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  1. Hi Spoke with our TA and we are being moved to Deck 11, around rooms 622 Aprrecite the feedback on this😊 Sta & Jan
  2. Appreciate the detailed response, it was extremely informative I have just seen another YouTube clip of a cabin on Deck 13 and if honest think the overhang and struts will annoy me i have asked if I can be moved to deck 11 around the same number i have a category 2D room so hoping there will b no cost involved again apprecite the response
  3. Hi We have the above balcony cabin booked for our Alaska Cruise in September our travel agent indicated this was an excellent cabin with excellent views looking at reviews and a a YouTube clip, I am starting to have a few doubts my concerns are; overhang from deck 14 struts/posts blocking views noisy as deck 14 is were pool and other communal type areas located Any guidance appreciated Ste & Jan
  4. Appreciate all the replies I had to ask the question as my wife will support me I hate having to queue if it doesn’t appear to move thanks again
  5. We are going on the Alaskan cruise out of Seattle on 6th September ( I know a lifetime away 😊) I was just wondering if anybody had any insight into embarkation day. As being new to all of this I was Wondering should I expect an organised set up or just bedlam appreciated Ste
  6. Our first cruise and we looked at a few, in the end we went for Ovation of the seas. Very simply as it just seem to offer we wanted, like anything when you are doing something for the first time it is stepping into the unknown. As with any holiday go with an open mind and don’t expect everything to be perfection, usually all works out fine. if honest my lead upto my first cruise is superb, as i can find so much info out it is unbelievable and people so helpful roll on September😊😊
  7. I have just booked our 1st cruise ever to Alaska We are booked on to the Ovation of the seas Why that ship.... simply it looks great, bars, restaurants, music...well everything to be honest Will we enjoy it, no idea as simply our first cruise so a journey into the unknown My advice is simply book what you know you like, then let the rest fall into place 😊😊
  8. I am hoping this isn’t the case, as I hate checkin at airports i guess I need to check with RC Thanks for the feedback
  9. Hi On RCL website it points to it operating out of Seattle, but the wording is the same as you posted in the link. so guessing RCL use a 3rd party if this is available superb still unsure over it ok on BA and if for International flights
  10. We are going on the Alaskan cruise out of Seattle on 6th September ( I know a lifetime away 😊) I was told RCL offer a luggage valet service, were basically your luggage is taken the airport and next time you see it is when you arrive home All seemed great until I was told 1. It is not valid for International departures 2. Our fight is with BA but is down as AA, so I thought it would be OK. Appears the codeshare doesn’t make any difference and BA are not part of the scheme Any help would be great Thanks Ste....
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