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  1. Hi , I think your idea of the first evening onboard is ideal for a specialty reservation. It takes away the wonder of where to dine. Mybe if it was me I would chose 1930 so that you can take your time unpacking with a chilled glass of champagne, then enjoy a pre dinner cocktail in one of the bars pre dinner, especially as it’s a special birthday celebration. Also I’ve always tried to book a specialty restaurant on the night Krew Kapers is held. I may be wrong but we’ve always noticed it’s second last night onboard? So that would let you enjoy this special show then no rush to Compass Rose you have your reservation. Krew Kapers usually finnishes at 1830. Alaska is so beautiful am sure you will have a wonderful cruise there and also have a special birthday cruise for your wife. Jean.
  2. Terry saw on the silversea cooler that you had started your live thread. Great photos and narration as usual. Have a wonderful cruise. Jean.
  3. This has been a great thread. Thanks to all the posters for taking the time to post updates and photos. Very much appreciated and will be missed. We board Splendor April in NY for our first TA. Hope the weather is as lovely then. Enjoy your last evening onboard and safe journey home . Thanks for getting us all excited for our respective cruises. Jean.
  4. Karen thanks so much for this lovely thread. Your food photos have been great looks like a few new pasta dishes? You mentioned to start this was your friends first Regent cruise? How did they enjoy it? Looks as though you have a wonderful cruise. Thanks again and safe travels home, Jean.
  5. Oh have to agree with you Karen we also really enjoy Sette Marie for dinner in the evening too. Carbonara looks lovely. Jean.
  6. Really liking this new list of 🍸 cocktails and choices of Gin. Sounds like Fever Tree Tonics too? The food photos are just so tempting too. Thanks, Jean.
  7. Oh thanks for posting this delicious desert. Nice to hear there are new choices in PR. Have to admit I didn’t really enjoy the twice we ate there, maybe wrong choices I made but we have booked it for our April cruise and looking forward to it. Enjoying the updates thanks to all for taking the time. Jean.
  8. Mr Rumour and Ginny and all the joint bloggers feeling very excited for you all having your first glimpse of the ship as you approach the port. As Gerry says above you are right at the entrance area by looks of things giving you a great view as you arrive. Enjoy boarding and the lovely new ship feeling as you explore. Have a wonderful cruise. Jean.
  9. I am pleased about the new buffet service measures in place. It’s good proactive practice. Anything that minimises risk factors have to be welcomed. Thanks for keeping us updated and the great food photos. Jean.
  10. Thanks for posting the photo. This looks much more convenient to use travelling than the previous cases which were bulky in hand luggage. Look forward to getting this lovely ticket case in the post . Jean.
  11. Karen thanks so much. Prices look from memory similar to last year on Mariner. I know it varies from length of hair too. Looks like I shall get to the ball like Cinderella then hehe. Jean.
  12. Karen continuing to enjoy your posts and especially the food reports and photos. That sounds a real disappointing Spa visit and xtra price increase. Hope you don’t mind if I ask a wee favour of you? I always like to have my hair washed and curled or put up so to speak. Would you be able to let me know the price with the new spa management? Thanks I appreciate you taking time out your lovely cruise. Enjoy Sette Marie this evening, we always enjoy meals up there. Thanks, Jean.
  13. Joining in with the excitement here. Really looking forward to all your posts and photos. We have our first TA on the New York to Barcelona cruise, so like others look forward to all your feedback on Splendour. Best wishes to you all and safe travels. So glad Ginny is well for her cruise, thanks, Jean.
  14. Oh lovely look forward to your posts and photos. Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy. Jean.
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