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  1. Even though Seabourn's unrealistic and rigid cancellation offer caused them to lose a couple of bookings from us, we wanted to return to let others know that they processed our refunds very quickly. We received our money back on Friday.
  2. Spot on!!!! Although, luckily, our butler didn't shine my Birkenstocks. They also like to "tidy up" by hiding your glasses, pens and notepads if you leave them out on the desk. But if you tell them you want everything where you left it, they will abide.
  3. We came across your post while doing a little research about Seabourn cancellations. From our experiences, you likely will find the service on Silversea better than both Seabourn and Crystal. The Muse that left Seattle yesterday for Alaska appeared to be mostly empty. It's no wonder Silversea isn't sailing out of Seattle into October like the budget cruise lines. Our biggest issue with Silversea has been the food. It's been hit and miss for us. We hope you'll return with a review of your Alaska cruise and let us know about the food quality. We know the service will be great, though. And we love your comment about the vaccines!
  4. We're curious whether Seabourn gave you any consideration for canceling your cruise. Our January cruise on the Venture was canceled and -- like you -- we didn't like any of the choices in Josh's cancellation letter. The new cruise we wanted to book was less than what we already had paid for the Venture cruise, but Seabourn was not willing to refund the difference to our credit card. All they would offer was a FCC with an expiration, which means we would have had to risk forfeiture of almost $2,000 if we didn't take another cruise within seven months of the one we were hoping to book. Anyone in the Seabourn Club with a FCD on file could have received the same deal as we were offered without risking the forfeiture of almost $2,000. When our cruises on Silversea and Crystal were canceled, they actually gave us bonuses that made it advantageous for us to book a future cruise. Seabourn’s offer was totally inadequate because we would have lost money upon the likely expiration of the FCC. That really wasn’t much of an incentive for booking another Seabourn cruise, so we just took the 100% refund. Now Seabourn can hope we'll forgive them some day for trying to scam us.
  5. You really hit the nail on the head. Seabourn's "take it or leave it" approach on both pricing and itineraries eventually may result in more people "leaving it" than "taking it." And considering our recent dealings with Seabourn, they also might be wise to give their Customer Service people a refresher course.
  6. Have you ever thought about taking a job in Seabourn's customer service dept.? They could use someone like you.
  7. UPDATE: Well, Seabourn just wasn’t able to come around and do the right thing. They were holding about $12,000 of our money from two canceled cruises. The best they could do was give us the same pricing for a 2023 cruise that we could get starting anew and taking advantage of their early bonus discount. The price was about $10,000, which was covered by the money they already were holding. So what about the extra $2,000? Seabourn offered to give us a FCC that would expire about six months after the new cruise. Obviously, we were better off taking the 100% refund under Option 3 because we always can book the $10,000 cruise later and still have $2,000 in our pockets instead of risking the forfeiture of the FCC. But we have no incentive to book the Seabourn cruise now, so we’ll be checking other cruise lines for similar itineraries. We're not swearing off Seabourn, but they won’t be getting as much of our business in the future as they would if they had done the right thing.
  8. Yes, we are working through a travel agent. And yes, we were offered a 10% discount when our original cruise was canceled, but the only way to benefit by a discount is to take a cruise. We have had two cruises canceled so it doesn't matter whether they offered us 10% or 50% -- we did not realize any benefit from the cancellation. Option 3 would give us only "the monies paid," not any bonuses. We don't expect any cash bonus to be issued to us, but we do expect a discount on our next cruise as consideration for the two cancellations. We're expecting that we probably will have to accept our cash back and "clear the slate" as you say, but then Seabourn ends up giving us absolutely zero consideration for holding our cash for more than a year and canceling two cruises on us. If we have to take the cash refund with zero compensation for a future cruise, that isn't much incentive for us to rebook with Seabourn.
  9. Has anyone actually tried to rebook a canceled Venture cruise yet? We were booked on the "Northern Lights" cruise and are trying to use the funds we've paid to book a 2023 Ovation cruise. We inquired about having the 10% discount mentioned in Option 2 applied to that cruise, but Seabourn so far has denied any exceptions to the options below. It appears if you don't want to rebook on another Venture cruise, your only choice is to take Option 3, which leaves you with no consideration for the cancellation. Our canceled Venture cruise was a rebooking of a canceled Kiel Canal cruise. Seabourn has held funds from us for more than a year now, so it only seems fair that we get something in return for sticking with them through all of the cancellations. We are offering your clients three options to select based on their preferences: Option 1: Select one of Seabourn Venture's inaugural season North Pole Svalbard Experiences with 11-Day voyages sailing between Tromsø, Norway and Longyearbyen (Oslo), Norway that depart between May 4 and July 27, 2022 at their current cruise fare in the same suite category, which represents a substantial discount to the currently available rates. Located halfway between Norway's North Cape and the North Pole, the islands of Svalbard offer a dramatic setting to explore on our ultra-luxury, purpose-built expedition ship. You can read more about the Svalbard Experience cruises on our website. Option 2: Select an alternative Seabourn Venture voyage any time during her first year in service. They may choose any other sailing between April 22, 2022 and April 30, 2023 and they will receive a 10% discount off the publicly available cruise fare at the time of booking their new voyage. We request that they book by September 15, 2021, and please note that the new inaugural voyage is not included in this offer. More information about these voyages can be found on our website. Option 3: If your clients are not ready to rebook another Seabourn cruise at this time, they may elect to request a 100% refund of all monies paid to Seabourn.
