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  1. It seems this will be your last sailing with Celebrity. You have yet to have a mean you liked. What cruise line will you try in the future or have you decided to go to land based vacations?
  2. Yes, this is the negative to the “hump” cabins. There is a larger “crew only” area where there is noise and machinery. Still, you did get a much larger balcony, maybe you can get them to stop the machinery so you can have a quiet cabin.
  3. If they are not accepted for international travel or for international air travel then they are not a full passport. A passport gives you all privileges of travel as a US citizen. Does any other country have these mini almost passports?
  4. I don’t believe there is much choice for the “A” evening in the Caribbean since Cuban ports are closed. There are not many or any opera houses or concerts halls. The best many destinations have to offer is an old fort, casino or a beach. Guess that explains the pier side events and having to fly a reggae group from Jamaica to St. Martian for our evening. The evenings must be better in all other areas of the world.
  5. Antibiotics are not available over the counter in the U.S. Most “Knowledgeable” MDs do not give prescriptions for antibiotics to patients who are not sick. The indiscriminate use of antibiotics has caused the rise of superbugs resistant to all normal antibiotics.
  6. We have been in a Penthouse suite or higher on all three of our past Seabourn cruises. We should have received two point a night for 35 nights. I asked Seabourn and they stated that since we didn’t pay the original brochure price, we only receive one point. I was hoping to get some laundry on our next cruise in April but you only get laundry with 70, not 35 points.
  7. If you want nice slippers that fit, pack your own. What they provide is suitable for an overnight stay but I want better slippers for a two week or longer cruise. Thankfully they don’t weigh much and take little room.
  8. If you did not pay for full purchase price for the suite, and few would,, you don’t even receive those few perks. We found the perks with the Spa Suite to be better than the owners suite. Our stewardess always had some wonderful surprise for us in the cabin. One evening she had the tub all set up with roses and special spa products. We have another booked for an April cruise but since we didn’t pay the full brochure price we won’t get extra points even though we are paying substantially more than those in the regular veranda.
  9. Next time you cruise note the behavior of your fellow passengers. I noticed a lot of coughing and sneezing and few even covered their mouths. Most say they have allergies or are past the contagious period. We find that avoiding the buffet and moving away from sick people in bars and the theater have helped. We rarely get sick after a cruise anymore after we started being careful. We are retired but are still out and about with volunteering and church activities.
  10. An earlier poster stated that airlines offer free WI-FI. I would like to know what airline(s) offer free WI-FI. United, for instance, does not, even in first/business class. I believe it was $14.95 per flight and it certainly wasn’t fast enough to stream. They also don’t offer free entertainment unless you load their AP and watch it on a screen you carried with you.
  11. I am not surprised by your fall by the hot tub. I have noticed most passengers do not use the shower before entering either the pool or hot tub. All that sun screen and other body creams end up in and around the pool and hot tubs making the area very slippery. Watch the next time you are in that area. Always, always wear non slip water shoes. If you don’t you will risk a fall.
  12. Good luck with that! You will battling with all the other passengers for bandwidth and they are all making you tube videos and streaming movies.
  13. Grab bars on some ships have given me terrible contusions. As the ship moves anything that sticks out in the shower area is something you can fall against. Never had a problem with a straight wall. Never booked a sky suite and have only booked a CS once. I prefer a walk in shower, even with a ledge,
  14. Maiden ports are always on a ship by ship basis as are maiden voyages. It’s been that way since at least 1961.
  15. I will head to the local wine store ASAP to get this wine at $40. It is the SLV 2012. they have always said that the prices in DC were the best, now I will believe it. Will buy all they have.
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