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  1. Just curious what Hurtigruten offered to the people who had booked January - March Antarctica cruises. We spoke with our Hurtigruten representative the week prior to this announcement and he strongly advised us to rebook for the same week, same itinerary one year later (January 2021) and Hurtigruten would honor the same booking price. Very glad we did.
  2. This is not what the Tahiti Tourism Board states is required. https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/ We were supposed to leave tomorrow for Tahiti and a Windstar cruise. We had worked out plans A, B, and C to make sure that we would be able to board our Delta Flight. Unfortunately both Windstar and Delta canceled our reservations. We have friends that opted to just spend four plus weeks on the islands. (Can you feel my jealousy through the internet?) A - Get test locally. I called the approved labs to see where we could get a test with 48 hour results. B - Pay to have a test done in our home ($500 plus the cost of each of our tests) C - Fly to Los Angeles one day early and get the test about 25 miles from the airport. (What our friends did)
  3. Just this week we moved our January 2021 Antarctica cruise to January 2022. it is the same cruise one year later. There were still cabins in the same category. We kept our original price.
  4. We are booked on Delta non-stop ATL - EZE. We did Santiago to Buenos Aires February/March of this year. Spent three nights at iguazu Falls and one night inBuenos Aires. Loved both. We got home March 6. Just before everything shut down. As far as I know, no one one our ship got sick.
  5. We are traveling from Atlanta Georgia USA to Buenos Aires. Planning on three nights pre-cruise in Buenos Aires.
  6. We are from the United States and are booked on the Fridtjof Nansen January 16, 2021. We are planning on this trip happening. I have seen the bookings drop from about 69% booked to only 25% booked as of this past Sunday. I know that where you are traveling from will have bearing on the feasibility of traveling to South America. So my questions are: 1. Are you booked on an Antarctica trip in early 2021? 2. Where will you be traveling from?
  7. We were there in early March. At the airport there is a Taxi line. Before the line you go to a kiosk and put in all the information. (were you are going, how many people, how much luggage and cash or credit card.) You will get a receipt with price. Then you get in line. There is a workman that will make sure the driver will take you for the agreed upon price. We went from the ship to the local airport. It was about $6 USD and we tipped the driver the $6. You can also book a private car. From the International Airport (EZE) to the cruise port was about $25. I am guessing that you have already booked your airfare. If not, Buenos Aires is a wonderful city. Also, if you can squeeze in three extra nights, Iguazu Falls is spectacular. We are heading back to Buesos Aires in January 2021 for an Antarctica trip. (hopefully) We enjoyed BA so much we booked an extra two nights before our pre-cruise included night. What ship are you on and are you doing a South America cruise or Antarctica? Or something else?
  8. I am confused. Did PG cancel the rest of 2020 on the Paul Gauguin? I still see these cruises listed to purchase.
  9. Susiesan - When we were preparing to go on the October 15, 2020 seven night cruise, I opened up the list of approved labs on the Tahiti Tourism web site. I opened each labs link to see where they were located. I called the labs that were within 60 miles of our home in a rural area outside of Atlanta. I told them what COVID-19 test was required and asked them if I could take the test at their lab, or what testing sites gave the test that would be processed at their lab. They were very helpful and gave us our A & B plans. Then I looked at the labs in the LA area and started calling them for our plan C. (You could do this for SFO.) The LA area lab that was about 30 minutes from the airport and has a 4 - 24 hour process time. We all have our tolerances for what we are willing to do to be able to travel. To us, this would have been worth it. I realize that many people do not want to take the chance, live with the mandated inconveniences, and/or reduced offerings. That being said, with some research and perseverance it can be accomplished.
  10. It is not just that you have to have a negative test result of a particular test within 72 hours of boarding your flight to (SFO, LAX etc.) Tahiti. The big BUT is that it has to be processed at an approved Lab. I had to go through the list looking at each one to find labs in the Atlanta area. Then call them to see where I could actually take the test. https://tahititourisme.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/FDA-Approved-Tests-for-Travel-to-French-Polynesia-August-11-2020.pdf We had plan A, B and C. A.) Take the test at approved location in my immediate area that would give us an appointment. B.) Pay a medical service to come to our home ($500 house call charge) and drop the test off at an approved lab. C.) Fly to Los Angeles a day early, rent a car, take the test, stay overnight in a hotel or VRBO, waste a day the next day waiting to board our late night flight.
  11. We are on the January 16 sailing. It is currently 38% booked. They have had recent cancellations on this date. The beginning of September it was 57% booked. (And yes, I do take the time to track capacity.) Hurtigruten does have scientific obligations for scientists that are going to or from Antarctica. Not sure how that is working with the spate of cancellations thus far. I am ready to safely travel.
  12. We booked the January itinerary in April and did get the dot NO price. Fabulous price. We have booked direct air on Delta and two extra nights pre cruise that are both cancelable. Would just like to delay final payment to Hurtigruten. I have spent the last six months recovering money from three trips canceled by cruise line and tour companies. Still after LATAM for December tickets that they canceled in July. I don’t want to add Hurtigruten to the list.
  13. I was looking at Antarctica. The 12 day in particular. We were originally booked in early December 2020. When the tour company cancelled all of their tours for 2020 (in April) we moved to January 16, 2021. When Hurtigruten canceled all the Antarctica cruises for 2020 I checked make sure ours (in January 2021) was still listed. It is, but only January 6 and 16. Yesterday these were the only Antarctica dates and ship. This morning the other itineraries are back on line. My quandary is that final payment is due October 18. It is probably only a 50/50 chance that this will actually sail. I would like to wait until the Fridtjof Nansen arrives in South America to make final payment. When the FN first Antarctica itinerary was scheduled to depart October 19, I felt pretty confident about final payment. Now, not so much.
  14. I looked at January/February/March 2021 and Hurtigruten is only showing sailing in January. Anyone know why they are not sailing in February and March?
  15. Tahiti has resumed tourism as of (I think) July. The Paul Gauguin’s second sailing had a positive case. It was handled very well. Tahiti has very strict protocols for entrance. The Paul Gauguin has resumed their sailing. We were scheduled for October 2020. After the Wind Spirit arrived back in Tahiti she was a mess. Windstar canceled the remainder of 2020 Tahiti. We are very disappointed. https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/
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