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  1. sorry....wasn't thinking about it is in the rate I thought it as a additional charge not room rate...makes sense was the first time I am ever going to do it with the refundable charge that you do at the end. I just like the old days that all was refundable and could transfer with out charges. Now I don't tend to book ahead of time like I use to only if it is for a special occasion and certain ship and room I want.
  2. so then it most likely would be the new charge of $166 at that time cost for refundable charge.
  3. I noticed our cruise went down $182 and didn't know if they will keep my refundable charge the same when I booked it....was only $94 now if you do a dummy reservation it is $166 for that part.
  4. I booked the Magic for Nov 2020 has been 2003 since I have been on a carnival cruise. Have been on RCI but now I want to try something different. So love hearing what everyone thought of the Magic. We are doing the cloud 9 spa cabin, have never been in one.
  5. I just don't see the plus like it use to be...since I like the refundable deposit if I am booking way advance.
  6. I am excited and to see a photo of the aft corner spacious ocean view cabin😁
  7. This will be my first one that I book not being couple years old. I agree I thought the prices was not that bad for being a new ship. I am looking forward to trying Quantum class. I did get the corner aft spacious ocean view so will be curious how big it is going to be looks huge.
  8. Our first one was a b2b and everyone said we was brave to do that long! We still was not ready to get off and it was on the Mariner of the Sea with Capt. Johnny! We even had to fight with a hurricane Wilma and still never stopped us now on #33 booked with Royal. We just can't wait and count down for each one.
  9. I know I wasn't going to take a chance...and figured it was just done better to call back and make sure. Not that I don't trust them... I have learned a lot over the years to keep making sure things are good if you change things or you book reservations I will keep checking on them.... I just had a nightmare with "Trivago...a site(hotelsforeveryone) they took me to feeling it was safe and back them up. Well make story short had a reservation number and all booked year ahead of time and was checking back and to find out the company that did the reservation went out of business and called the hotel and didn't have any reservation they had canceled it. I had paid it ahead ...now so far trivago did stand behind me if I don't get my money back from my credit card they will step up. But if I was one just to show up I wouldn't of had a hotel room on Valentines Night before cruise.
  10. I also asked an agent because I had a refundable cruise and called to get the latest special well she messed it up and went to NRD and said she had to put me on hold....so said it was fixed. (they ended up having to cancel it...some way no charge was not my fault...I made sure couple times telling her I don't want the special if it will take my refundable deposit away! I was bad and called back to make sure I didn't see it either and it is that if it is NRD will list the fee's. I felt $94 extra for 3 of us on a cruise Jan 2021 for my daughters graduation gift from college was worth it...cause too many things can change and I wanted a certain room. When you have to put all your information in and at the end it will ask if you want refundable deposit and tell how much it will cost. I have noticed the rate varies per cruise and how what kind of room you get.
  11. Would love to find photo's of these spacious ocean view rooms I have 11510 coming on the Odyssey of the Sea...sure hope it is nice for 3 adults
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