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  1. Karen thank you. The balance I paid by cheque . Our TA did contact Regent UK to chase up refund and they said “ refunds were beginning to come through “. Just seems to be taking longer for UK refunds possibly? Thanks for your hard work and diligence with this spread sheet and I see you also have the same on Crystal, Jean.
  2. Karen also still waiting for balance of payment , but did receive the deposit last week, so eagerly await the balance for April 16th cruise. Jean.
  3. That sounds as though it was just perfect. It’s such a magical destination and in so many different ways. Definitely special memories for everyone who has been fortunate to visit and even more so sail out or into Venice. Jean.
  4. Think this was inevitable at some point. As you say it’s a real delight sailing form and to Venice and it never disappoints. We are booked on Mariner next September due to sail from Venice , I am sure we will also be leaving from an alternative port. Jean.
  5. Also still waiting for balance of cruise 16/4. Received deposit only on Saturday past, but no sign yet of balance despite TA contacting Regent UK for information. Jean.
  6. Scheduled cruise 16/04 Splendour Cancelled by Regent 30/03 Refund retested 31/03 by TA Deposit only recieved today 20/06 on Amex CC Still awaiting balance paid. Karen thank you for keeping this spread sheet updated. Seems like we are at day 84 for refund? Thanks, Jean.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes I spoke with our TA today who has contacted Regent UK who say things have to be finalised and authorised by Regent US. She said they have promised that refunds should be here within the next 2 weeks. Bit disheartening when you see people posting that refunds have been given for cruises after the date of ours. Hopefully we will see our refund shortly and I will post on Susies thread for refunds. Jean.
  8. Well I wouldn’t quite agree there . Here in UK we are still waiting for our refund for April 16th Splendour cruise. Any idea as to why there is a difference here? Jean.
  9. Pcardad thanks for keeping us updated with information. Appreciate this. Jean.
  10. I have just remembered where I did see this. If you look at cuisine part of the RSSC website. Go to pool grill menu and then you have option of food and drinks menu. The cocktails section tells you the exact ingredients of each sigma cocktails 🍸🍹. Jean.
  11. I know the signature cocktails are good. I am sure I saw some recipes on the RSSC website on the part that is the “Blog” . When Splendour was launched there was a lovely information update on the website about the new cocktails specifically for Meridian Lounge and ingredients, check there possibly may find the others? Jean.
  12. Agree with you most definitely about Ravello. It’s one of the loveliest places and the views are beautiful. A trip to remember. Jean.
  13. Belfast Taxman just wondering is the 2021 Splendour cruise exactly the same number of days? It does look quite a big price increase but I’ve always noticed that new ship has higher price tag ? It’s difficult to know what to do in these times re wait for the money refund or take the FCC. Don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. We are waiting fo money refund for our April cruise, but are considering taking the FCC for our November cruise. The cruises we considered with the FCC were completely different itineries and also on Voyager or Navigator so we would have had no comparison If the prices had been increased from this year, but I expect they will be. Hope things work out for you, but possibly you could speak in advance to your TA to give you a price for the next year cruise and see if it is better than what is advertised? No harm in asking ? Jean
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