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  1. Dinner in OVC - blissfully calm, and no need to dress up - and successfully made it to The Club for Mirage!! I tried yesterday but at about 7:20 there were no seats with a good view.
  2. Thank you!! Yeah...I'm loving it overall!! So much that I have Apex booked for 3 cruises - next February (same itinerary as this one, but Edge (Eastern route) was about $1K more, so...there were things I debated between excursion-wise, and maybe we'll actually get to Costa Maya so I can hit Maya Chan) and then B2B for my birthday in summer 2021 (again, itinerary trumped Edge - but since they are essentially twins... 🙂 ...should be great).
  3. More from my phone later, but while I'm on my computer, here are a few from the Turtle Center! 🙂 Snorkeling with them was so cool!!!!
  4. I will try to throw some pictures up waiting for my bus at the Turtle Center. I snorkeled in the lagoon and cannot wait to put those pics in my computer (they were with my waterproof camera). My fruity drink from yesterday! Here is the iguana I was stalking during the tequila tasting. First from my seat and then from when I scampered over closer Lunch at Pancho’s Backyard (I did not see a size option for the margarita)... It was super delicious!! And the bracelet I bought. I loved the sparkly ones with sapphires and such, but those were out of my price range for sure! I love my bracelet though!! I will do dailies and such when I am back onboard.
  5. Might or might not have booked Apex 2/13/2021. Hit some things I did not get to this time...maybe jump again!
  6. Too on-point for an excursion that includes a trip to Hell?? Haha!!
  7. Thanks for following!! Will research (can’t call it off the top of my head right now) and let you know later! 🙂
  8. I tried to put pics in the above post...apologies if they are not showing. Shippernet is being kind of a pain this morning. eta: Never mind. They did. Stupid shippernet!!
  9. Morning all!! I figured with everything to recount it was just easier to sign into shippernet (my sister's term for shipboard internet which I have adopted) on my laptop and do a catch-up post with minimal pictures (I took some with an actual camera yesterday) and then put other pics up later on the phone. Easier to type on the laptop! 🙂 We got into Cozumel between 6:30 and 7 Wednesday evening and docked. We were at the pier where Señor Frog's and the Hard Rock and Margaritaville and Bubba Gump are - or "The other one" as my sister said...she is a service excellence training officer on Disney and has been to Cozumel many times, so I followed the best advice for where to eat in port that a) is good, b) is not too expensive, and c) has wifi and asked a crew member...she just happens to be family. Yay! She without hesitation said "Pancho's Backyard!! But I'm not sure where it will be to where you are docking." (I did not know where we were going to be at that point as I started texting her right after Captain Kate made the announcement.) She added "I'm not sure I'd go out at night as a solo female though..." So combining not knowing which pier we would be at and that sage advice I kept my dinner in Cyprus (more on that in a moment). I was near a window and could see the things out the window and almost sent her a pic before remembering she can't get pictures without actually being signed in like to be able to browse sites (as opposed to just being connected to access the ship app) so described it. That's when she said "Oh, you're at the other one". I did some investigating online and discovered that there is a Pancho's Backyard between the smaller piers and the larger complex where we were and with Puerta Maya next to ours, BUT they have built one in the Puerta Maya complex - and like all the ones at ours you can access the restaurants and shops without being docked there. Woohoo!! Got up early on Thursday morning - the Adventure Jeep and Punta Sur excursion had a 7:15 call time at the end of the pier - and went to the version of Grand Central that was the OVC with many people having early call time excursions. (Side note: WHO on god's green earth decided that scrambled eggs need to be so runny????? GROSS!! I've decided that if I go there for breakfast tomorrow (today I'm having a Kind Breakfast Protein Bar that I brought with me because my stomach is just stuffed) I'll go to the "Made to Order" station and politely ask for some hard-scrambled eggs.) I'd heavily dosed myself with my biodegradable sunscreen and put the rest of that bottle and my other bottle in the bag along with a couple of towels, a change of clothes, water, etc. so I ran back to the cabin to brush teeth and get that, then off to the end of the pier. NOTE: Even though the excursion description says "Only biodegradable sunscreen is allowed" they collected everyone's and put it in a bag that stayed in one of the guide's jeeps because the guides said it was not allowed in the Eco-Park at all, even biodegradable/reef safe. We could put it on before we left as most would absorb into our skin before getting in the water. (Signs in the bathroom at the Eco-Park indicated "Only biodegradable sunscreen allowed", so... I guess it's probably easier for the guides to collect everyone's since I could tell from what was coming out of the bag at the end that a lot of people had not bothered to get biodegradable. But it would be nice if they would inspect your sunscreen and if it is biodegradable you were allowed to keep it.) I got some sun, but did not burn, which was good! Since I don't drive (I technically can and I have a license, but have not driven since June 2006 when I sold my car before moving to NYC...not sure a jeep in a foreign country is the time to try again!) I got paired up with a lovely older couple and it was great. We drove out to the Punta Sur Eco-Park and our first stop was a Mayan Ruin that is one that marked one of the ends of the island and served sort of as a lighthouse for Mayans making a pilgrimage to the island to pay tribute to the goddess Ix Chel. It also served as a hurricane warning system with a series of walls inside and conch shells at holes in the top section to provide a whistle if wind was blowing in. Of course