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  1. I said my final cruise blog post would be positive, and it is. I hope you all enjoyed the cruise as much as I did! https://www.rich.mcclear.net/2020/03/31/around-the-world-in-80-days-a-coda/
  2. Hi again, When I tried to poen the pictures from the ship that I bought from the photography department the files were corrupted and woiuld not open, I tried several different programs with, essentially the same message. I called HAL and they referred me to their photo company. I called and they told me they would call back, which is better than waiting on hold. Anyone else have this problem? I am wondering if it was a system problem or something on my drive was corrupted. Thanks, Rich McClear
  3. Is anyone else having trouble getting on the website HAL gave us to choose our compensation option? I have been trying for two days on four different computers and 4 different browsers. On my computer I have gotten a message that the site was taking too long to respond. My iPhone refuses to connect me because the site is not a "trusted" site and it is trying to protectme from a scam. Anyone else had problems with this site. I realize it could be because my internet here in Alaska is not very robust. I called the World Cruise Desk and they told me I can't do this on the phone. I am also trying to get my TA involved. Thanks, Rich McClear
  4. This is an interesting listen. It explains the reluctance of the Australians had in letting us off the ship except directly to an airplane. I wrote a brief synopsis of this in my blog when I was in Perth but this gives a much fuller story. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/audio/2020/mar/30/how-the-ruby-princess-cruise-ship-debacle-spread-coronavirus-across-australia?fbclid=IwAR3DwuHMouYK3_VCtwNWZ8_FenHUhwY05f0hZLpQYnj-e7w3N7Yg9IDMYTA
  5. I called Nationwide Insurance (the carrier for the HAL PPP) and the agent told me it was not covered BUT I should still file a claim and the agent sent me a link. So I will file. The link has my booking number on the URL so it will not help you. I would call the number on the policy and get a link to file.
  6. Thank you for posting these. I have been going through my stuff, packed in haste, and have not been able to find them. I appreciate this. I have sent it to my TA for future use in bookings. -- Rich
  7. A "Care Team" is what I was referring to when I said there were companies that specialize in repatriations and evacuations. I worked for several aid agencies that contracted with USAID or State and they either had contracts with these companies or had one of these companies come in, help the agency develop a massive repatriation plan and provide training to home office staff in how to do this.
  8. I understand the back issue. Forty Four hours and my back was shot. Because of Alaska's strict (and correct) quarantine rules I cannot do the PT in the pool that I usually do after long flights and I am not permitted off my property so i can't really walk it out. That is why I was so frustrated with the Platinum Protection Package. As I read the policy it would have covered business return because my flight from FLL to Alaska was first class. But they said this was not covered by "Trip Interruption." I wish I could get a refund on the Platinum Protection plan. -- Rich McClear
  9. This is my next to the last post of this cruise blog. In it I am critical of HAL, I hope in a constructive way. I would be interested in your thoughts. My final post will be a positive one reflecting 10 weeks of great cruising seeing parts of the world most people never see. I have to end on a positive note because that's the way I feel. That will come in a few days, now this. https://www.rich.mcclear.net/2020/03/28/penultimate-thoughts/
  10. What is the URL for the Zaandam Fly thread. I am terrible at navigating this site. Thanks, Rich
  11. I find the Jump box a good investment. I use one when traveling the Alcan in the winter to start my car every morning of the trip, and when I got up to shoot Northern Lights and have the car idle for several days it helps me start it.
  12. Addressing a few of the concerns raised here. Fourteen day quarantine varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Sitka passed a resolution calling for it, Alaska has an executive order mandating it. We arrived 5 hours before the XO went into effect. That means I can at least walk in my yard. But we agreed to self quarantine to protect the town. As far as HAL taking passengers back to FLL. If you read the Captain's blog, not in the main body but answering some of the comments the ship hopes to rebunker in Durban. To make that on the fuel they have to run in economy mode, that means as few lights as possible and low air conditioning. The more people on board the more electricity for lights, making water, AC etc. I would rather have taken the ship home but having gotten here I am glad we got here before everything locked down.
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