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  1. Cozumel is our favorite vacation destination when we are not on a cruise! We have been going for 19 years, about a week a year. Trust me...it is the easiest place you will ever visit. Take a taxi to town, walk around for hours, eat great food, relax, take photos, taxi back to ship. You can't go wrong, it is just the best...and very inexpensive. Stay off the main street, away from cruise ship owned stores, and you can negotiate prices and get great deals. And just to prove how much we love the place, we are heading back there for a week, march 2020. Just can't get it out of our blood.
  2. Just remember, when you take your phone out of "airplane mode" you will automatically go to Local Time, and it may be different from ship time. You always always always need to know ship time so you don't miss the ship! It is your responsibility.
  3. Great job with the photos. I would love to do a history tour there, looks like some great stories with those old buildings. Savannah is another great southern city that you can spend days just wandering the old town looking at historic sites and eating great food, especially seafood. keep the review coming!
  4. Gosh, I think all of them sound interesting! I grew up in NC, my family was big on all the historic sites, especially the Revolutionary war and Civil war sites, so we visited them on weekends and vacations. Charleston we did when I was little, so I don't remember much, just the yummy food.
  5. What dates and where is it going to snorkel? The closure is only to the southern reefs and only scheduled until mid-Dec right now.
  6. The taxi cabs in Cozumel are in a Union. The cars are privately owned, but they work for the taxi Union.. That is how they can have a set fare. That driver may lose his job as a taxi driver due to this. Only once in 19 yrs going to Cozumel on regular land vacations have I seen a taxi driver try to pull anything, told us fare was $10 instead of $5 to go into town. We walked away from his taxi and took a different one. No kidding...always always always, ask the driver the rate to where you are going to be sure!
  7. Belize has some amazing Mayan cities that cruisers can visit. Lamanai is one of them. We were just there last month...wow. They estimate that the city covered 10-15 miles around the river and had thousands of inhabitants, occupied for over 1200 years. It is one of the most continuously occupied cities in the Mayan world. If you are a history buff, this is a great one to visit. groups are allowed to climb the tallest temple, there is a staircase in the back now to get up there without going up those very steep stairs. My favorite temple was the Masks These are not the original masks... those were removed in order to preserve them and are now in a museum. So incredibly beautiful!
  8. Depends on the season also.... during spring break, March-April, expect zillions of families and kids and loooooooong lines.
  9. We have used Cenote Experience in PDC and love them. Nico is the best. BUT the ferry thing is a big worry. It is very time consuming, waiting around for next ferry, which only run on the hour, and some hours not at all. That can be dangerous if you are on a cruise. http://www.cenotexperience.com.mx/index.php?language=en Personally, I wouldn't do it with a short port time. I have missed a ferry by a few minutes (they were actually sitting there at dock boarding and wouldn't sell me a ticket as they said it was too late). I had to wait for next one. I was on a land vacation, not on a cruise, so it wasn't as big a deal.
  10. We did the Legend in Alaska June 2016, before the upgrades. We liked it. Smaller than all our previous cruises, so a little adjustment to us... mostly the lack of people! It was weird not having to stand in line all the time to get food, or into dining room, etc. Things just flowed so smoothly. Decor was a little dark and very ornate for my taste, but I would expect they updated some of that in that drydock. If not, its just part of the charm. And now that they have Guys and Blue Iguana for lunch, it will be even better. I am currently trying to talk DH into doing the Legend out of Tampa in Feb... he still won't decide if he wants to cruise then. We are already booked on Spirit for Alaska again in July 2020, the sister ship. So excited about that at least. So if anyone does a trip on Legend soon, please post a trip report and tons of photos! I need to get DH to agree to a cruise on her in Feb! robin
  11. If you have never seen the show...Deadliest Catch: My family was addicted to this show for 5 years.
  12. Ditto the Helicopter to glaciers in Juneau... mind blowing and more than worth the $400pp.
  13. We did the ship's excursion for this a few years ago. The catamaran is SMOOTH sailing, no need for sea sick meds at all. Several people did not do the snorkeling part, they just watched everyone from surface. When we came to shore, the boat is moored, so you have to jump off in chest high water and walk to shore - this might be the issue for her. I am short, only 5'2" and it was literally chest deep water to wade to shore and back again. There is a ladder to climb back onboard though so only wading in water could be a problem. my photos: You can see the people wading in from both of the catamarans. We loved the excursion. Fun time and food and drinks are available for sale on the island. Also very strong rum punch for free on the boat... they even had the pitchers of it sitting on the stairs of the boat so if you were on shore, you could take your cup and wade in, fill cup, then wade back to shore. Some people got pretty lit. robin
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