as our guides said, they would just have minutes of warning rather than the days we can have, but better than nothing. Then we went to the lagoon and saw flamingo and a couple of crocodiles (one was chilling under some mangroves and one decided to swim across towards us before getting distracted and disappearing. Then it was off to the beach area for snorkeling (for those who wanted to) and chill time. The snorkeling was nice - saw some fish. There was a lobster under some coral and our guide took a picture with my camera (thought I could put that in now, but they don't seem to want to upload right now)! There was an eel somewhere, but I held back from the group a bit as many people were totally unaware of basically going completely over others and I was tired of getting kicked in the head with flippers so I missed it. After I got changed I got an AMAZING fruity, frozen adult beverage served in a pineapple - and apparently that was their last pineapple (either they had not gotten any that day or their shipment had not come yet) as I heard at least two other people order it and be told they were out of pineapples. It was yummy though!! (Pics from the phone will definitely follow!!) After beach time we drove to the lighthouse for an optional tequila tasting (yummy...I missed part of the talk because I got distracted watching an iguana outside) before heading back to the port area. I got my sunscreen back and headed to the Puerta Maya complex for a delicious lunch! A margarita as big as my head (they ALL seemed to be that size from what I saw leaving the bar), black bean soup, and (after checking to make sure it was corn tortillas - it was (my theory so far holds that at Mexican restaurants the default is to corn tortillas unless the menu SAYS flour - but I always ask to make sure) chicken taquitos with homemade guac. SOOOOOOOOO delicious!!!! I came back on board and took a shower, then chilled in my cabin. I forgot that there was another Senior Officers Cocktail Party at 5:15 but made the tail end of it. I got a chance to talk with the CC person onboard, Lydia, briefly. She asked how it was going and while praising most, I did mention the inconsistency in the labeling for allergies in the OveanView. She said that I was the second person who had mentioned that to her (someone did at the Elite breakfast the other day) and she was definitely making a note to share that feedback. Dinner was in Tuscan again and again it was wonderful! Pretty sure for my Apex summer 2021 cruises I'm going to book most of my meals in there. I tried to go to La Mirage in The Club, but there were no seats available that showed even 1/4 of the stage. Boo!! I may make it tonight as I think I'm just going to do the OVC and not mess with a sit-down (not thrilled with the menu tonight - and it was scheduled to be Normandie so their signature gf entree I don't eat (it's salmon...no scale fish for me). I went to the Kallati Captain's Collection thing and listened to the story about how it was created. I typically don't do pricey jewelry, but I fell in love with the bracelet in the Edge collection - which is inspired by the Edge and created from the first steel cuts of the ship - which is based on the artwork in the Solarium (fun fact: the panels in the roof of the Solarium are bubbles that expand and contract depending on pressure!!), and I'd gotten my state tax refund in my account yesterday, so I splurged (pic later as it's on my phone). I was going to try to stay up for Revelations at Eden again and the Pride Party at midnight, but sitting in Eden waiting for the show I was about to fall asleep, so I called it a night! We are currently heading to Grand Cayman and are expected to arrive around 10. My excursion call time is 10:15, so I'll get biodegradable sunscreened up here in a bit and be ready! Excited for another fun day for sure!!
  10. Pier B - at Margaritaville. Hi! All is good - fun day in Cozumel. Between sun and activities and heat I am exhausted, but I will try to update before we get to Grand Cayman tomorrow!!
  11. Yep, that was me. There were a few 9 or 9:30 times at other places - way too late for me to eat - but the only one that seemed very open was Raw on Five. (Ok, LPC was at 8:30 because of the seating situation - 2 seatings - but still. Too late IMHO.) I got Eden for the last night at 6:15 on embarkation - now it only has 9:30 if at all.
  12. Sure! So far Tuscan has the lead - I love the decor and it was the first to be awesome at acknowledging my gluten-free status. Cyprus so far is good - we shall see once the food comes. (Honestly I had thought it was going to be dark when we docked so I decided not to do dinner in Cozumel, but it could have been done.) I do feel most like in a land-based restaurant in Cyprus...it just has a hotel restaurant feel to me. But so far service is good. Normandie so far was my least favorite mainly because of the cinnamon-raisin bread (NOT a dinner bread unless I am doing breakfast for dinner) but it gets another chance on Friday: At this point I would *almost* change to fixed dining and request Tuscan for my Apex cruises...but I may leave it as select and just book Tuscan for all of them.
  13. I had a moment of What the... am I doing, but it was so much fun!! I want to do it again!! Because Captain Kate had done it and I’d told her I was doing it, she said I had to let her know how it was, so at the Bvugari “Grand Opening” (in quotes as it seems to be an every cruise thing) I showed her one of my pics and we gushed about it, and then she said “Wait! We have to recreate the look for a picture!” And the result is probably my favorite cruise photographer pic taken ever out of my now 14 cruises (and I have 6 Disney cruises under my belt):
  14. Haha! They really did make me feel super comfortable. Would have preferred not to flip, but it worked out. I’m thinking I may do the OVC tonight as I am not feeling Cyprus and Tuscan is unavailable. (All specialties other than Raw (disgusting IMHO) are unavailable or unavailable until 8:30 or 9. Yet they still have people hawking them. The way one of the guys outside the OVC was I figured it was name your time but nope.)
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