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  1. I am none of those for my Feb Edge cruise - 1st time X cruiser though Select because of RCCL status, and Iā€™m in a solo IV cabin - but my express pass shows Expedited Arrival. Shocked me to see it!
  2. The people I know who are most into drones and paintball are my age (late 40s) and a little older. Not college age.
  3. 89 to the Edge Western 7-night 450 to the Summit Southern 7-night 592 to the Edge Italy, Turkey, and Greek Islands 11-night
  4. I don't know if it's a mistake on the website or not, but Misha is correct. It is showing on the final day excursion options on my 2/16 Edge cruise as well.
  5. I have not! Is that on the Celebrity site? Thanks!
  6. For those who have done it, how was it? Iā€™m currently booked for it, but am curious about what justifies the charge. Yes, it is on a ship, but Disney does an adult-only Art of the Theme Show your on their ship and does not charge for it. Hence my curiosity about the Edge one. TIA!
  7. Exactly. Some of us like to have everything - or as much as possible - paid up front.
  8. While I can understand that, as others have pointed out, there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky - and too many cross it IMHO. I would also caution against using anything removable - such as a door magnet - for a way to find the cabin. They have been known to sprout legs and either move to other cabins or to disappear all together. Taking a picture of the cabin number on a smartphone or with a Polaroid so you get the picture to carry - or simply writing it on a card the person can carry with them would be far more reliable.
  9. I have done it before because I like the cruise to feel a bit more all-inclusive. Same reason I pre-pay my gratuities.
  10. My TA priced an Italy, Turkey, and Greek Islands cruise for me yesterday and she was able to get a NRD (it's my 50th birthday trip...not planning to cancel, but will have insurance) fare with 2 perks and the OBC. So there are combos out there...somewhere.
  11. I wish. Sadly they look down on teachers taking a week off for vacation during the school year. šŸ˜ž
  12. I think one of them got removed pretty quickly because it was offensive and bigoted from the get-go. The other also linked to the news release and remained civil.
  13. Thanks for taking us along! Was yesterday the Art Tour? How was it?
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