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  1. I've done the same literary/ship 6 times. People must think I'm crazy but I enjoy it. You only go round once, try it all in life. You might just fall in love!
  2. My partner Ed and I are in your Tobacco Bay Beach picture. Thanks for getting an unsctipted pic of us! Glad you had fun! We did do. Phil and Ed
  3. Hi All, Here are my thoughts about the cruise. I am a 36 year old gay male professional who lives outside Boston. Ship: Big, spotless, well laid out, extensive things to do, lots of small venues, good connection to the sea. Cabin 5103: Tiny interior cabin, no drawers for socks etc. Far below decks, good exercise with many stairs. I chose interior rooms as I dislike light whilst sleeping. Food: Some yummy suprises, one miss, café pot de crème in the Manhattan Room. Utterly revolting. La Cucina was better than I last remember, Food Republic was so good I ate there 3 lunches. Though, I was getting sick of the buffet by then as well. May have influenced my feelings a bit. Venues: Brewhouse was my favorite by far, no kids and more subdued with a beautiful view. Disliked Skyline Bar, the latin trio that played there were far too loud even for this 36 year old guy. Plus there is a odor of smoke from the near by casino. I wished the FOD meetings were held elsewhere. Liked Spice H2O. No kids were great. Embarkation/disembarking: Very quick and efficient. On the ship at 11:10 and self disembark at 7:50. Overview: I will not sail on her again. The reason is this, I disliked the size of the ship which necessitated far too much planning on my part. The sheer number of people wanting to attend events coupled with the intimate venue sizes were not compatible. I dislike having to reserve a comedy show 4 days early just to avoid a stand by line where the vast majority of folks did not get in. I would vastly rather get there a half hour early to get a seat. I will stick to the smaller ships from now on. Just my personal preference. I can see how you prefer this bigger ship if you had kids.
  4. I did. Bid and was accepted $65.00 PP from Inside Guarantee to Balcony Guarantee on the 8/25 Bermuda cruise from Boston. Worth it for the balcony alone. (non drinkers here) so did not need the drinks package. Hope this helps.
  5. Hey there, Yes, I have been there and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was there in November 2015. The beach was very quiet with small to moderate surf. A bit of a drop off though but I never felt unsafe. The water was warm too. The chairs and thatched umbrellas were comfy. Drinks and food were available but expensive in my opinion. Did have a fee beers, local and they were very cold and $5.00 per. The pools and waterfall grotto area were lovely. A nice spot to get away from everyone and relax. I would return again in a heartbeat. Hope this helps.
  6. We did the Legend from NYC in 2006 and the iternerary was as follows : Day 1: Embarkation. Day 2: At Sea. Day 3: At Sea. Day 4: San Juan. Day 5: St Thomas. Day 6: Totola BVI. Day 7: At Sea. Day 8: At Sea. It was my favorite cruise! Would do it again in a heartbeat from Boston.
  7. I admit, I had no idea where to post this. Feel free to move. I am a single 34 year old guy from Boston who has done big ship cruising but is thinking of a change. I am looking for a barefoot sailing type cruise, or so I think. LOL. I have been researching them and this is a company in Boston who seem to have an itinerary that meets my needs and can be priced solo with a share. I've never been sea sick and don't need fancy. Just would like to hear any feedback or comments before I book. I am a bit nervous. The Liberty Clipper is a gaff rigged wooden schooner. 125 feet long, 24 passengers, 9 crew. Here it is. 10/1 to 10/7. Boston to New York. We will sail out of Boston Harbor and enjoy dinner on board with the city skyline as a backdrop - it is a romantic start to an amazing coastal sailing vacation on a majestic tall ship. We'll be bound for the Cape Cod Canal, where we will plan to have breakfast while transiting this man-made canal on Sunday morning with the Cape on our port side. After the ship has passed under three bridges, we will fire our cannon in salute to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The LIBERTY CLIPPER will follow the coast southwards along New England stopping at various islands and small coastal towns where you can head ashore and explore as weather permits. We will visit Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Cuttyhunk, Block Island, Long Island, or any other combination of coastal ports on the way to New York City!
  8. I am set to sail on my first solo cruise this October. A 15 day TA on the Vision of the Seas from Barcelona to Tampa. I had some concers in the early stages of booking solo and the posts on this board have eased nearly all of them. A big thank you!!! Many thanks again to the solo cruisers board at reassuring this first time solo cruiser. Safe voyages to all.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to compose this great review! I am sailing on her in the fall for my first TA and solo cruise. I cannot wait.
  10. I'd definitely check out Choice Air. Last week I booked a one way ticket from Boston to Barcelona for my transatlantic cruise next year and it was around $407.00 per person. Much better than I could find elsewhere.
  11. Thanks to the OP for posting my concers exactly. It goes to show that for every question posted online countless others have the same question. Thanks everyone for your views on Vision. I am taking my first RCI cruise on her next year. A 15 day transatlantic solo and was cconcerned about the reviews. I am more at ease now. Thanks again.
  12. Hi Soldiers-girl, I am taking my first RCI cruise next October. It is a TA as well. After much thought, I figured after 15 nights sailing with a line, I should know if RCI and or a TA suits me. As much as I enjoy the company of others, I can also enjoy alone time and self directed activites. In addition, crossing an ocean is on my bucket list. Seemed like a good fit for me. In time, I shall see. In your case, as it is your first cruise, you are more daring than I. Good for you though! I hope you have a wonderful journey!
  13. LibrarianBecky, I also called Royal this morning and asked them for an onboard credit for my transatlantic next year. The helpful representative stated that she could offer this and provided me $200.00 in onboard credit. I agree, a great start to the weekend!
  14. Justmekaren918, Thanks for the review you are taking the time to do. It is appreciated as I am going on Vision next year for my first cruise with RCI. I am also from just outside of Worcester, how neat! Phil
  15. I sailed on the NCL Dawn to lovely Bermuda in September 2012. It was quite rough the second day out from Boston. There was a storm out to sea though. The Captain made an announcement that we were diverting around 100 miles to avoid the worst impact. The swells were reported at 15-20 feet for a period of 18 hours. After that, it was calm. The swells disappeared as someone just turned a switch. Have a great trip! Bermuda is lovely no matter how rough the voyage!
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