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  1. I wonder how many states will delay the release of vaccine to their residents. I am sure you will have to show identification to get a vaccine so The residents of neighboring states won’t be able to take the vaccine from another state.
  2. The first transatlantic left the port of Portsmouth a few days ago. They boarded 19 passengers and had some already boarded from Norway. It’s one of the Sea Dreams ships. Two of the passengers were from Orlando, FL. They disregarded all COVID warnings in the U.S. and in the U.K. and went directly from the airport to the port. With the number of cases in Florida I hope this couple has not put everyone on the ship at risk. The final destination is Barbados, so my November there will be cruises from Barbados.
  3. I am confused. I read in the NYT that the NY and California governors will not distribute any vaccine until their own boards of experts approve it. Glad we won’t be waiting that long in Maryland.
  4. As of October 16, the US had a Level 3 travel advisory for England. Guess some U.S. folks feel they are above the COVID 19 travel rules. This is why we still have a big outbreak in areas of the U.S. where folks don’t feel the COVID 19 rules apply to them. Folks from the U.S. are still not to travel on cruise ships at least through the end of October. In the maritime news it stated that 19 passengers boarded in Portsmouth. The less than legal passengers from Orlando mist be two of them.
  5. Before you fly anywhere, including in the states, make sure you know the COVID 19 rules for that area! We are flying on SW next week and their Web site has all kinds of Covid restrictions. Most destinations outside of the U.S. are still in the red as far as Covid. Mexico is “advise do not travel” and the DR is a straight “do not travel”. This is for non essential travel so no one should be traveling for a vacation. Florida is clear for travel but they have a high infection rate getting higher. DC airports have restrictions if you are traveling from a state with a greater than 10% infection rate. It’s important to look at current conditions before any travel as it changes daily.
  6. I doubt anyone will be required to dine in their cabins unless they are sick or have been exposed to sick passengers. I ate in my cabin once when I felt like I was coming down with a cold. We were at a table for eight and I didn’t want to spread anything. I can certainly recommend the chicken soup on the QM2. I had that for dinner and in the morning I was feeling completely healthy!
  7. We’ve taken many lovely ships tours. They have also booked private excursions for us where they book the car and the driver. Don’t know if that will be available during COVID. We are booked to travel on the QM2 and I am not concerned with getting off the ship at any port. Would rather not have to dine alone with my husband as I do that every night at home but I will make that concession if they let us sail!
  8. We’ve always been able to find a seat at our favorite lounges. The Red Lion Pub is also an included restaurant and that makes it more crowded. Always loved the special QM2 feeling of space even on sailings that are full. I am glad this ship is so spacious making her very special.
  9. We love the Yacht Club and International Epcot area. Neither is overwhelmed with children but they are certainly around. I wish the children on Celebrity cruises behaved as well as those at Epcot. We will only stay at Club (concierge) Level. I knew they had initially in June not offered that level but we are looking as far ahead as March and only one type of room is available (water view) and non club. I know some of the basketball players were staying at the Yacht Club as they were treating the staff very badly. At least there are no infections tied to Disney so maybe the cruise lines can learn something from them!
  10. The post states there were over 500 new cases in BC. Are you saying this post was false?
  11. Maryland is listed but we are not experiencing significant increases! Where do you get the bogus numbers?
  12. Sounds like the cruise lines will need to steer clear of BC! Why so many new COVID cases with a small population?
  13. We’ve tried to make reservations at Disney at the Grand Floridian and the Yacht Club in a concierge room but none were available in Jan/Feb 2021. Are the basketball players still using all of the rooms? Thought they would be gone by then but maybe Disney has to redo the rooms after these guys used them. Hope you have better luck,at the Polynesian.
  14. Sorry, as of today 10/12 there is still at least a Level 3 travel advisory and often a Level 4. Level 4 means no non essential travel for U.S. Level 3 is a travel is not advised. Either will get you a free cancellation for a flight. I would not consider vacation travel to be essential and I would not travel to an island if the State Department said it did not advise travel. This could change, but you will see on the COVID map that most areas are still in the red in North, Central and Southern America.
  15. If capacity is reduced, it will be reduced for all restaurants on the ship. On the Reflection the Blu and Luminae are extremely crowded at dinner. If there is to be spacing of the tables many will be removed or roped off. There will also be no seating at the actual bar, everyone will have to be spaced out on tables with drinks being delivered to your table.
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