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    Blu menus

    You will be relieved to have the team in Blu on your side. I traveled with my mom a couple of weeks ago. They will literally make whatever you need. I too have a chronic pain condition and have to avoid many things. I felt great all trip! My Mom eats GF, and no raw veggies, fruits, nuts etc. She too did great! They will provide you with the menu for the next day to choose from as well as the menu for the next day from the main dining room.
  2. cruisin0504

    Protein drinks/smoothies - Aqua Spa Cafe

    Wow - that looks great. It looks like the first bar tender who asks me to upgrade from classic package will be making a sale!
  3. cruisin0504

    Celiac Disease

    We are gluten free as well and will be eating in Blu. Did they have any GF pancakes for breakfast? What were some of your favorite GF options? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. We are looking to book this for next year. We fell in love with the gluten free made to order crepes on the Anthem in the windjammer. Is this available on AOS? It is not a deal breaker - but it would certainly seal the deal!
  5. cruisin0504

    1st Time Visitors

    Hi - coming to Bermuda in late May for 3 days on the Summit. My mom is 80 and gets around slow, but OK. Can't step down in to a boat from a dock etc. We are doing an island tour on the middle day. What would be best ideas for Wed and Friday? Thanks.
  6. Hi all - when on RCI we purchased the non alcohol package and enjoyed it - mostly to get good coffee, bottled water, fresh squeezed OJ and brewed iced tea. I read recently that the coffee on Celebrity the coffee is actually brewed and is good, and I also saw fresh squeezed OJ on a menu. Could someone please share their thoughts on this? $44/day for the two of us. Thank you.
  7. cruisin0504

    room service menu?

    Does anyone happen to have a screen shot of the menu on the TV?
  8. Thank you! This is great! Are the sun beds etc available to all - or only for a certain category and above? I haven't learned all the names of the areas yet, but I spotted them on a youtube video last night.
  9. It's my first time on Celebrity and I'd line to know what some favorite gluten free options are. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. cruisin0504

    Recent Summit Gluten Free Cruisers

    Sorry, wrong place. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. First time on Celebrity and I'm curious as to recent favorite gluten free options. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. cruisin0504

    Chanukah - apparently doesn't exist on RCI

    The crew on anthem were amazingly supportive! The menorah had electrical issues and they sent it down to be worked on. They provided wine, latkes and jelly donuts nightly. All in the back of WJ before they opened for dinner. Met many nice people there. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Would north Star be cold on embarkation day in the winter? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. cruisin0504

    Chanukah - apparently doesn't exist on RCI

    Nice!! I just saw a photo of the decorations that are now up on the Anthem and there is a menorah! Countdown to boarding is getting close!
  15. The plug for the CPAP was to the right of our bed. Very convenient. Also was a little shelf there to stow it during the day.