say that a Celebrity TA is not the right cruise. If you want to just veg out, read, eat pretty well, do crosswords, ,etc....Celebrity is a great choice. I don't want to make the TA seem like it's dull...it's just that you pretty much have to do your own thing and not rely on the ship to entertain you.
  14. ghstudio

    Departure valet luggage service is great!

    I just read the posted form...and no statement about customs. I wonder what happens if they find fruits/vegetables of any kind in your luggage....or liquor (or other items above the USA allowance)...or that watch you bought on board. I'm just very surprised that they don't even mention customs allowances....or have any disclaimer about luggage content or condition or liability on the form. Something is not right....I just can't believe that celebrity's lawyers have ever seen this form.
  15. ghstudio

    Specialty Dining - Onboard Reservations

    You will find folks selling specialty dining...believe me, you won't have to look far. Any of them can set up your dining choices for the cruise.