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  1. I still think there's at least one, maybe two AIDA ships that could be under scrutiny, especially with the new AIDAcosma due at some point next year (maybe).
  2. Yes, we used to have Braemar in Leith every year, part of the itinerary being a visit to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I enjoyed working on her - friendly crew and engaging passengers. Fred prefer Rosyth when doing their series of turnarounds, as Leith has locks, which add approximately 50 minutes in each direction and a sharp turn in the Western Harbour to the cruise berth. This would require more tugs than Rosyth, even for Fred's ships which are considered older tonnage. The other thing about Leith is that during the months that Fred do their series of very popular cruising from Scotland, the premium lines such as Azamara, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea and Grand Circle monopolise their preference to be there.
  3. And Pacific Princess, who as someone said above, has been for sale for ages. They must be secretly hoping either Regent Seven Seas or Azamara want her as they have the rest of the old Renaissance fleet between them.
  4. What sort of "interest" does Carnival have in this venture?
  5. And Sea Princess makes No.17. AIDAcara must be one in contention as No.18.
  6. I've not cruised as a Saga passenger, however, I have both welcomed their ships and been on board their fleet for the last 7 years with our port hospitality team (up to last year - the new ship was supposed to be here this year, but that obviously hasn't happened) . We've always found Saga ships have lovely, engaging passengers who have been keen to say what a lovely cruise they are having and very friendly crew.
  7. Yes, tonight's low tide is a bit "high" if that makes any sense. Very blustery here today. She didn't fancy Fife this morning, so is going to sit at the Alpha anchorage on the East Lothian side until a suitable low tide.
  8. This ⬆️. I can think of AIDA, P&O Australia, Carnival and Costa ships I would rate more likely to go before any further P&O ones.
  9. I'm guessing this is the QM2 cruise I'm already booked on - in a sheltered balcony. Had one last year, loved it and booked in it again for this 2021 cruise. As Hattie said, if you are worried about movement, you would be better in 4, 5 or 6. That said, QM2 has very little movement.
  10. Have to agree with this. Having spent most of my life on a variety of commercial and passenger ships, Queen Mary 2's effortless glide took me aback. The BoB has been like a millpond the last twice I've been through it, but have experienced two Force 9's on Arcadia (outside Lisbon and between Oslo and Copenhagen). She coped very well. Also been in a Force 7/8 on Aurora, again felt safe. Stabilisers out on each occasion.
  11. For anyone interested in Amsterdam/Bolette's journey to Scotland, she will indeed be passing under the Forth Bridges on the 16th September at 8am with two tugs and after anchoring briefly will be joining her twin and new sisters at 12.30pm in the dockyard.
  12. This is exactly how I see it too. 2021 cruises are heavily booked on the vast majority of cruise lines - mostly by people transferring 2020 cruises. From a personal point of view, my quandary is three fold .... I work front line NHS, so I've seen what this could potentially cause to the NHS especially adding in flu season, winter slips and trips etc. I work in our local port with and on board cruise ships and have spent most of my life at sea with my late father in the Merchant Navy. Lastly, as a passenger, I would have loved my QM2 cruise to be going ahead, just like my May one on her and my Iona cruise last month. But it couldn't happen, and through the disappointment, I'm now quite relieved Cunard have made the decision to postpone until spring 2021.
  13. And mine. For what my thoughts are worth, P&O(Carnival) should be mindful about keeping the two smaller ships, certainly for the foreseeable. Although tender ports do not make up anything like the majority of places that P&O ships visit, exercising any form of social distancing on a tender with a ship that holds 5,000+ passengers (even if restricted numbers) on a day visit will be virtually impossible. I volunteer at two ports in Edinburgh, including tendering at Newhaven Harbour. We use four ship tenders and two local excursion ships (200 passengers each), and even prior to the trials and tribulations that covid has now thrown up, it's a monumental task to get everyone off in time for tours etc and then back on before the ship is due to leave, let alone independent passengers and crew coming and going at leisure. Starting up with two ships like Arcadia and Aurora, without full capacity, would pave the way for what can be achieved, what needs re-assessed, and with two ships capable of getting in and out of the vast majority of ports. With lines like Viking Ocean, Oceania, Silversea and Regent Seven Seas - all higher end admittedly, but from the size of their ships and the product they've achieved - and my personal experience of working on board every one of their current fleet - large behemoths are not necessarily the way forward for any cruise line.
  14. Will ask for some timings nearer the date. Probably similar to today's with Rotterdam / Borealis.
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