  10. Your friends were correct about Crystal being a great product on the sea, but from our experience, they deceived you about Crystal's customer service. We have had problems with every one of our Crystal bookings over the years. We have sailed on only seven cruise lines, but Crystal's customer service has been the worse by far. We have said all along that we don't expect Crystal to print money, but we do expect them to be more considerate and truthful with their customers. We're confident that you'll eventually receive your refunds -- even though you're probably in for a long wait. We understand your frustration, but it seems like suing Crystal might only lengthen that wait. It's a shame that Crystal's inept and dishonest customer service department has soured so many cruisers. Like you and a few others who have posted here, we never will book a new cruise with Crystal. We'll miss out on some good times at sea, but holding them accountable for their one-star customer service is more important to us even though we know it won't make any difference to Crystal in the long run.
  11. Not to beat a dead horse, Vince, but we're not so sure Crystal has been saying that repeatedly to disgruntled customers. Yes, what you say surely is the case, but what you are saying sounds like info that has been gleaned from news reports about the cruise industry, not statements directly from Crystal. We are some of the lucky customers who had to wait only 6 months or so for our refunds. But at no time during that period did Crystal even come close to saying anything like what you are attributing to them now. It was all lies and deception. We never ever expected Crystal to post information that no one had. That would be as ridiculous as trying to cover up the fact that refunds could be delayed for many months, which in effect is what Crystal did. We don't expect Crystal to print money or manufacture information, but we do expect a service standard that shows respect for loyal customers. And on that note, let us close by saying we value your posts very much. You obviously are very knowledgeable about the cruise industry. We appreciate your openness and we completely trust your information. Have you ever thought about taking over the Crystal Customer Service department?
  12. We totally agree that it doesn't help to make up dates. And we hope you agree that it would be refreshing to hear Crystal say something along the lines of your statement above instead of hiding behind the smokescreen of their alleged "6-star service" standard. Even without immediate funding, a company can maintain its service standard by being open and honest with its customers. Our point is that Crystal's service standard has fallen into the gutter because of the BS it keeps spewing on its customers.
  13. The assistant's statement really raises the question: What exactly is Crystal's service standard nowadays? Last fall they acknowledged that they had fallen short of their “6-star service" standard. That was six months ago. Many might argue that the customer service and refund departments have dropped the standard to one or two stars. Obviously, Crystal recognizes now that it has a serious problem. But apologizing at this point does little to raise the service standard. Neither does promising an update "as soon as additional information become available." It's been almost a year now. What additional info is the assistant talking about? Here's an idea: Try being a little more open and honest to try to earn back a few of those stars.
  14. At least they had the wisdom to remove the dishonest line that said, "All credit card processors are in a similar place and are affected by the sheer volume of refunds, which is further constraining the process and causing delays on their end as well." Not surprisingly, they replaced that lie with a reworded excuse: "The sheer volume of refund requests in such a short period of time has been challenging and we are experiencing longer delays.” They really need to rewrite their "Refund Statement" from scratch with a little more sincerity instead of just moving words around. There must be someone left at Crystal with some knowledge and expertise in public relations. The facts are that none of the 27 other travel-related companies we’ve dealt with in the past 7 months has taken more than 30 days to issue a refund. It’s truly amazing how every one of these companies was able to avoid the “challenges" that Crystal encountered. Regent refunded us in 7 days and three airlines refunded us within 72 hours! As for falling short of their “6-star service" standard, their customer service and refund departments have missed by only about 5 stars.
  15. Ah, now that sounds more like what a Crystal employee who wants to keep her job would say. Our first thought after reading Ms. Beck's comment that “We absolutely recognise the impact that this delay is having on our reputation and ... we know that we have a mountain to climb to regain the trust of our loyal guests and partners” was that some higher-up would be contacting her soon. The "misunderstanding" sounds like it might have been on her part for thinking she could be honest and informative when dealing with a passenger.
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