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  1. Just back from the Vista, had the snorkel tour to Rendezvous Caye. It was really a great excursion. Did not hear a single complaint. I am working on a video and lots of photos and will post this week.
  2. Most people don't realize that the number of FTTF rooms is directly affected by how many Diamond and Platinum guests book that cruise. They offer just a certain amount of FTTF at first, when the itinerary opens for booking, but hold back to see how many rooms are booked by the "Preferred" cruisers. They won't open the FTTF back up until closer to the cruise date for that reason. The room stewards can only get so many rooms done before people start boarding, and so the FTTF number is limited.
  3. It is hot and humid cave tubing any time of year...the cold water feels good. After walking through the heavy jungle you will enjoy sitting in the tube cooling off. Do whatever excursion you want, and go with the flow.
  4. We have been to Grand Cayman twice, did not have FTTF or any priority, stood in line with everyone else, and still made it to shore with at least 30 minutes to spare before meeting for our excursions. Did our excursions and made it back to port in time to shop a little before getting back in line for tender. Both times.
  5. The filet at the steakhouse is HUGE, I bet 4" tall, and tender. All the apps and desserts are fantastic also. My DH got the ribeye last cruise and was a bit disappointed that is was rather fatty. Good flavor but fatty.
  6. Both are excellent. Do whichever one suites you and your companions. Our favorite ports are Belize and Roatan, but we would like to do Jamaica again. And no, we had no problem with Jamaica, its a different culture and people there are more "touchy, feely" and Americans don't like being touched by strangers. I think that is the majority of complaints I hear about it. Grand Cayman is our least favorite port, been there twice - its just too modern for our taste. We want more exotic and adventurous when we are on vacation.
  7. Thanks everyone! Really looking forward to it.
  8. Leaving on the Vista this weekend, YEAH.... and one of the reasons we are doing this ship in particular is that DH needs to do the Brewery Tour! He is a homebrewer, and friends with all the local brew pubs here in town, and so its research for him....yeah, sure. So where do we sign up for the tour? It isn't listed on the website. Do you sign up at the Red Frog Pub/Brewery or at the Excursion desk? I know we have to book the first day and that it is held on a Sea Day, not much else. He is so excited for this. thanks
  9. you could try this: https://trikes-cozumel.com/ looks like a blast, don't think it goes off-road though.
  10. Really tough to say favorite, but I guess the Freedom, so far. Been on it twice, it just seems to be the right size and amazing crew. I do like the Magic and Breeze for their BBQ place, Sushi, and stuff. We are on the Vista next week, then the Fascination in Sept.... my favorite may change.
  11. I was there a few years ago and they had prices that I thought were very good for handmade jewelry. Everything from small pieces up to huge sculptures.
  12. I have looked at that exact excursion thinking it looked perfect, but my DH wants to do the CozumelBarHop this cruise, so it will have to wait until next year. If you go, please post back a report and photos!
  13. ABQrobin


    As a regular vacationer to Cozumel for 19+ years now, I can tell you that downtown is fun and safe. Get off the main street! The shops there have mostly been bought by the cruise lines and are not what you want to see. Go a block or two off the main drag to all the little shops and chat with the locals. They are fantastic warm friendly people. Safe...? I think it is safer than downtown in almost any city in US. The people there make their living 100% from tourism, so they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. In fact, the nicer you are to them, the better deal you will get... be sure to haggle. And you also might get a free shot of tequila or maybe just a hug. But the locals are sure to make you feel happy to be in their home. Give them a chance. Restaurants downtown are head and shoulders above anything you get elsewhere (beach clubs catering to cruisers). Check out LaChoza or LaMission or CasaDenis or ... any of the little taco shops. Get a margarita at WetWendys, too. So much to see and do downtown... you can spend hours and hours walking up and down all the little side streets.
  14. At the beach the water is about chest deep from the stairs on the boat to shore. I didn't think it was a problem and I am short. She should be able to get off. Also the crew is FANTASTIC, so if she has any problems they will help her. As far as the snorkeling part, you are required to wear the snorkel vest, so she might enjoy getting in the water if she knows she can't sink. She can try it out, and if she doesn't like it she can get back onboard any time during the snorkel.
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