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  1. We tried the one on Ventura and threw the baguettes away after one bite. Nasty, pappy bread, limp lettuce and slice of beef, seemed to have been frozen and defrosted. Husband liked the chocolate desert but I didnt. If we wanted to eat on the balcony we picked up a burger from the servery
  2. Go back to the boards, and look up cruise lines to find CMV own board. Should find a lot of answers ther e.
  3. We had two good viewings in March from a Fred Olsen. cruise. They are Norwegian specialists, with smaller boats than can visit fjords the larger boats can't get in so stunning scenery.CMV and P and O also offer cruises at the optimum time of year, either March or late October.
  4. With P and O, guaranteed cabin means you choose the cabin, select means P and O allocate you a cabin in the category for which you have paid. .
  5. Re Betty's, it's a traditional tea shop using traditional recipes. Dairy free would rely on mar garine which may alter the ta ste.
  6. Black and white is formal, although there's always someone who wears a stunning sequined multi coloured dress , just to not conform. 80's is casual and mostly a non event.
  7. Black and white night will be a formal night, tropical night is sometimes well subscribed to depending where the cruise is, 60's, 70's, 80's nights are usually non events unless there is a large group who have gone with all the gear.
  8. Fred Olsen also visits the Amazo n.
  9. You will receive a boarding time. You may turn up earlier and be prepared to wait, although you may be waved through if they are not too busy. Earliest time is 12 o clock, latest is about 3.30.
  10. Hurtigruten is not a cruise line, it is a ferry. A very nice ferry . Drinks prices will be in line with Norwegian prices, expensive.
  11. Yes the water will be available. The milk will be full day but long life. She will have a lovely time.
  12. Put all bottles, any sort, into your hand luggage, for safety, even fruitshoots. They could be heavy to lug on board. If you take a refillable water bottle , you could fill it on board and add squash before you go ashore, saving yourself some carriage.
  13. We have done something similar from the UK with a company called Cosmos, which I believe trades as Globus (?) In the US. Itinerary was 3 days Via Rail, 7 days coach tour, 7 night cruise.
  14. You won't need any euros for Heathrow, you will need £'s if paying cash Or use a card.
  15. Tropical night is not usually formal, women wear sundresses and men fancy shirts - if they want to. Anything colourful . There will also be at least one lady, on black and white night, in head to toe sparkly red sequins working on the principle that if she's got it, she will flaunt it - and nobody bats an eye. One formal outfit, long, short, midi or maxi, skirt/trousers with top it's up to you.
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