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  1. I’m not a big fan of St Lucia. We were on a ship excursion years ago and people were coming up to the catamaran in kayaks and trying to climb on to sell stuff. I know it is a poor nation, but that is going a bit far. I just didn’t feel safe
  2. I agree with the other comments. POA is the way to go to see all of the islands without a lot of sea days - though I love sea days, I wanted to spend my time on the islands. For the amount of time to sail from California, I spend 6 extra days in Honolulu. Got to go to Pearl Harbor, North Shore, swam with the sharks, spent time on the beach and got to have dinner with my cousin and his boys. The ship is old, do not expect all of the bells and whistles. Was not fond of a lot of the crew, food was, as others have said, cruise food. By spending 2 days in each island, I know I want to go back to Maui and Kauai. But, I would do the cruise again.
  3. I thought the tenders were very uncomfortable and quite rough. And yes, getting on and off the tenders was difficult.
  4. When is the beach BBQ and the deck BBQ? Trying to plan excursions for November. Thanks
  5. If you have stayed in both, which do you prefer and why? If you only stayed at one, likes/dislikes. Thanks
  6. I have also looked at the cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona. Hopefully in 2021.
  7. Just returned from my first cruise with Wind Star and it was amazing. I’ve cruised in excess of 20 times before and I have never enjoyed those cruises as much as I did with Wind Star. Loved Wind Surf. Review coming later
  8. I had a reduction. Can’t remember the exact amount
  9. I have no problem with people dressing appropriately, but on a ship like this there is no buffet to go to. The only other thing to do is get room service and eat in your room. I’m the kind of person that if I’ve had a long hot day the last thing no I want to do is get dressed up BUT I can still handle a pair of pants and nice shirt. Honestly, it really doesn’t bother me what people wear.
  10. Does anyone know if they still do the deck BBQ and the beach party? If so on which island? thanks
  11. Will be on Star Pride in November in the Caribbean and wind Spirit to Tahiti in 2020. Since I am traveling solo, hope I will enjoy the experience. But it’s a cruise so how can I not enjoy 😋🍷🌊🍺
  12. In a little over 2 weeks I will be on my first Windstar cruise aboard Wind Surf. Needless to say, I am very excited. So what should I expect when I take my first steps on the Wind Surf? What do you do first when you board?
  13. With cruises on other lines, I received documents to board. I know Windstar doesn’t send out luggage tags, but do I get a boarding pass? I know I need my passport but don’t know if I need anything from windstar. Leaving in a few weeks on my first Windstar cruise and very excited. Thanks
  14. I could never understand why people worry about what others are wearing. How can it have an impact on your meal. I’ve seen people “dressed to the nines” as my mother would say and come to dinner drunk or smell. I’d prefer dressed in jeans or shorts instead of drunk and smelly. I see no problem with women wearing capris to dinner - I do. When I am in the Caribbean after a long hot day, the very last thing I want is to get dressed up. But to each their own. For me, wear what you want but please don’t be obnoxiously drunk or smell. I’ve been on over 25 cruises and each cruise line has its issues with dress code. Happy Cruising All - next month will be my first Wind Star cruise (and I have 2 more booked 😊).
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