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  1. The requirements to return to cruising are onerous. There is a huge list of new requirements for the ship operations and for the port operations. For example, they must be prepared to transport and quarantine all the passengers using privately arranged buses, hotels or apartments, and have arranged for medical transport and hospitals must be ready to receive the sickest patients. Ships have proven to be concerns for outbreaks. Already a major issue for other contagious diseases, but this one spreads like wildfire. We have not see repeated outbreaks linked to plane flights, or h
  2. Yea unfortunately that is the message that means the cruise is canceled and your money has been moved to holding accounts for refunds. Cancellation email should arrive shortly.
  3. Oh yes. But find a dark, opaque color! And fabric, not plastic, as it needs to be flexible at the edge where it meets the wall.
  4. Yea, In Havens you will need to contact the concierge. In general dining, you typically have to wait until boarding day to make arrangements for groups unless you have an influential travel agent.
  5. And if you don't see one, call the Cruise Director's phone line and ask to have a few set up. They are surprisingly helpful about such things.
  6. One technique for traveling with a child is this: Book a cabin with the couch by the balcony or window. Buy a set of strong magnets with hooks, a box of small binder clips, and a lightweight queen sheet. Hang it up to make a room divider. Affords a little more privacy and low light can be on for one side without terrible impact to the other.
  7. So it's bad for some lately, and yet although it was bad for me in early December, I have gone 3 weeks without being logged out.
  8. Curious. Most cruise lines show their actual planned sailing time, with a notation that all passengers must be aboard 2 hours prior to sailing. My guess would be a 3:45 planned sail time.
  9. I've cruised out of NYC a number of times. And it's not so much the time of year, as the weather going on just before or during the cruise. Any time of year you could have beautiful calm seas... or any range up to a raging storm. I would say half of the 13 transits (in or out of NYC) were rough seas. A couple were seriously rough. the rest were pleasant.
  10. I know some art restorers for the hull art.
  11. Common question! No problem to book for 1 more than your party size. I have done that many times.
  12. No doubt things would change. If it was decorative and they shaved that to cut costs, would not surprise me! What interested me was the tiny and twisty vehicle ingres. No easily visible pickup area other than for buses. Once a car drive in it sees you are poised to enter the garage although I assume you could bypass the garage and head to the exit. But there isn't a lot of room!
  13. In case you've never seen this... here's the Port of Miami's animation for the new terminal.
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