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  1. Ship: Constellation Length of Cruise: 15 Cruise Sail Date: December 18, 2019 Date email offer received: October 20, 2019 Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Preview Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Originally direct, transferred to TA Current Cabin: Concierge 8195 Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Royal Suite 6133 Bid Offer: $2870pp (minimum bid) Notification Date: October 31, 2019 Accepted / Rejected: Accepted General Comments (offer details, etc.): Made minimum bids on all categories, never expecting any of them to be accepted, LOL. Bids: Aqua $220pp (current price $5830pp) , Sky Suite $1310pp (current price $11,705pp), Celebrity Suite $2100pp (sold out), Royal Suite current price $24,245pp. We are extremely excited, to say the least! There's no way we'd have been able to afford that kind of price, even if we wanted to (barring winning a huge lottery anyway)!
  2. Hi Maree, I don't recall seeing a Winemakers dinner. They did have a wine tasting thing (no meal, $13) that the wait staff were promoting heavily. I'd ask at the service desk when you put your name down for Chef's Table (as soon as you board, don't hesitate, LOL). Meryl
  3. The Chef's Tables are usually conducted on a sea day, but the actual day can vary. Yes, you can ask whatever questions you'd like of both the Executive Chef and/or Maître d'Hôtel during the evening.
  4. Tom, you might need to budget a tiny bit more than $115 each. Just off the Majestic (Sunday), and we did the Chef's Table on 22nd Dec. Cost $125 each. Was brilliant, and we'd thoroughly recommend you head straight to a phone, dial 138 and put your name down on the list as soon as you board. There were 3 Chef's Tables conducted during our 12 night cruise. Very popular. Before people start making negative comments about the cost, how about you try it first? Must admit that when we did our first, it was $95 each, and has steadily increased in price since then, but it's not just the food (and free-flowing wines), it's also a really special experience. Won't spoil the surprise, but the Majestic takes the experience level up another notch! Have attached the menu fyi.
  5. Same. Get in early, and keep checking.
  6. We aren't Elite or Suite (have only just risen to the giddy heights of Platinum) and we've always managed to be successful with the list. It's first come, first served, or a ballot. Neither of which will be influenced by your status.
  7. What made your second Chef's Table a let down? We've done 4 with Princess and 1 with P&O and have been very happy with them all. Just curious.
  8. Can you copy the actual address that you're using from your address bar in your browser, after you are re-directed?
  9. Can you post the link that you're using? We can try it too, to see if we have the same issue.
  10. LOL, that was my first thought too. Way overdressed for Queensland. 😅
  11. Another one for InsureandGo, and as Sinbad mentioned above discount codes are easily found. I picked up 20% off. Also, they have specific cruise insurance. I don't trust insurance companies when a travel policy is silent in a particular (but extremely popular) activity. Way too easy for them to get out of a claim.
  12. Not 100% on the tea bags (I'm a tea drinker myself, no coffee), and I bring my own Dilmah. What on earth is an escape room? To get away from kids?
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