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  1. 4/21, 9/21, 11/21 & 12/21 B2B2B. Bring it on covid 19.
  2. Every country is now fast tracking the vaccine. No government or economy can survive another prolong total lock down or wait two years to get a fool proof vaccine. This is desperate time that requires a desperate out of the box type solution.
  3. The sharks are already circulating. It is a question of how hungry they are and when they will strike. In any survival situation, the strong will survive and the weak always ends up as someone's dinner.
  4. Ask this dude. https://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/tampa-man-shot-by-cousin-was-wearing-flak-jacket-not-a-bullet-resistant/2293238/
  5. There is nothing wrong with selling cruises in fall/winter of 2021 or 2022. Most cruisers are educated enough by now to know the potential risk when they make their bookings. It's their call, not NCL.
  6. My understanding is that OBC is handled by a different department and not reservation. Took 4 weeks and 2 emails later for mine to show up. Make sure you have a paper trail in case you need to follow up with MSC.
  7. You remind me of the type that see an imaginary enemy behind every tree. It is you who tried to inject racism into this thread and you only. So don't point finger and make accusation to justify whatever agenda you are trying to stir up.
  8. Sometimes, people have the tendency to confuse jealousy with fairness.
  9. Hardly a surprise and as expected. 2020 will be a total write off for cruise industry and airlines.
  10. MSC is not very keen on using TAs in N America. It seems to be getting by OK.
  11. There is also a chance cruise lines can refinance or extend their borrowing terms if a vaccine is approved and on the way. A lot can happen in the next 6 to 9 months.
  12. Of course they would disagree because instead of hiring more local staff, they outsource their call centers to India, Philippine, Central America etc. I use big box TA because they give extra perks.
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