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  1. They offer it on different nights, and you will be assigned one. I would think you could not reschedule as there are other diners already assigned to those other nights. There's only so many seats. We ate in the nightclub on the Pride.
  2. Another perspective: if you book any Havana cabin, you get access to the Havana deck area. WHy pay for a balcony that overlooks the area? I am sure others will disagree with me, but we booked a Havana Interior since we already got the exclusive access. Seems silly to pay for "double" the exclusivity, but that's just my opinion.
  3. When I checked for our trip in May, there were no FLL area hotels that offered a shuttle to POM. We reserved online with Jiffy Jeff Transportation ahead of time. They were great: picked us up at our hotel the morning of our cruise and dropped us at the terminal about 40 minutes later. $15 per person each way.
  4. Yes, you can check in for the cruise at the airport. I used this option last year and it was fantastic. You go through the same process that you would in the terminal, with the exception of handing off your luggage. I had also prearranged for Carnival transportation from the airport to the terminal. When you arrive at the port, you will give your luggage to the porter. You'll then be directed to the priority line to board the ship. Next stop will be onboard! The check in counter is on the lower level of the airport, quite near the end of the corridor.
  5. Frankly, I'd be way more worried about cruising during Spring Break than the ship itself.
  6. I haven't thought to wash them, but I suppose you easily could just throw it into the wash as well...depending on the material of course.
  7. Used the cubes on my last trip after more "traditional" packing for years. While they don't necessarily save space (unless you use the compression versions), they did make organizing and unpacking easier. I then used one of the larger ones to keep all of the dirty laundry in...great to just dump the contents in the washer at home. My son and I used one suitcase between us. I will be using them in the future.
  8. You are correct on all counts! Last cruise I had 2 and didn't feel a bit guilty about it!
  9. Resort for a day says it is a 30 minute trip to the resort. Gets you back to the dock 2 hours before departure, which would be 3pm.
  10. Cruising on the Horizon September 15. I booked Jewel Paradise Cove with Resort for a Day, but now I am rethinking that decision. Cruise Planner says the ship docks in Ocho Rios at 8:00am, then excursions are listed as 9:00am. Our transportation for the resort is supposed to leave 45 minutes after docking and get us back to the ship 2 hours prior to leaving. How much time will we actually get at the resort? If we cannot get off the ship until 9am, then we may not get to the resort until 10. Not sure I want to pay for all-inclusive if we won't get much out of it.
  11. I am fairly certain that John Heald has said multiple times that there is no tip pool. Not on individual ships, nor across the fleet. A percentage of your gratuities DO go to others who are more "behind the scenes" in housekeeping and dining.
  12. I tried to get in 2 days ago and had an awful time. I was asked to log in several times...even though my information was correct. Finally ended up calling and resetting my password over the phone. Snagged one of the $500 gift cards for our Horizon cruise in September. If the program is changing, I might need to grab a few of the $100 ones too. We'll be using it for onboard purchases since we are all paid off.
  13. You can try Jiffy Jeff Shuttle. We used them from FLL to POM in May and they had great service. You can probably call ahead to discuss mobility issues.
  14. I have cruised both; in fact this year I have done 1 each. Carnival is more of a party ship. That's not a bad thing. There are more activities through the day, and those activities are pretty varied. I think the bars and lounges on Carnival are a bit better as well. You cannot beat the Alchemy Bar. The Cruise Director and staff are always visible and accessible. Didn't find that on any of my RC cruises. Shows can be hit or miss, but that really depends more on the cast than the show itself. I have seen really good and just passable. More comedy shows if you enjoy that. RC seems a bit less family oriented and is more laid back in general.The new AMPED ships are great. Shows were all very good. Food is totally subjective. On my last RC cruise, the food was fantastic. But I have also had great food on Carnival. Personal taste. Cabins on both are very nice and have plenty of storage.
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