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  1. Good question I was just looking at a cruise for next month and was more focused on insurance, Alberta does have an App that confirms vaccination hope that might work. one more thing to stress over 🤦‍♀️
  2. Visiting our son in Victoria right now, tourism is down many businesses have closed up, sad but of course that could have happened even without the cruise ship ban. Of course AK wants this to continue, means more stops and dollars for their state. Does it make for a great cruise, perhaps but Vancouver/Victoria have plenty to occupy cruise passengers time in port. Once all the ships are back up and running Vancouver will be needed as an Embarkation point to handle the volume so I don’t see this proceeding .
  3. Yikes, not worried for myself and husband, we can take the 14 days in quarantine no problem, but we are traveling with my son and family, now this would be a problem for the 4 of them!
  4. I got my third shot recently too, and am grateful Alberta decided to allow it for folks with mixed does. Haven’t cruised yet but have plenty booked. I certainly am hopeful it corrects the perceived issue for boarding the ships 🤞
  5. Forgive me if I am not understanding your post, when you say a 14 day hotel quarantine before returning home, is there someone there to actually enforce this? Of course I understand I’d be contagious but wouldn’t I just have to stay put till I test negative? Ages ago my family booked our airfares for this coming February, we are leaving on the Thursday prior to our Saturday cruise, we’ll need a test to board the plane which given the early hour of our flight has to happen on Wednesday so it isn’t any good by Saturday for the cruise. In our situation we’ll all need another test soon after arrival in FLL, so I am very much interested in what others have found. I have my fingers crossed that in the next 4-5 months this may change but I know that is just my wish and perhaps not realistic ☹️
  6. We both now have our third shots (for different reasons), after reading about the third shot not being a full dose we checked with the pharmacist today to confirm that wasn’t the case at least with us, WHEW.
  7. Believe a HAL ship is on next week and the Sky Princess is a couple of weeks from now.
  8. Dear lord will this crap ever end. Did what I was told took the mixed vaccinations, today I got a third shot to try to meet the requirements of 2mRNA vaccine doses but now my third shot might not be enough. If that is the case I give up, nothing more I can do!
  9. OMG you have made my day. Sign me up I am tired of being a prisoner!
  10. I prefer an ocean view balcony, but you can’t beat the pricing sometimes on the other two types. The only additional comment I will make in favour of CP over BW is the noise level. With all that goes on at the rear of the ship it can be an issue.
  11. You will need to find a receptive Pharmacist, we live outside of Calgary now and have one willing to give it and has done so for others and another who was not willing. Much like getting information on this from Royal it’s a crap shoot what answer you’ll get 🤷‍♀️
  12. CovidShield is not accepted in most of Europe, limits where we can cruise/travel. I think the timeline between shots is the least of our issues so I am going to opt for a third shot to match the Pfizer shot I received in June (more than 42 days ago).
  13. As a fellow Canadian equally as frustrated with this situation, I understand why the cruise lines are doing this but of course that doesn’t help the millions in Canada being denied the ability to cruise and also travel to certain countries just by trusting our government. I spoke with my Pharmacist today and apparently we can get a third shot, wonder how long that will happen before the government puts the brakes on. My next trip is not till February but when the border opens I would like to take a road trip and if things go as I expect they might we will need to be fully vaccinated as we demand of them and I will still not meet the requirements without a third shot. I would like to be patient but not sure I can ☹️
  14. with every member of my family vaccinated with Pfizer for both shots but me it may be the only way I could sail with family or my husband now that “mixed vaccines” are considered unvaccinated
  15. Can anyone confirm whether or not any of the car rental companies in Miami have a location at the Pier or at least a shuttle pick up from the port. Thanks
  16. i too am vaccinated and was hopeful I would be cruising with others who were as well, the thought of wearing the mask to accommodate others not vaccinated would definitely give going a second thought if that was a requirement. Not looking forward to being stuck in my cabin unable to enjoy my expensive vacation due to an outbreak ☹️
  17. Two hours after you but I just finally got my copy too! Was able to get into the booking site earlier today by signing in, decisions decisions!
  18. I haven’t seen the email either and I was hoping to book, grrrr
  19. Can only speak to the clamshells, yes if you want one in the front row you’ll need to be there early. Top of the clamshell had venting that allowed for airflow which was nice all the time protecting us from the sun. Because the side are mostly solid (except for vented section) we felt very private east to relax inside. We really like them and buy one every time we are in Labadee.
  20. I was on this sailing, first we were told they would be returning the port charges and when they hadn’t appear by the last day of the cruise I asked again as was told they weren’t going to return them. Reason given to us was that the overall port charges had increased since the cruise was released so missing a port did not create any excess to the cruise line to return back. While we are not happy with this I am not sure how much effort I am going to put into getting $20 back!
  21. Wow, while we would like the more direct flights at the price quoted online I really don’t have your perseverance. Good to know I am not alone and if I didn’t have another option I could perhaps come at this as you have. I will end up spending more per person but I will also be flying home in seats upgraded to business, that will help us feel better about the extra cost and travel time! Thanks for posting
  22. The flight system is very unfriendly to customers doing b2b repositioning cruises! I finally managed to get one reservation number to accept a multi city reservation that didn’t match the cruise routing but then it wouldn’t allow me to purchase it. I called the Flights by Celebrity 1-800# and after a half hour on the phone with them they could find my flights but couldn’t sell them for the amount on their website, their price was almost double. i tried to book them as two one ways but that price was ridiculous on one of the two legs. Celebrity rep said he would try again today and call me back first thing today, but surprise surprise he has not. Interestingly I can still pull up the flights on their website but today the price is $10 cheaper. Another frustrating call is in my future but I am not holding out much hope. Anyone else had this problem?
  23. We too are holding off booking a fall 2020 TA cruise, we have booked b2b on the Allure starting December 6th so would be open to whatever date she crosses, filling any in between time with some land time in Florida.
  24. We’ll weekend is now upon us and still no sign of pricing being released for this sailing. I am now starting to look at other options, not like there is any shortage of TA cruises that time of the year, just saying Celebrity get your act together!!!
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