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  1. Amex clawed back the bonus points on my recent cancelled cruise.
  2. Precisely. If suite is too pricy, select a different cabin type. There are always choices available if one is prepared to be flexible and adapt.
  3. Have it your way. It is your own loss, not NCL.
  4. Especially with reduced capacity. Cruise lines should be able to fill their ships without too much difficulty. I doubt we will see those give away last minute deals we used to see close to sailing date.
  5. Not just cruise price. I notice hotel and air fares are going up too as of late.
  6. Cruise lines did not force you to hand over your money. You did it on your own willingly after agreeing to the terms in your cruise contract. So who is to blame?
  7. B2B in Nov-Dec 2021. Keeping my fingers crossed they will sail.
  8. I have 7 booked out to April 2023. Gotta lock in on the deals.
  9. You don't have to die from COVID. Just catching it is enough to ruin your cruise vacation and more.
  10. May be so but it may negatively affect his summer vacation budget on other alternatives.
  11. Just a matter of time. Keep playing Russian roulette long enough and eventually the wheel gun will go BOOM.
  12. Consumers would always push the envelope to their advantage. So are cruise lines. So long as the practice is legal, it's fair game.
  13. You don't need to look further. Cruises prices have been going up across all cruise lines for months.
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