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  1. Unless the cruise lines sell less than 50% of the cabins, there isn't much they can do. Like the airline, they need to pack them in to make money. Cruise fares would have to double or more.
  2. Vaccine is not likely to be widely used by January. The spread of the virus over the next few months may bring the US to something close to herd immunity anyway. The virus continues to spread pretty steadily but deaths and hospitalizations are down significantly. Carib islands & Mexico may allow cruise ships because they will be desperate for tourists $$s. Hawaii, not likely.
  3. It is my understanding that the monies paid for taxes, airfare, P's travel insurance, if you bought it, is being held by P. They will refund it back to the credit card but only if you call and request that option. Otherwise it is used against like expenses on a future cruise. Monies paid for drink packages, excursions, etc will automatically go back to the credit card used.
  4. Has the keel been laid? Some changes were made to the Royal & Regal due to the last recession to reduce costs. Middle stairs being the most talked about.
  5. Until there is an effective vaccine in wide use worldwide, ships will be a challenge for minimizing the spread of virus. There is not a configuration possible with the ships to prevent the spread of the virus.
  6. The FCC was applied arbitrarily by P. I assume it was the computer because my PVP was not aware of it nor was I until I called and discussed things. After the phone call I went into my Cruise Personalizer and found what she had seen in the system during our call.
  7. As I understand it now and what happened with my cancelled Tahiti cruise after I selected Option 1 was: 1. Cruise fare was converted into Future Cruise Credits and showed up unannounced in my Cruise Personalizer (These FCCs were then applied in some fashion to 2 different cruises I have booked. Initially against the cruise fare of my 2nd cruise. Then a week or so later against most of the cruise fare of my soonest cruise.) 2. Port taxes, fees, and insurance premium went into a separate account in my Cruise Personalizer. They are no longer automatically refunded to your credit card. I had called my PVP and she pointed out they were available to be used aginst similar costs on future cruises. We agreed to apply them against my 2nd cruise. They have yet to show in the amount due for the cruise though this was 2 weeks ago. My PVP said she could request them to be refunded to my card if that is what I wanted. I decided otherwise.
  8. Early days. Don't forget the credit card companies are dealing with the collapse of the entire travel industry. Plus the call center were disbursed to at home workers. Crazy times!
  9. Cruise lines would go out of business if they ban over 70 with medical conditions. At worst you'll need to find a doctor willing to sign a letter/form that you're alive and kicking.
  10. I cannot get pricing for future cruises. That may be intentional as P figures things out. The IT dept is working remotely as everyone else at P which has required P to restructure their system. Good thing no one is sailing for another couple months while they fix everything!
  11. We have a cruise booked for January. Some of our Future Cruise Credits from a cancelled cruise were used to pay the cruise fare. I decided to check on the PVI and the price was $39 pp for the Platinum Plan. We're Elite so we get that plan at the standard price. Our cruise fare before the FCCs being applied was $2500+ pp. I think it's an anomaly caused by the FCCs causing the cruise fare to go to $0 (was over $200 pp). Normally I don't buy the insurance until final payment is made but jumped on that puppy. Not much at risk and lots of upside.
  12. If you haven't cruised Glacier Bay, I would make that your highest priority
  13. Best deal on P. I like to book the ones aft because there a number that have no obstruction at all (e.g., E633 or E702). They give you easy access to the rear elevators for getting to Skywalkers and the Adagio Bar, great places for reading and watching the sea. Also aft cabins will put you near the self laundry.
  14. Just got my last statement and did not get double reward points for my spending with P. Did I miss a notice of a change? Thanks
  15. I scanned the responses and the only issue that I don't think was discussed is that P's cabin unless you book a minisuite or better, are going to be smaller than RCI's. There is no sofa in P's regular cabin. Also there is only 1 chair.
  16. Prices look high with lots of inventory. I'd wait. In fact I'd cancel and wait to rebook after final payment due date
  17. The big group of people affected are the crew members still onboard. Who wants to stay on a plague ship for another 60 or more days.
