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  1. jayally1968

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    I already have $2000 in gift cards sitting here waiting to call Costco travel to apply to my cruise. I booked this trip for myself and 5 co-workers and between the costco perks and the AARP giftcard savings my cruise is almost free!
  2. jayally1968

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    I wanted to buy some yesterday and did a bunch of quizzes but they don't have any $500 available. I hope they get more soon. I don't want to buy 5 $100 cards if I can help it. I actually need $2000 to pay off the cruise and have enough points.
  3. jayally1968

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    I was nicely pointing out for those that were not aware that they are now available on the website. Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
  4. When Verizon stopped offering Carnival GC for 10% off I joined AARP (I am 49) for the discounts. I just booked my cruise through them (with expedia) and got an extra $50 OBO for our 5 day Oceanview room for December 2018. They also had slightly better hotel rates than AAA so I think its worth the $16 a year membership (comes with a magazine and membership card). They currently have Carival GC for 10% off using points you can (easily) earn. I just bought $400 for $360. https://www.aarp.org/rewards-for-good/?intcmp=DSO-HDR-R4G-EWHERE
  5. jayally1968

    New Orleans cruising

    Thanks for all the advice! I ended up booking the Triumph in a 6C Oceanview room 2280. I got $50 OBC from Carnival and $50 from AARP (I joined to get discount gift cards but they don't have any right now). Total price for 2 people was $771 with $98 deposit. I am glad someone mentioned hotels so I booked a reservation at the Homewood Suites French Quarter that is listed as #1 out of 167 hotels in New Orleans for $161/night with AAA for a total of $562.42 for 3 nights. They have free breakfast, snacks and wifi and on the trolley line and walking distance to most things. My fiance is a jambalaya and jazz fan so I opted for more time in New Orleans plus he is a history buff and we will for sure check out the WWII musuem. Already this is starting to cost more than I expected but isn't that always the case??
  6. jayally1968

    New Orleans cruising

    Hi, I am already missing our October Hawaii Cruise so another bucket list is New Orleans. I would travel around mid to late November 2018. There are 7 days cruises on the Dream from New Orleans > Montego Bay > Grand Cayman > Cozumel > New Orleans for $1233 Oceanview and 5 day cruise on the Triumph > New Orleans > Cozumel > Progreso > New Orleans for $791 Oceanview. I would like to explore New Orleans either before or after the cruise so the shorter one might give us more time. We are in CA so airfare has to be factored in. Which would you choose? I have never been on either ship or either location and my Mexican experience has only been Ensenada and we don't even bother to get off the ship! I've only been on the Miracle, Imagination and Inspiration with Carnival but we just turned gold so thinking its a good idea to stick with one cruise line.
  7. jayally1968

    Geriatric Cruise?? Carnival Miracle to Hawaii

    I'm on the Hawaii October MIRACLE and I'm going to be 49 and my fiance is 47. There is a large, fun and very active facebook group and there are old (60) and young (30 with kids) people on this trip. We have lots of fun things planned so I dont think it will be boring at all! Sent from my SM-G935U using Forums mobile app
  8. Sorry, I meant back to the ship. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I am renting a car from Dollar Rent-A-Car and on the Carnival miracle docking in Kahului at 10am. I have reservations for the old Lahaina luau and I was thinking we could go up to the crater during the day and then over to the luau. I know it's about an hour drive from the port and the ship leaves at 11 PM. I think the luau ends at 8:45 so I figure we would probably head up there about 9 PM, stop for gas and then drop the rental car off, they close at 10:30 PM. Do you think this is something that we could do? Or is it a bit too ambitious? I am paranoid about being late for things and I certainly don't want to miss our ship!
  10. Thanks to advice here I think we are leaning towards a Long Island City hotel. Do you know if any of them offer a free LGA shuttle service or how much is a car service like Dial 7 that I keep reading about would run? I live near Los Angeles so I always opt for a rental car when I travel but NYC is out of my comfort zone!!
  11. Thanks for the replies! Long Island City sounds like a doable option and it is between booklyn and La Guardia so might not be too hard to get to from the cruise terminal. I will see how much we can come up with if we want to stay in Manhatten but it looks like I need to budget at least $200 a night to include the taxes and fees just to stay in Long Island city. This is a long and expensive trip so we are trying to keep it reasonable. I checked out La Quinta in LIC and they have a King bed for Per Night Rate: 144.00 USD Subtotal: 288.00 USD Estimated Tax*: 49.48USD Estimated Total with Tax*: 337.48 USD. It ranks #24 out of 25 hotels on tripadvisor and I would rather have 2 twins at the Nesva hotel which is #4 on tripadvisor and would be $ 326.00 Total Tax(es): $ 55.09 Total Amount (with Tax): $ 381.09 for 2 twins with a balcony view (same price without balcony). There are other options as well if we want to pay a little more and maybe I can priceline something in the area.
  12. My Mom's idea of a hotel is something super cheap and less than $100/night because she just wants somewhere to sleep. She doesn't mind staying on someone's couch and I am sure I will have my share of the floor but I prefer comfort and would be fine with a 2 1/2 - 3 star. I would like to keep it under $150 a night and we need 2 queen beds. The last time I traveled to Europe with my Mom and shared a bed with her it was 1984 and I was 16 so I am a little afraid of this big trip but it is a wonderful opportunity. We are going to stay with family and friends in Ireland and England and then back home on the QE2 for 7 nights in an INSIDE cabin.
  13. My 71 yr old Mother and I are arriving on the QE2 October 25 2016 at the Brooklyn Red hook terminal. We are flying out of LGA on Oct 27th at 6pm to California. I am trying to decide what area I should book a hotel and what you would recommend as a decent hotel. She is English and has her ideas about what we are doing in Europe and I am in charge of NYC and getting us back home! This is her 4th trip on the QE2 and she seems to know it all and said she wants to stay in Brooklyn near the cruise terminal but I think it would be easier for later and maximize our time there if we stay near LGA with a free airport shuttle and with easy access to a bus or subway to Manhatten or stay in Manhatten with a taxi or car service to LGA. This would be the end of a 3 week European trip so we will be a bit tired and will have some heavy luggage. I am on a budget so somewhere economical but decent is important which I know can be hard in NY! I have never been to NY and would like to do a Ellis island tour, tour the Statue of Liberty, walk around Times square and go to the top of the rock and/or Empire state building, visit the 9-11 memorial and go to central park. We will have Oct 25th starting from early afternoon after disembarking, all day on the 26th and the morning/early afternoon on the 27th before leaving LGA at 6pm. We will be there the end of October so what is the weather usually like? I will be very appreciate for any tips and/or advice.
  14. jayally1968

    Qualifying for Mileage Cruise

    Does carnvial discriminate based on the type of cruise you book? i.e. I am in Southern California and I can easily book 2, 3 or 4 night cruises for pretty cheap. We are going on a 3 night weekend cruise Nov 19th for $589 for 2 people which includes tips, taxes and fees and there were even cheaper ones if I wanted to keep searching. My fiance and I have decided cruising is more relaxing than the crowds at Disneyland and we are letting our premium passes expire and taking more trips instead. We can take lots of little cruises and then possibly use our mileage cruise towards a longer Hawaiian cruise. Thanks!
  15. jayally1968

    Bottomless Bubbles Soda Question

    How much extra is the discounted cup? Can I bring my own cup, like a travel mug or do you have to use theirs? I have the Carnival water bottle bag I bought on the last trip I will bring for this one. Last time I brought soda on board and on RC we purchased the soda package and they gave us nice mugs included in the price.