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  1. Yes, I cancelled mine on the 15th, so hopefully tomorrow or Monday! My excursions were for a later cruise I'm still on, but picked the couple of excursions I felt ok cancelling for now and will rebook later.
  2. I'm booked for the cruise before yours! 🙂
  3. Can't speak for cannabis, but a big part of the justification for liquor stores is that if alcoholics were cut off from their supply and started detoxing, they would take up valuable bed spaces needed for COVID patients.
  4. I think this is one time I'm glad the agency I use is a collection of agents throughout the country who work from home anyway. It's meant very little disruption in their normal operations - outside of all the busy-ness with everything cancelling/closing. The main thing they've done is that other than a brand new booking, they're not making you e-sign any documents to help keep from crashing their system.
  5. Yeah, I just saw that when I got in from my solitary and socially distanced walk.
  6. After discussing sky diving in Key West with Captain Kate (she had done it a few weeks prior) she suggested we do an “in the moment recreation” and it is one of my favorite cruise pics ever.
  7. Exactly. There are more than a few churches along the more conservative/fundamentalist ilk whose pastors are refusing to close. I think they are forgetting that “you shall not put the Lord to the test” verse. And let’s not even get into Liberty University reopening. Insanity!!
  8. Yeah. At least one in Tampa held a packed service yesterday in spite of ordinances preventing large gatherings. Started screaming first amendment rights.
  9. Or New Orleans. Or Seattle. Or at this point a lot of Florida since they still have megachurches having packed services even as this thing spreads. NYC may currently be the epicenter in the US but a lot of places are quickly catching up. Or hey... What about those crew from Spain, France, Italy...and so on! It's NOT just a US and an NYC thing.
  10. Thanks everyone! I had the chance to run things by the owner of the agency I use last night. She said at this point she is feeling pretty confident about July for Disney (yes, I know it's hot...I've been there and as long as you hydrate, build in meal or attraction breaks in the a/c, and don't go tour like a bat out of hades, you're fine). She encouraged me to wait a month and then look at things again before making any changes.
  11. I will see if refunds hit tomorrow from excursions on future cruises that I cancelled last Sunday. It’s usually been 7 days for me for them to hit my account.
  12. Thank you! This may make my decision about what to do for my summer trip a little easier.
  13. What are people’s thoughts on this one going? I currently have a trip to Disney booked for roughly the same time frame, but am beginning to wonder if I should cancel that and book this cruise instead. My thinking being - I don’t know when I would get back to Disney again, so if Disney doesn’t open by then, my TA would completely lose that commission. Whereas if I change to the cruise (I had pondered it before), I could book an OV GTY for roughly the same price as the Disney trip, cancel my JetBlue flight to MCO and use that travel bank credit towards the flight I’ll need in Feb to FLL since I live in NYC, and if the cruise is cancelled I could take the FCC and book another cruise - or make a new booking on a previously booked one in a higher category - thus not depriving my TA of commisssion. On the downside of cancelling the Disney trip if Disney does open by June 1 (when they are booking rooms) is I have meal plans made with friends. But if Disney doesn’t open, it’s a moot point. Thoughts?
  14. Thank you!! I'm so sorry you weren't able to go on your cruise!!! Fingers crossed that we all are going to be cruising sooner than later!!
  15. Thanks again to everyone for following along and/or reading!! I really appreciate it!! And since I shared my sadness at my Mo’s passing, I thought I would share my new fur baby, Merida. We adopted each other 4 weeks ago at the ASPCA. I was not sure I would be ready so soon, but it was kismet (I fell in love with her on the website but expected her to be adopted so I did not mention her, yet my volunteer immediately said “I really want to introduce you to Skylar” (her former name) and things just went from there.
  16. Skydiving in Key West when visiting the port on the Edge. Actually she is in the picture...there is a tiny white dot just to the right (as you look at the picture) of the rope up from the instructor’s hand and THAT is the Edge!
  17. I fell in love with the Black Magic Martini on my Edge cruise!
  18. Does Captain Kate count? I'm actually pretty clueless when it comes to "celeb spotting" - I think growing up around Nashville where country stars roller skate at the same rink, shop at the same grocery store, and in some cases sit in the same church pews made me kind of immune to the "OMG they're famous" thing. I know I've been on the subway here in NYC with people I recognize but cannot place.
  19. A friend who has a high schooler just posted on facebook that her daughter's school contacted them about the availability of online access at home. So it's looking like pretty much a done thing for NYC but just not being publicized yet as final logistics are worked out. (Like I honestly don't know how they think special ed kids like mine - most of whom can't really do anything on the computers on their own - are going to do online learning short of us giving parents a list of sites they can sit with their kid and use.) We have 2 schools that closed today for a minimum of 24 hours due to a confirmed case - and rumor is that there are suspected cases in several more schools that are being covered up/not reported as such.
  20. Fingers crossed for you Jim!! Looking forward to following along!! (A bit belated as I've been trying to keep up with all the info here - rumors are finally starting that principals are being asked to have their staff prepare homework packets, so I'm thinking we may hear of closures tomorrow. Maybe.)
  21. I know they had Coke Zero. I do not know about Sprite Zero (it has a weird aftertaste that Coke Zero and Diet Coke don't have - to me), but I kind of think I heard someone order it n a drink at a bar. Not 100% sure though. If it's a must have, I'd bring some to be safe.
  22. Only Coke products. I believe she can carry on Pepsi if she must have it. Though porters would slap a luggage tag on Grandma Jane if they thought it would get them a tip, she really should plan to carry it on to prevent potential can explosion and luggage damage. On the plus side, since you're on the Edge, you can go directly to your cabin to drop it off upon boarding. Can't stay until they are officially open, but you can drop off luggage.
  23. I'm only changing my travel plans (cruise, Disney, etc.) if they are cancelled/closed on me. Otherwise I'm going to live my life. Of course I firmly believe that when it is your time, it is your time and you're gone regardless. If you weren't on a flight you were scheduled on and it crashes and you're not hit by a car, etc. then it wasn't your time. If you stay inside to avoid COVID-19 and it is your time, you'll trip over your cat and hit your head the wrong way or something. You can take all the precautions you want, but if it's your time, it's going to happen somehow.
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