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  1. Experienced cruisers know to read the paperwork so they are not surprised.
  2. V's paperwork is very clear when payment is due and cancellation penalties. There is nothing underhanded about them. You may not like them but you are free to book with a different line.
  3. I'd be a bit patient. The cruise lines are trying this "suspend" BS. They are going to get sued, maybe even by government entities. I think you'll get your $$s back.
  4. This occurs fairly regularly usually when P does a software update or if Marketing is changing prices. It can last a day or two.
  5. P only does this once or twice per year. Watch for future Emerald or Star releases.
  6. Which airport is best if we fly in a couple days before our cruise to sightsee?
  7. On the Royal, the Retreat pool (pool right before entering the Sanctuary) is adults only area. I don't recall call seeing kids up there but I'm not sure anyone would enforce the restriction. We tend to cruise during the school year and on longer cruises. There are cabanas around the pool to rent but the remaining loungers are free to use and a bar right there.
  8. Looking to do Tahiti next year. Any recommendations on a particular cabin or a cabin to avoid? Not as familiar with this ship as others in the fleet. Thanks
  9. Unless the cruise lines sell less than 50% of the cabins, there isn't much they can do. Like the airline, they need to pack them in to make money. Cruise fares would have to double or more.
  10. Vaccine is not likely to be widely used by January. The spread of the virus over the next few months may bring the US to something close to herd immunity anyway. The virus continues to spread pretty steadily but deaths and hospitalizations are down significantly. Carib islands & Mexico may allow cruise ships because they will be desperate for tourists $$s. Hawaii, not likely.
  11. It is my understanding that the monies paid for taxes, airfare, P's travel insurance, if you bought it, is being held by P. They will refund it back to the credit card but only if you call and request that option. Otherwise it is used against like expenses on a future cruise. Monies paid for drink packages, excursions, etc will automatically go back to the credit card used.
  12. Has the keel been laid? Some changes were made to the Royal & Regal due to the last recession to reduce costs. Middle stairs being the most talked about.
  13. Until there is an effective vaccine in wide use worldwide, ships will be a challenge for minimizing the spread of virus. There is not a configuration possible with the ships to prevent the spread of the virus.
  14. The FCC was applied arbitrarily by P. I assume it was the computer because my PVP was not aware of it nor was I until I called and discussed things. After the phone call I went into my Cruise Personalizer and found what she had seen in the system during our call.
  15. As I understand it now and what happened with my cancelled Tahiti cruise after I selected Option 1 was: 1. Cruise fare was converted into Future Cruise Credits and showed up unannounced in my Cruise Personalizer (These FCCs were then applied in some fashion to 2 different cruises I have booked. Initially against the cruise fare of my 2nd cruise. Then a week or so later against most of the cruise fare of my soonest cruise.) 2. Port taxes, fees, and insurance premium went into a separate account in my Cruise Personalizer. They are no longer automatically refunded to your credit card. I had called my PVP and she pointed out they were available to be used aginst similar costs on future cruises. We agreed to apply them against my 2nd cruise. They have yet to show in the amount due for the cruise though this was 2 weeks ago. My PVP said she could request them to be refunded to my card if that is what I wanted. I decided otherwise.
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