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  1. went on a 2 mile hike with our best friends (you’ll know from my January Allure review) and took our puppies. It was about 95 degrees but we survived
  2. here’s the link to the Glacier National Park video 🤗
  3. so today I have been binging Endless Adventure. Thanks for the suggestion! I needed something to do while editing my Glacier National Park vlog.
  4. I have definitely gotten pulled into the Youtube vortex! I think I binged Kara & Nate on YouTube videos for an entire week until there were no more to watch
  5. just uploaded my first vlog from the Montana/Florida trip...I’ll write the first blog post soon
  6. just landed. We had to run through the SLC airport with masks on, our carry ons, and a backpack to catch our last connection since the flight in was delayed... that was rough and I do not advise 🤣 but we got into colorado at a perfect time
  7. just boarded the first of our three flights back to CO today from Destin. 😢 flying last saturday and this past wednesday were relatively complaint free besides some delays on the runways, but today is already not starting out well...mostly due to Delta crew at both the gate and the flight. I’m trying to hold my tongue and remember life can’t be easy for them right now either, but yeah, not having an enjoyable experience.
  8. hot and humid here but feeling much better after our long day of travel yesterday
  9. we’re just big 2A and military supporters 😊 many in our family our military and he mostly hires military vets for his business
  10. Niceville....which is outside of Destin and not anywhere near what they’re calling the hot spot
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