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  1. While I love the idea of an all-inclusive, being a single female I am extremely hesitant to consider them. I am very comfortable traveling solo as a rule, but there have been too many horror stories of females - especially single females - and AIs (drugged drinks, extra strong drinks, etc. leading to assaults and even murders) for me to be comfortable.
  2. Well, the agent I spoke with on June 28 never did call me back, but the excursion and dining refunds she said she was going to manually push through as they appeared stuck in processing did show up in my account today. Still waiting on the taxes/fees and prepaid gratuities from the X-cancelled Summit 7/19 cruise - but I expect those are somewhere in process since I got the FCC (and OBC credit for purchases) already AND got an email showing that my select dining times were cancelled since the cruise had been.
  3. I agree. It is likely that they have been working on things for a while and it has just been about a month that they have had the panel together to evaluate proposals and such. The two figures don’t have to be contradictory.
  4. I can completely understand why they would not want to reveal details until they know what is actually going to be happening. All it takes is one thing stated as a possibility to be printed/posted and then it will be spread and if it changes for any reason, you know there will be some Karen who has a printout of it to protest “but we were told this would/would not happen”. Better to get things firmed up and approved and THEN release it to the public.
  5. I thought they said 14 days after the end of the month. It is only 6 at this point.
  6. Exactly! I worked at a daycare center at one time, and our director expelled a child because the mom actually said “You mean the baby Tylenol wore off already?” when she called because the child had thrown up and had multiple explosions out the other end and was running a fever. (This was not the first time the mom had pushed boundaries, but exposing the entire center to whatever the kid had was the last straw.)
  7. Honestly that has occurred to me as well. Not that it's a good idea, but that at the rate they're going they may well reach herd immunity.
  8. Good on Firefox and Chrome here. Whenever something like that persists more than a day, usually clearing cookies will solve the problem. At least in my experience.
  9. Looks like I should look into something I had already been pondering - adding days onto the front and back end of my trip elsewhere prior to my cruise. Or changing back to Edge Greece out of Rome. And figuring out what to do with the other half of the back to back. In case other airlines do the same.
  10. I'm impressed that your cards are registering things on a Sunday. Mine won't until tomorrow if it is back on (only thinking it's possible since I got the "we cancelled these things from your cruise - IOW my dining times - since it has been cancelled email last week). Nothing ever shows on a Sunday. 😞
  11. Barbados has served as a point for chartered flights for several cruise lines. Curacao is another location that some lines are using - especially for people who can easily repatriate from Amsterdam as it's easier to get flights there from Curacao. At least in the case of Disney, they had one ship, the Dream that was serving as a staging point - the Dream and another ship would dock and those on the other ship would transfer over to the Dream until the charter flight. I'd assume that other lines are using similar procedures.
  12. It's a device that they put on your finger that reads the oxygen saturation level of your blood. No needles or anything - contact only. My doctor's office uses it as part of my regular check-up. (I don't know how it works beyond that.)
  13. And when they are going to be locked for cleaning a) it is almost always while the ship is in port and b) they give you notice the night before in whatever their daily paper is called. (I know it is not Navigator - that is DCL. I just cannot remember what X calls them.)
  14. Also in January, EVERYONE had a far different picture of this thing than we do now.
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