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  1. This is the email I received. It says nothing about me cancelling nor does it make any mention that if I previously cancelled I won't get the credit. Dear Guest, We’re sure you’ve been monitoring the news regarding COVID-19. This situation remains quite fluid, and we all continue to assess the impact and monitor the number of cases around the world. And while there are still a lot of unknowns related to COVID-19, we do know it presents the most serious health risks to older individuals, the immunocompromised, and those with serious underlying medical conditions. At Royal Caribbean International, the safety and well-being of our guests and crew is our top priority. As a result, we are suspending operations for sailings that depart from US ports (including Puerto Rico) effective at midnight tonight, March 14th. Regrettably, we will need to cancel your upcoming Oasis of the Seas March 15, 2020 cruise. Our goal is to resume operation on April 11th, 2020. Knowing this situation is ever-changing, we want to provide you with some options. As we know, this too shall pass, and we are optimistic that very soon you’ll be excited about planning your next cruise vacation. As always, the most important thing to us will always be the safety of both our guests and crew. In the meantime, we’ll continue to monitor the global situation. And, when it’s determined that the time is right, we’ll be ready to welcome you back. As a result of this change, we’re providing you with a 125% Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us by December 31, 2021. This amount will be based on of your total cruise fare paid. And, we’re giving you a little extra, knowing that this is such a unique circumstance. We will automatically issue you your Future Cruise Credit by Monday, April 13th, 2020 via email. So, there’s nothing for you to do! Please know, if you pre-purchased any amenities and packages – like internet, beverage, dining, or RoyalUp Upgrade, those will be automatically refunded. Or, if you prefer the lower value in a full refund, we’re happy to process this for you. Given how fluid this situation is, and the opportunity to use the extra credit being offered, you have plenty of time to make up your mind. You do not need to request your refund until December 31, 2021. Please contact us to start the refund process, if you’re willing to give up the higher value of your 125% Future Cruise Credit. We’ll then deactivate your Future Cruise Credit and process your refund to your original form(s) of payment, which will include any non-refundable deposits. To avoid waiting on the phone to cancel, please click here and we will get the process started for you. You can expect to receive your refund 30 days after you submit your request. And, if you purchased air or hotel… via Royal Caribbean, these will also be automatically refunded to you. on your own, please contact the service provider directly for your options with them. If you have any questions, please contact your Travel Advisor immediately or contact us at: 1-800-754-500 in Australia 0344 493 4005 in the U.K. 1-800-256-6649 in the U.S. or Canada All other countries, please visit http://www.royalcaribbean.com/contactus for your local Royal Caribbean International office phone number. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation during this situation. We wish you good health and truly appreciate your continued loyalty.
  2. I get that. However, why did they charge me for the Royal UP - two days after I cancelled? That is the issue. The website wouldn't let me cancel or alter any Royal Up bids I made.
  3. Also it sounds as though I will get a 100% FCC instead of 125% FCC despite the email they sent me on March 13 saying otherwise. And I still haven't received any refund from my Royal Up or Cruise Planner purchases. I would be fine with the 100% if they had not decided to charge me for Royal Up.
  4. I won the upgrade. I was charged for it. Apparently they are going to just issue credit to everyone that doesn't show up on Sunday. Then they will refund my Royal Up charge to my credit card. Seems weird but what do I know.
  5. I cancelled our March15 cruise yesterday at 1p.m. I just received notice that I won a Junior Suite upgrade. I'm now on hold to figure out what happened.
  6. I assumed that Uber and Lyft weren't able to do pick ups from the airport. Is that not the case in Miami?
  7. Anyone have a car service they can recommend? We're looking to go from the airport to Miami beach for our pre-cruise trip.
  8. Too funny, but congratulations! We're on the same sailing and I actually bid more for that category but haven't had any bids accepted. Mind you, I am in a lower category - all the suites were gone when we booked.
  9. I hadn't realized that Oasis actually has laser tag! I just thought the bit on the website was a mess up - like when they had Wonderland on the signage around the ship. If you've done it, tell me about it! We're avid laser taggers and are wondering how it compares to our regular haunts. It sounds like it isn't always a laser tag arena. Should I be able to see it on my cruise planner?
  10. It's odd, because the rate was pretty close. 0.767 now compared to 0.762 in July 2018.
  11. The refreshment package is actually $308 (or $44 per day). 1.5 years ago it was $188. I know I don't have to buy anything. I'm just surprised at how much the price has jumped. Especially for the non-booze package. Booze has gone from $60 per day to $102. I haven't seen much in the way of price fluctuations so far. I thought it changed daily last time. I'm guessing nobody has any insight into when they do sales?
  12. We were on the Oasis the summer of 2018. We have another cruise on the Oasis booked for March 2020. DH and I had the Deluxe Beverage Package. We paid $489 CDN each for the trip. We bought DD to Refreshment package for $188 CDN. I'm having sticker shock. The prices have increased so much. The Deluxe Beverage Package is $714 CDN each now. Refreshment package for DD is $308 CDN. I get inflation. It has been almost two years. But in the case, the refreshment package has increased 64%. The Deluxe Beverage Package has increased 46%. I'm pretty sure DH is going to want to get the Deluxe package regardless but there is no way DD will drink $308 worth of beverages.
  13. We were on the Oasis in the summer of 2018 and LOVED the Champagne bar. We tried all the different dessert martinis like the Toblerone one and Key Lime Pie. I see that in the refurb the Champagne Bar was replaced with the robot bar. Do any of the bars still offer the delicious dessert martinis? We're sailing in March 2020. Thanks!
  14. We're big fans. DH and I enjoyed it in our early 20s. DD loved it when she was 6 and 12. It is one of the places she says we have to go back to.
  15. I suggest you call them directly. Email doesn't usually get the best results. 🙂
  16. We're booked in 9160 for the July 28 cruise to Bermuda. It says it is a C1 stateroom.
  17. On Wednesdays when they offer Harbour Nights the stores are open later in Hamilton. Front street will be closed to traffic and some kiosks will be set up selling souvenirs. There are some small parades. At least that is what we found on our trips.
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