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  1. Hi, please can anyone tell me what storage there is for the 3rd and 4th person in the lounge ? I can see pictures of the wardrobe and drawers for the master bedroom but I can’t find any details of what storage there is in the lounge area. Just thinking i may have to bring a clothes rail for my kids. On other sailings there has always been a double wardrobe in the lounge but I can’t see anything from the pictures on line. Also so does anyone know of what the benefits are staying in this suite or are they the same as staying in other suites. If if anyone has any pictures I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks
  2. Hi, we we are thinking of booking the royal suite but I wondered what storage there is in the lounge ? The bedroom has enough for 2 but I can’t see any wardrobes in the lounge for the other 2 guests. Any ideas ? Many thanks
  3. Whole heartedly agree !! There’s such a big difference.
  4. someone posted the piano wasn’t working recently.
  5. I think that putting 6-12 years together is not good. There’s such a difference in the years. My son ended up having his tooth knocked out by a 12 yr old playing dodge ball and sitting alone as all the older ones were on the playstations etc and he was left out as he was only 6 the older ones didn’t want to know him.
  6. I took my bed guards last time. U can also buy some of the blow up bed guards to take with u. So that’s another option
  7. Last time it was combined and it didn’t work. They had 11-12 year olds playing dodge ball with 6 year olds. It was too rough. I’m fingers crossed that it’s separate.
  8. Sorry I forgot to say it’s independence
  9. hi please can anyone tell me if the explorers and the other kids clubs are separate as of recently. Reason I ask is that they put the 6-8 in with the. 9-12 last time we sailed as there was a problem with one of the rooms and it did not work at all. I just want to make sure that they are separate this time. Also have they managed to get to get rid of that awful smell on the kids club deck ? I can’t remember what deck number it is but it smelt like sewerage really badly.
  10. It happened to us u fortunately. 1 child needed the toilet - big queue then the minute we got bs k to the chair the other one needed it so back to the toilet then we got back and all our stuff was removed. Same happenedcwhen hen we were gone to get food to bring back. Never mind, I’ll just make friends with the security staff. Its weird because on the american sailings , it never happens and everything’s so much more laid back. . Maybe the British sailings are different. Plus I think we were just unlucky with the types of guests on our particular sailing.
  11. Thank u, they look great. Can use these at home aswell !
  12. We tried that on harmony last year, the magnets kept sliding off 😂
  13. hi, thank you. Do do you have ideas on things to take for storage ?
  14. Did u have to carry the drinks cups around with u for the dispensers ? Did u go in school holidays ? Just wondering how busy is was onboard. So many people have said it’s overcrowded since the refit. I guess it depends what you do and if it’s in peak times. I think we will stay onboard when people get off so we can do the things we missed out on last time. This time it’s about relaxing rather than running around doing everything. do you remember what time they closed the pools off ?
  15. There are yes, this year though there are 6 and 14 nights out of Southampton aswell. This is only until Indy moves onto usa and Caribbean sailings.
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