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  1. I love this whole story! you will look amazing and have a grand time! and it figures we missed it... our favorite travel vloggers (Kara and Nate) also left for Athens yesterday. grrr
  2. thank you so much! I posted on a mileage/points travel board on FB about our trip and so many people asked me for tips. I pointed them all to my trip report. Hopefully will drive more traffic to cc, too we go to Daytona for a weekend in December, Destin in January, and Mexico in February. After that, we move in July and then I’m hoping we’ll have Egypt/Jordan booked for September or October
  3. sadly, no. I would have waited until I could watch it at home, fast forward, and spend a lot less money
  4. We just got out of the new James Bond movie. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone but it was definitely different!
  5. nearly....I've fallen asleep on the couch around 8pm every day this week but then I've been waking up at 4am....hoping this weekend I'll get completely back on track. we were looking back at pictures last night and there are just so many great memories!!!!
  6. thanks Lisa! we can’t wait to get to FL. It honestly can’t come soon enough
  7. Ours was the sea view suite with jacuzzi/Penelope if you email Eva & Vasilis at info@iliadasuites.com and tell them Crystal Grasse referred you, they can get you set up.
  8. Iliada sunset suites in Naxos 😍 highly recommend
  9. she is at home - resting - and has a follow up appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping for good results. She said she’s been sleeping a lot.
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