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  1. holy cow...just got in and I can see why wasn't working...they've updated their prices...BIG time. :(....like way above normal rates. I'm not talking about cruise planner sales
  2. anyone else having issues getting into their cruise planner right now? I tried on firefox and IE and it keeps bringing me back to the log in page.
  3. some prefer pictures, I prefer both details and pictures...for future planning because I WILL make it there. LOL
  4. thank you! we are doing well...both still working Thank God! yes, just plain sucks! I’m over it. ooh please do post it. I’m so hungry for vacation I started drafting the intro for the TA on Allure that we likely won’t be on this fall 😭🤣
  5. I have 2 pairs of Abeo: sandals and wedges and love them both. I highly recommend. I also had a pair of Abeo Avid sneakers, but accidentally threw them out when I tossed all my Nikes...
  6. not sure that I agree on the ticketmaster analogy. I had a concert in Vegas for June that was cancelled this monday. I received an email that it will take over 30 days for refund. I won't expect to see that money until end of June is my guess!
  7. thanks for sharing. i will check it out. we have a land trip booked for a week in Feb in Antigua
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