  18. They are essentially identical ships. They plus the Ruby are my favorite P ships. Crown is full Medallion now which is nice. E will be soon. The key is whether the ships do the same itinerary. The E goes all the way through and, as far as I know, the C only does partial transit. I recommend a full transit. We've done the full transit on the old locks twice (plus a partial) and a partial through the new Atlantic locks. Enjoyed all. We'll be doing a full new locks transit in January on the E.
  19. Forgot to mention, one night P had a Hangi meal on the MDR menu. Hangi is a meal cooked in a buried oven. Obviously the ship can't do a true hangi meal but I needed to try it for the review. It consisted of a lamb chop, slice of pork loin, chicken skewer and veggies (kumara and cabbage). As expected it was a bit disappointing.
  20. The ship did arrive very early. The captain or cruise director had announced by 1am. So that allowed time to get the ship cleared and start passengers off by 7am. We were right on scheduled time.
  21. 8:30 am. Very easy; got luggage and straight to the bus. We were at the airport by ~9:30 ; at the gate by 10:30 am.
  22. On Saturday we arrived at Wellington. We took a morning ship's tour of W. This worked well and was a good value (~$50AUD for 3+ hrs). We got a city drive, a scenic stop on top of Mt Victoria, time at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, and time at the botanical gardens. We parked at the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, the roses were well past their peak. The time at Te Papa was too short but we could have come back in the afternoon on the free shuttle. We didn't. Sunday we arrived at Napier. We took the free shuttle into town, went to church, walked around a bit, took the shuttle to the aquarium and toured it (for a fee). That night the captain announced the bad news: NZ was banning all cruise ships from their ports. By morning it was announced we were returning to Sydney. Eventually it was announced that we would arrive in Sydney on the 19th, two days earlier than expected. We had booked our flights through P and were not scheduled to fly to LAX until the 24th. Australia announced that arriving passengers (air or cruise) had to quarantine themselves for 14 days. We were looking at 5 days in a hotel. However, on the afternoon of the 17th we were given new returning itinerary. We would leave Sydney on the 19th at 1:30 pm and fly to LAX then on to West Palm Beach, arriving about 6 pm on the 19th, the 20th or whatever day it was going to be. I signed up for the P shuttle to the airport. I was happy with the flights since we had paid our own way to and from LAX from Florida. I was able to cancel our return flight and save some points. P announced some compensation for the shortened cruise. Everyone got unlimited wifi for 1 device for the duration which worked very well as I mentioned before. Then there was Option 1 (50% of cruise fare as FCC plus 25% more as FCC) or Option 2 (25% of cruise refunded as "cash" + 25% of cruise fare as FCC), plus refund of nonrefundable expenses or airfare increase for both options. So we had 4 sea days which went fine. The seas were rough for days 2 & 3; the weather: cool & windy. The last day was warm & sunny and seas calm. The ship was going into a 60 day hiatus but they had taken the 3 big pools out of service and started repainting them! Only the hot tubs and aft pool were in service. The hot tubs on the ship need fixing. Few of the jets worked and water temp was warm at best. This is problem I have found across the fleet. As most know, we barely dodged the coronavirus bullet on reaching Sydney. Port authorities let us off with minimal oversight. Thank GOD!!! 3 or 4 people had the virus and eventually tested positive. We could still be floating at sea wondering what would become of us! Flights home went fine. LONGGG travel day, fifteen time zones and 27 hrs travel time. Glad we went. Saw some of NZ and checked it off the bucket list. Wished we had gotten to Auckland but don't have to go back. Next Tahiti then Antarctica.
  23. Next port was Akaroa. This was tender port. I had booked a 12:45 pm dolphin and harbor cruise with Akaroa Dolphin. We leisurely got a tender as we are Elite very easy. We were on the dock by 10 am and right next to our tour provider. They were boarding for a 10:15 am cruise and we asked if we could change to the cruise. No problem. Nice boat and less than half full. Cruised around the harbor, sailed with the dolphins, saw penguins and seals. Perfect weather though cool and breezy. Enjoyed it. Walked into town looking for fish & chips for lunch. Saw a sign for Murphy's on the Corner, got directions and found it 2 blocks off the main drag. It's a little hole in the wall place that serves great f&c! No beer but bought a couple of sodas and sat outside in the shade. Walked around "town", had an ice cream cone and went to the public library to use the internet, very good connection. Then back to the ship
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