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  1. As Alberta Quilter explained, we, Canadians, lose 30% with this change; plus for me, I look at ways to discount the price of the cruise I wish to book. I can take care of my toilet paper at home. Other large agencies still offer incentives such as OBC and paid tips.... i will look at them for future bookings.
  2. I thought that as well but I made many dummy bookings and they all came with shop cards. ☹️
  3. Yes, it is the big C box... I saw this change for the first time today! I look for incentives to use during the cruise: shipboard credits, tips, specialty dinners, etc.... shop cards (especially in Canadian $) does not interest me.
  4. Absolutely.... i for one will shop around for next booking....
  5. No, I have not asked but I hope that they will honor the shipboard credits they gave for my upcoming b/b coming in January... those shop cards definitely do not have the same value.
  6. I have just noticed that the big warehouse travel agency that I have used for many years no longer offers shipboard credits for cruises booked and has replaced these by offering store « shop cards »..... this is not making me happy.... in the future I will reconsider the agency that I book with....
  7. Thanks... I see it still at anchor according to Marine traffic radar.
  8. Anyone heard if Rotterdam is having problems? My Marine tracker puts it still on Half Moon Cay although it should have left hours ago!
  9. We travelled from Vancouver to Yokohama in suite 8091, and never had any noise problems whatsoever. Actually we found the location very convenient.
  10. We love to use the HAL navigation app... it is very useful to check daily activities, menus, and statement. I regularly find mistakes on statements. On our last cruise, we twice had bar charges added, that were not ours. I quickly went to guest services and those errors were corrected... mistakes happen but when they are quickly identified, they are also quickly dealt with. PS: you do not need an internet plan to access the app and you also get the New York Times complimentary on the app.
  11. Thank you Kazu. Your info is always useful and pertinent.
  12. Thank you for the pictures of the letter... it is very close to what we received. Maybe we did not read carefully enough... I still believe that this is a poor way to to compensate passengers... but thanks for all the info. To clarify: no, we did not ask for or request any compensation, it was offered by Captain Smit. And no, we were not part of those cruises that dealt with high water under the Trois-Rivières bridge. We were on the Sept. 14 cruise out of Boston. i always appreciate all the input and view points of other cruises. happy sailing
  13. No, it just says “future cruise”. Plus, it would be as bad if Holland was playing “legality” of words.... compensation should be just that: to compensate you for an inconvenience, period... without any plays of words or strings.
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