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  1. And spreading cold gems all over the ship? OP did the right thing to stay home.
  2. You sure about this or just making it up?
  3. No more guessing. MSC finally delivered. All good.
  4. Deposit refundable. Definitely worth a look.
  5. The excursion I was interested in went down $24 pp today and I immediately booked. Saved $48. Not bad.
  6. House wine is La Terre from California. Very drinkable unless one is a wine snob.
  7. Do yourself a favor and don't take anymore MSC or US cruise.
  8. Every time I cruised on MSC, I gained on average 5 pounds. Bad food? Not to me.
  9. Carnival never has really good discount on BF as far as I can remember.
  10. Current BF 'Sale' is good till Dec 4. Doubt there will be a better (real) sale scheduled for Cyber Monday.
  11. There are gun ranges in Miami and other cruise ports. Go ahead and lit them up before or after your cruise.
  12. Nope not free. More like getting a discount on drink and internet package retail price.
  13. sfaaa

    Belize info

    The enclosed port area is fine, outside not so much. Place looks like an army camp with armed guard posted at the entrance and concertina wire strung on top of the compound wall.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely check out these deals at 12:01AM on Nov 26.
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