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  1. At the front desk, guest relations, one can get free underwear, shaving cream, a deck of cards.. but no longer any pens. But at trivia:
  2. Next time I cruise I am definitely going to...." be a couple of years older... https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/no-normalcy-cruising-until-2023-predicts-larry-pimentel
  3. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-december-2020.html?cid=pr_social_socialorganic_facebook_websitesocialshare_na_na_na_na&fbclid=IwAR0Tu1jbU4lU3II3JLTZjDUsSeIsTFiuV14DY5gNmCC-FK09eopLjh1cJRg
  4. What the future holds... https://thepostmillennial.com/dr-tam-suggests-that-canada-will-have-to-live-with-coronavirus-even-with-vaccine "Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam has said that the coronavirus pandemic may continue for years, even if researchers manage to discover a vaccine. Speaking to reporters in Ottawa on Tuesday, Dr. Tam said that doctors and government officials are preparing to deal with the pandemic for years following its initial outbreak, according to CTV News. Previously, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have optimistically suggested that a vaccine may be ready before 2021. This, however, has been criticized for its naivety. Dr. Tam gloomily asserted that Canada "can't at this stage just put all of our focus [on the vaccine] in the hopes that this is the silver bullet solution." "It is a very important solution if we get a safe and effective vaccine, but I would say that the public health measures that we have in place, the sort of personal, daily measures that we take, is going to have to continue," she added. It is still unclear how effective this vaccine could be. Researchers are yet to understand how strong the immunity would be, and how long it would last."
  5. I've been checking where Mercury might be now but it is definitely no longer Mein #2. This was Mercury in San Diego a decade or so ago. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Mein-Schiff-Herz-682
  6. At this point it might be that the cruise lines will pay to have them scrapped.. or accidentally sink on the way.. The meridian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Galileo_Galilei#:~:text=In 1997%2C following Royal Caribbean International 's acquisition,All 1%2C090 passengers and crew were safely evacuated.
  7. Never book with a non-refundable deposit. Book as close to cruise date as possible. Don't even think about making the final deposit unless cruises are actually taking place. This is a tough time for the cruise industry but I don't want them to keep me hostage over a possible refund months after I expire. (With a non-transferable FCC, what happens if either I or my spouse "passes" before we get a chance to cruise?)
  8. A rose by any other name...
  9. Why does one bother to read stupid posts and threads that make no sense? This is a board filled with opinions, facts be darned. This is a wonderful place to practice social distancing with no need of a mask and a wonderful way to kill time.
  10. Argo.

    Free Cruise

    You get any 1 week itinerary being offered in the Caribbean or Bermuda I believe. if they cancel, I'm sure they are very accommodating to a change to a date suitable to you. Call the Zenith line. or the gambling site if it came to you that way.
  11. Loved it, no waiting in line, pre-boarding, get processed by staff coming to you while you are seated, get your first extra calories..
  12. There would not be enough hours in a day to get rid of all those pesky customer complaints.
  13. That's because all the old people (like me) have a tendency to die off from a number of causes and Covid-19 just accelerates the process. Celebrity was looking for a younger demographic and they will have it. Careful what you wish for. New cruisers will be the ones left standing.
  14. Phil I'm disappointed. As a Zenith member who cruises mostly on Azamara ( I think) you might not have noticed the cutbacks at the highest level of Celebrity Loyalty. I too believe that Celebrity no longer gives a **** about frequent cruisers but only wants to coddle the people who spend more $$$ now rather than keeping loyal members who have cruised with Celebrity for decades. With Covid 19 determining our future cruise plans, I see nothing about Celebrity's loyalty program that would make me want to come back. The "free" drinks and internet are much cheaper at home and at least our boxer makes us feel welcome. Unless you are with the right captain and hotel director, being Zenith, or double Zenith or triple Zenith means nothing unless you are in a suite as well. That is my take on "Changes to Captain's Club Perks.
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