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  1. Reasons to move ships to Europe: - Easier to do crew repatriation and new crew embarkation - MAY be able to start cruises before the US allows it - Hurricane season They can be back at US ports with 2 weeks notice.
  2. Power outages in the wake of Isaias... Most power out in a decade.
  3. Nice and quiet for the next week. The yellow area down to 10% chance.
  4. Just read that RCL formally notified Galveston they wish to delay construction of the new terminal by one year.
  5. Still 65 mph winds! And near Albany NY of all the crazy things.
  6. Yikes that's a good ways out too. I was born in Smithtown/Ronkomoma. Stay safe!
  7. Accuweather raises their estimate of named storms for the season from 14-18 to 14-20 and now to 20-24 ! https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/tropical-atlantic-could-turn-hyperactive-as-peak-of-hurricane-season-looms/785249
  8. The ships that went SW have mostly all returned. The reason you could not see them is that free position tracking is available only for land-based AIS, so when the ship is more than 20-25 miles away from a land antenna their position does not report. On Marinetraffic, the icon goes light and remains at the last reported position for about a day then disappears and it returns when in range to report position again.
  9. You've got a lot of good advice above. I looked up your itinerary. Hopefully it does not change - Covid is causing a lot of ship rearranging in the future. But here is a summary of the other Forums you should use here to help plan: Cruise lines A-O - Carnival Cruise Lines North American Home Ports - East Coast Departures - learn about flying into Miami, hotels, the port Ports of Call - Caribbean - Caribbean Other - Search for Turks & Caicos, it's a lovely place with great beaches Ports of Call - Caribbean - San Juan - a great port for walking, shopping, history, and eating and drinking Ports of Call - Caribbean - Dominican Republic - Amber Cove is a self-contained port with lots to do, but there are also a lot of interesting excursions here. Roll Calls - Carnival Roll Calls - Carnival Sunrise - search for February 26 2020 and meet others on your cruise Study your ship starting here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=1336 and go find reviews, and study the deck plans. Sat 26 Feb 2022 Miami, USA Embark 2 Sun 27 Feb 2022 At Sea 3 Mon 28 Feb 2022 Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos 4 Tue 1 Mar 2022 San Juan, Puerto Rico 5 Wed 2 Mar 2022 Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands 6 Thu 3 Mar 2022 Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 7 Fri 4 Mar 2022 At Sea 8 Sat 5 Mar 2022 Miami, USA
  10. update: I am figuring out how to use the filters on the Activity Feed to create a new, named feed, specific to my interests. Still showing me content from ALL forums not those I follow. Still working on it.
  11. So there are about a dozen CC forums I like to visit regularly. So I tried to utilize the "Follow" function as documented in this pinned topic: But when I try to use the Activity feed I see every reply to every topic in every forum AND content for forums I never followed, such as in Roll Calls I don't belong to. My idea follow feed would show me the New Topics started in subscribed forums, not replies, unless I subscribed to a topic and asked to be notified of replies, or I checked the auto subscribe to content I post or where I replied (the default follow settings panel.) And it would be better if I could quickly dismiss the items from my activity feed that don't interest me. Any thoughts?
  12. I hope we can let this discussion live for a day or two before moving it. When threads move to the general topic boards they die early as few people frequent those unless they are specifically looking for information. I wish there were an ability to see a summary of new threads across a wider number of boards a person is interested in. Does anyone know if that's possible? Edit: Answered my own question reading the Help Forum here. Will try this. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2630011-how-to-follow-topics-forums-subscribed-threadsforums-info/
  13. Insurance is already underwritten and priced using age... notice when you ask for a price quote it asks for your age or birthday? We pay more as we get older. The fixed price policies you get from the Cruise line are very low end in benefits which is why they can exclude age from that pricing. Oh that seems quite possible... and unfortunate. Let's hope conditions change before long to reduce the higher risks. They might start asking you for existing conditions that make you higher risk too.
  14. Thanks! I will keep looking. I like some of these ships better than the NCL ships. Although I have been on NCL Breakaway 5 times, I went on Anthem last year and like the ship and buffet food much more. (alas for the buffet.)
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