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  1. No one here cares about your olive branch, holiday magic, new year healing and virtual hugs. If you need help this badly, go call a crisis help line.
  2. Can't sit back and wait if FCC is expiring. Looks like NCL has it all figured out and many cruisers cornered.
  3. Discussions of RCCL and food are perfectly fine if they are based on real facts and actual' I Was There' first hand reviews instead of countless photoshop pictures from internet, fictitious cruise experience and those laughable drama fairytales even a ten year old reader would find them hard to believe. It has nothing to do with holiday spirit.
  4. In ports and at the glacier yes but too cold and windy even on a good day when the ship is moving. I seldom saw anyone sitting on his/her balcony for long when cruising Alaska.
  5. Not a problem. Sept is still fine for Alaska cruise. Done it a few times.
  6. Balconies are in great demand because of COVID and potential quarantine concerns. Interior prices remain quite reasonable.
  7. sfaaa


    Many cruisers absolutely love relaxing sea days sitting in the balcony sipping wine and watching the waves go by.
  8. Some sail away rates still look ok but this may also change.
  9. All signs pointing toward a cruising season in 2021.
  10. It's actually $43 x 2 per day since both occupants in the same cabin must buy the package.
  11. Good deal if you drink a lot. Not a good deal if both you and your cabin mate are casual drinkers and bring your own wine.
  12. Nothing wrong with this. The crew will have to pay for the shots themselves in their home countries if they don't get it from cruise lines.
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