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  1. I've been on on several Carnival cruises, and I book based on amenities on board, especially Guy's restaurant, and I consider myself to be pretty smart. Carnival always has multiple ships sailing the same itinerary, so I weigh the on board amenities before booking. I will ALWAYS book a ship with a Guy's burger joint over a ship without one. Of course that isn't the only deciding factor in which ship I cruise on, I also look at home port and ease of access whether flying or driving.
  2. It's a shame that NCL prices don't reflect that way of thinking
  3. Because it's dark and frozen during that time? Because it isn't a popular vacation destination during that time frame? hmmm....I don't think so
  4. I meant that it makes it hard for me to justify cruising with Norwegian to go to destinations I have already been to. I like variety in my vacations.
  5. Title says it all, Why does Norwegian only keep 1 ship in the Caribbean during the summer months? It makes it really hard to book a NCL Cruise when he only ship is switching East and West itineraries that I have been on several times.
  6. Lido deck or spa balconies. The only other one that compares are the scenic ocean view rooms on Conquest class ships. Those are just awesome. We've always booked port side and it seems like we are facing port more times than not.
  7. on my last cruise on Escape, over the week I won about $3000 on Let It Ride. It paid for our tab on board and brought home a good amount.
  8. The first time we took advantage of the 50% off offer on the Glory, my wife and I drank 1 bottle that night in the steakhouse and our waiter allowed us to purchase a second bottle at the same discount and stored it so we could enjoy it in the MDR later in the cruise. We tried the same thing on our next cruise on the Breeze, and our waiter said only 1 bottle is allowed. Finally on our next cruise on the Miracle, our waiter allowed us to buy a second bottle at a discount. It seems to be a cruise-time decision, which doesn't bother me any. We enjoy our crui
  9. I got engaged to my wife in the steakhouse on Glory in 2015. That ship is special to us both. The Conquest ship class is probably my favorite class of ship I have sailed on with Carnival. On our Glory cruise we had a regular scenic ocean view, the grand scenic rooms were already booked up, but we made friends with the people next door and got to check out their room. It is on the list for the future for sure.
  10. I love the layout of the Conquest class of ship, you don't get the crowded feelings like you do on the larger ships
  11. I've been on 6 Carnival cruises, and never once had the bed not configured how it was requested on checking in.
  12. I'll agree with things others have said about spa cabins, at least on the Dream class ships. Access to the spa and the thermal suites is great. My wife and I used the thalassotherapy pool every day, multiple times per day. Our favorite was to go in the last 30 minutes or so before the spa closed for the night. We never had anyone there with us, and it was just a peaceful way to wind down the day. Also, I enjoy being up higher on the ship, and the rooms were very close to the things we enjoy doing. Spa, pools, and the like. The rooms are also very quiet, with little noise com
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