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  1. We used Staysure for the above reasons.
  2. We exchanged a large $ note for smaller ones as we needed tips ashore. We also bought some dollars to top up. They were charged to our account and for a small amount we were pleased with the exchange rate. There was no transaction fee. Wouldn't want to rely on obtaining all my money this way but certainly useful.
  3. Loved standing on our balcony watching the flying fish.
  4. We take fresh milk on board with us and have managed to buy it in port. Although the fridge isn't cold, it will keep for several days. I also take instant hot chocolate which has milk included.
  5. We took a taxi which dropped us in the market palace as didn't fancy pushing a wheelchair too far on cobbles. Agreed a time and he picked us up for the return journey. Taxis were waiting at the dock gates, all same price, take the one at the end of the line.
  6. Pandora were still on Arcadia in January but with a very limited range compared to previous cruises.
  7. P and O give you the menus at the end of thecruise.
  8. Feta cheese is very like Wensleydale. Chicken kebabs are just pieces of chicken on skewers. Lots of salad.
  9. Of you plan to visit a church go covered up, long trousers for men, covered shoulders for ladies. I usually take a large cotton scarf to cover up with. Trousers with zip on/off lower legs are useful. Some churches offer wraps at the door but who knows how many have worn them. as others have said, take euros.
  10. We tried the one on Ventura and threw the baguettes away after one bite. Nasty, pappy bread, limp lettuce and slice of beef, seemed to have been frozen and defrosted. Husband liked the chocolate desert but I didnt. If we wanted to eat on the balcony we picked up a burger from the servery
  11. Go back to the boards, and look up cruise lines to find CMV own board. Should find a lot of answers ther e.
  12. We had two good viewings in March from a Fred Olsen. cruise. They are Norwegian specialists, with smaller boats than can visit fjords the larger boats can't get in so stunning scenery.CMV and P and O also offer cruises at the optimum time of year, either March or late October.
  13. With P and O, guaranteed cabin means you choose the cabin, select means P and O allocate you a cabin in the category for which you have paid. .
  14. Re Betty's, it's a traditional tea shop using traditional recipes. Dairy free would rely on mar garine which may alter the ta ste.
  15. Black and white is formal, although there's always someone who wears a stunning sequined multi coloured dress , just to not conform. 80's is casual and mostly a non event.
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