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  1. Our favorites are the Cozumel, Belize, Roatan routes.... we're doing it again in Sept. Just love everything about Belize and Roatan. Just make sure if you go there, you BOOK an excursion! Staying on ship, or staying just at the port are a waste of time to us. Get out and see these wonderful rustic countries with jungles and water activities. Roatan has best snorkeling in Caribbean, Belize has amazing Mayan ruins and cave tubing... If you just want a pretty beach, then Grand Turk and Grand Cayman have it. We are not "beach sitters" so they aren't high on our list for ports.
  2. You can only book Carnival on the ship. The independent companies I would contact from home before your cruise. Lots of recommendations here on CC for excursions. Do you have an idea what you want to do in Belize? Start reading the posts here on CC and get an idea what is available, also look at the cruise website at "shore excursions" and see what they have.
  3. Mahogany Bay is owned by the cruise line, Carnival. You have to walk thru the port and exit the gate, then walk down a hill to meet any "outside" excursions. Mahogany Bay has a shopping area and a beach area, its a large enclosed port. Rony's and Bodden are both private excursion vendors you can meet outside the gates down that hill...but you need to book ahead of time. They need a certain number of people and need to know which van/bus to bring for each excursion. Look up their websites on TripAdvisor or google them. Both have great reputations.
  4. Don't plan to book something at the port. Most of these excursions have long bus rides and they have to leave shortly after ships tenders arrive. Many of the excursions will also be sold out already by then. Book ahead of time in Belize, whether you do a ship's excursion or private company.
  5. We had a whistling balcony door once (Freedom), told our room steward, fixed same day when we came back to room.
  6. Ortiz is a WORLD FAMOUS baseball player, worth Millions and Millions of dollars, famous and from Dominican Republic. Not a single person here on CC is as famous or rich, so the idea that they would be targeted just like Ortiz is nonsense. He was probably shot in a robbery attempt, but we have to wait for the news to come out. They say one person already arrested and have a name of the other. It is an ongoing story, and not a random shooting of a tourist.
  7. Don't let them fool you? What are you accusing me of? The OP was just asking for a beach with snorkeling, first time to Roatan, and I was telling them of an inexpensive choice. ehge80 - your driver can take you to West Bay, but you are still going to have to pay a fee to use facilities and chairs at any of the clubs/resorts there.
  8. Also.... Carnival is now offering Discover Scuba at Rendezvous Caye, don't know if other cruise lines are also. I bet you would love that.
  9. If you are allergic to beef, I would stay away from Guys...they may be putting the veggie burgers on the same grill as the beef burgers.
  10. Roatan is a known quantity to me.... diving there is easy and full of life, great coral, etc. Costa Maya I have not done, so can't give personal experience, but I do know a few divers who have been there who think its pretty good. Closer to the diving in Cozumel is some regards, but not as deep. It would be boat diving. ...as I have told you before.... boat diving is the way to go. It is easier and gets you right to the reefs which are not being beat up by waves and surge. Coral is more abundant and healthier when it is out of the wave action. Plus it is just easier to back roll off a boat then climb back on with a ladder than to trudge onto shore with waves hitting you while you try to take your fins off. Yuck, I just hate that about shore diving. Trying to walk back on shore, with a 50lb tank on my back, trying to hold camera and fins while getting hit by waves. More than once I have been knocked down.
  11. Have you thought about doing a Discover Scuba there?
  12. Yeah, the included lunch is new. Our guide for day told us that people wanted it and he thinks it has worked out well with lunch. So I am guessing they will do it with all ships excursions now.
  13. Diving at Roatan would be more more to your liking. Cozumel is incredible diving, but it is deep and it is drift diving, so current takes you where it wants to go. Its a little more skill intensive than you can really do safely in Discover scuba. It takes some getting used to so you don't panic, especially when a current grabs you when you are down at 60-70' depth or more. Roatan, on the other hand, is easy diving and there are really nice reefs there that are shallow enough for you to enjoy diving.
  14. Yes, you can rent a vehicle for the day..... but there is the thing: You are on a tropical island where it rains alot, the roads are very basic and full of potholes, some are not even paved. Are you prepared to pay damages for the vehicle? or miss the ship because you are stuck on other side of island with broken down vehicle and no cell service, or trying to settle and accident with Mexican police? Or .... see what I mean? Do a tour, then you can have fun and not have to worry or worse. I love Cozumel, have been going there for week long vacations for 19 yrs. I know the island well. Trust me on this. Just my 2 cents.
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