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  1. Celebrity just emailed me letting us know that the port of Antigua is only allowing ship excursions and no private excursions are permitted.
  2. It doesn't look like a huge spike in cases/deaths in the BVI. The population is 30,000. July 14 they had 1 death and July 23 0 deaths. I don't see this spike????? July 16th 391 cases, July 21st 186 cases and July 24th 179. If people are not being hospitalized or dying from the new variant, I don't see why they are shutting down things.
  3. thanks for the info, we were wondering about it also, as our excursion was cancelled for January on RC. We will most likely do it on our own like before.
  4. We've been trying to find something somewhat economical to get us from FLL to our south beach hotel for a pre cruise stay next Jan. The one we used last time QLS seems to be out of business. Uber looks like around $90. Any ideas???? thanks,
  5. I just contacted them for our FLL arrival and they do not service flights after 3pm and they do not service Miami south beach area or downtown Miami hotels.
  6. I don't know if Scenic Barbados Tours is still in business? Their website doesn't load and looks like it's non existent
  7. We will be traveling to Argostoli for the first time and would like some information on what there is to see and do there? Thanks.
  8. Is the site still active. It looks like some very old info on the Tom's Port guide.,
  9. We founds Athens to be very crowded and the Parthenon was disappointing after visiting Agrigento in Sicily. I suggest avoiding Athens unless you really have the Parthenon on your bucket list and head to Sicily and see the Valley of the Temples outside Agrigento.
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