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  1. Here's what we've done over several different visits to both: Ketchikan https://profcruise.com/swimming-with-the-fish-the-best-way-to-spend-your-port-day-in-ketchikan/ Sitka: https://profcruise.com/cruising-alaska-9-free-or-inexpensive-things-to-do-near-port-in-sitka/ Lots of easy, inexpensive and fun things to do at both ports. Enjoy!
  2. We loved Hanauma Bay State Park in Honolulu. https://profcruise.com/ideas-for-a-long-port-day-in-honolulu/
  3. ProfCruise

    Car rental

    Hi Horsegal, We rented a car in Honolulu and are glad we did. Here's a post I wrote up about it with more details about the rental experience and what we did. https://profcruise.com/ideas-for-a-long-port-day-in-honolulu/ We also had a car reserved for Hilo, but they ran out of cars. I also wrote about our experience in Hilo here: https://profcruise.com/ports-of-call-lecture-series-what-to-do-in-hilo-hawaii/
  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and your kind comments. Enjoy the Escape and Bermuda!!!
  5. We were not charged for our son, but he sat on a lap. Hopefully others with older kids can chime in.
  6. I would only add one thing to Gardyloo's excellent suggestions. On the 1st Thursday of month, which in your fortunate case falls on July 4th, several museums around Seattle are free. This includes the Seattle Art Museum located on 1st avenue and Union Street right across from the Harbor Steps and a block away from Pike Place. It's a fantastic museum and even better when it's free! http://www.seattleartmuseum.org/visit/seattle-art-museum
  7. We focused mainly on the beaches, they are spectacular (Horseshoe Bay is the best one for pink sand), but also loved the ferry over to St. George Island and thought the Unfinished Church was neat to see (a short walk from the ferry stop in St. George). Here's a more detailed review of what we did: https://profcruise.com/the-3-best-beaches-in-bermuda-for-cruisers/ Enjoy!!!
  8. We took our son (3 at the time) on the mini-bus. The one we got was more like a large van. Probably not the safest thing in the world without a car seat, but we did it anyway and would do it again considering the other options available. He's a review of our trip to Bermuda, traveling with our son, if you're interested. https://profcruise.com/the-3-best-beaches-in-bermuda-for-cruisers/ Happy to try to answer any kid related questions you have. Have fun!!!
  9. Oh, how exciting!!! Such gorgeous spots. Take me with you? lol. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks for flagging this Bonsai. It looks like they increased their prices for this season after I posted my tips. Sorry about that. I've updated accordingly. Hopefully the flat rate taxi will be a good option for you. I'll keep my eye out too for when this season's cost becomes available.
  11. Hi All, I just wrote up a photo review of the three beaches we visited in Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay Snorkel Park Beach Tobacco Bay Beach Here's the review: https://profcruise.com/the-3-best-beaches-in-bermuda-for-cruisers/ Happy to try to answer any questions. Have a great time in Bermuda - it's gorgeous!
  12. Hi Valiamo, I didn't really lick the church. I was with my in-laws and they already think I'm a little weird. LOL. I certainly thought about it though. As for hosting of my blog, I use Bluehost. Prices are very reasonable and I've been very happy with them. Happy to try to answer any other questions you have.
  13. I finished all of my Hawaii posts. For anyone interested in my reviews of what we did at the other three ports, they can be found here: https://profcruise.com/category/hawaii/
  14. Hi Jules, It's a pretty long walk from the Maxwell to Pier 66. I'd guess about a mile and a half. While it's technically possible, it would be difficult with luggage and I probably wouldn't bother. It'll be an inexpensive taxi or ride share. As for restaurants, I don't have as much experience with Queen Ann (although I'm told there are many fabulous places there), but I have eaten at Toulouse Petit (cajun) and Bahn Thai. Both of those are close to the Maxwell and I found them excellent. Maybe others can chime in with additional options. Have a great trip!!!
  15. The Fairmont Olympic is one of our favorite spots in the city. It's a beautiful historic hotel and they have fun Christmas traditions (festival of trees, giant gingerbread house, and a teddy bear suite) that we enjoy each year. The only drawback is that it's located up a pretty steep set of hills from the market and waterfront area. If you're going to visit either of those areas, I'd suggest going up Pike or Union and then cutting over to the hotel on 4th Ave. Since you're already up the hills, I'd suggest a quick stop at Central Library. It's our main library and is a really cool building. Explore around the inside some - lots of neat features. It's located on 4th avenue, just a few blocks down from your hotel (address is 1000 4th Ave). The Boeing tour is really interesting - I'd recommend it. And of course, a baseball game is always fun! Have a great trip!
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