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  1. ‘Were the scantily clad young women “working” on the cruise? I have seen a few women who were dressed as the working girls dress in NYC. Don’t know if Celebrity turns a blind eye to this type of worker or if they put them off the ship if discovered.
  2. Sounds like we can get by without buying the expensive trip insurance. We wouldn’t mind delaying a trip if we were hospitalized or if we needed to attend a funeral. Great news!
  3. On our last voyage on the Journey, there were extremely rare visits by a waiter. They are only two chairs sort of out of the sun. There is a fairly large mild hot tub and it can hold 6 or 8 people if they crowd. The jets are weak and it is mostly in the Sun. The problem we found was the folks in the hot tub speaking very loudly making it impossible to read or relax. There are no hot lounging beds as you might find indoors on other ships. Although we were entitled to it we only used it twice. There are many other spots for relaxing with more frequent drink service.
  4. Why have you started two threads on this issue? Why didn’t you book both suites through your third party site? I a. Guessing Azamara only canceled the one you booked with them.
  5. Many men on our last cruise wore jackets, especially on sea days. We dined mostly in the Specialty Restaurants and saw many women in cocktail and sparkly attire.
  6. I always thought Miami had thunderstorms much like FLL. In fact checking the flight arrival and departure boards I often see delays at Miami and ground stops same as FLL. Choose an airport based on price and carrier. All airports are Zoos unless you can use an airline club. Even with that you still have to get through the terminal.
  7. Where did it say that Seabourn was now going to have a port in Haiti?? Celebrity has a private island port, Labadee, but I can’t imagine Seabourn using it.
  8. Those in regular staterooms received $500, those in suites received $1000. We booked this cruise because it was a great value, second person on the stateroom was 50% off the regular rate. Other cruise lines were not offering as much. We still have the same length cruise now with 2 ports in Spain instead of Key West and Havana. We are now back to staying overnight in Bermuda. Sure the itinerary changed but my flights are still okay as we still depart on 11/5 and come back as scheduled.
  9. Please don’t sail on Holland American expecting no class distinctions. You will get more if you pay more. The Neptune Lounge is exclusively for higher level suite guests. they will also be adding a suite restaurant so they can be competitive with the other lines.
  10. I don’t expect little bottles of lotion or shampoo. They damage the environment and if you have arthritis in your hands, they are impossible to use. If you like. Molten Brown, book travel on Seabourn. You will get considerably larger bottles that are easier to use.
  11. Too bad this board has gotten political. Political posts should be deleted.
  12. You can still legally go to Cuba, by air, for other than tourism. Mission and aide groups are still traveling. Sign up for one if you must see Cuba. US airlines are still flying to Havana. As long as you travel for the correct reasons your passport should not be confiscated.
  13. Bring your drink packets and your stevia. There is plenty of bottled water and Pellegrino and Perrier if you have a premium beverage package. The fruit juices have loads of sugar so probably high fructose. Tomato juice is available but you may find it too salty. Milk is available and almond beverage. Bring your Decaf tea with you, none was available on our Journey cruise.
  14. Sounds like you should cancel the Equinox. You are not happy with Celebrity and there are other cruise lines. I know the Equinox does not have an itinerary that can’t be duplicated on countless other lines.
  15. Would be great if for the 11/5 cruise they could add back Key West and a lengthier Bermuda stay. Could we go to Puerto Rico and another island instead of Havana. We went to Havana in May and we were not impressed except with the friendly Cubans. The Infrastructure is in terrible shape, treatment of sewage is limited and although heath care is good for Cubans it is expensive for visitors. If you want an aspirin you need to go inside of one of the tourist hotels. Cubans need a prescription for all of the normal over the counter medicines[aspirin, Tylenol, antacids).
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