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  1. Why so many people cruise and then complain when ports are missed is beyond me. If you are on land then you are not cruising. It's not like you've booked a flight and it has to divert for technical or other reasons. You are on a ship "CRUISING". The ports, (though I accept not to many people), are largely irrelevant. I couldn't care less where the ship gets to, the vacation is the ship not the ports. Hope you stuck your hands in your pockets and gave out all those extra tips for the extra service you got.
  2. macruisefan has no recent activity to show Not too surprising since their comments are 7 years old.
  3. Yeah, just because of the mentality that "Ooh, there's been an accident, let's blame someone and make a claim". It's about time people themselves were liable for their own actions. This particular event is an absolute tragedy and we all feel for the victims. But in the end it is a matter of choice. It was known to be an active volcano some choose to explore, and others don't. Folks go on your vacations, do what YOU want to do. Take out adequate and appropriate insurance for what you are doing, and stop looking to blame someone when tragedy or accidents happen.
  4. There seems to be conflicting reports on how many people are missing. The BBC state 47 people were on the Island, but in the same report they provide a link provided by the Red Cross, which indicates many more. https://familylinks.icrc.org/new-zealand/en/Pages/search-persons.aspx
  5. Exactly. The problem is Supermarket staff are not trained, nor do they have the time nor inclination to look after the champagnes. Of course what is inside a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is the same when it leaves the champagne house, but what happens after it arrives at it's destination/retailler is another matter. Champagne shouldn't be stored under bright lights. If you notice, most of the houses premier cru's are normally sold in a box of some description, that is not just a marketing tool, but to keep the bottle "in the dark". I could talk for hours about Champagne, but if I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to try and make your purchase from a reputable dealer, where the bottle has probably not been handled by lots of curious shoppers, and then take your purchase home and store it in a cool dark place for as long as you are able. Your enjoyment of this wonderful drink will certainly be far greater than if you open it straight after you've bought it. Also for those who can't finish a bottle in one go, forget the fancy bottle stoppers, just pop a teaspoon in the neck and pop it in the fridge. You will still have the bubbles the next day. Though I have to admit it would be a rare thing indeed for me to have any champers left once opened. Happy drinking!
  6. There isn't a chance in hell that I would purchase champagne off a supermarket shelf. btw anyone who doesnt know why really ought not to be wasting their money on champagne.
  7. https://www.clos19.com/en-gb/champagne/veuve-clicquot-champagne/all-c-01111?q=%3A&sort=relevance&page=1 Maybe of use if departing from or visiting uk
  8. Well if no one said a word it must be alright then. Never seen nice flip flops, but if you think their nice then that's also ok.
  9. After reading this thread, I've cancelled my dinner suit and have ordered a space suit......
  10. Most of you probably ain't going to like this, but imvho we are too clean nowadays. Everywhere you go, wash your hands, don't cough, don't sneeze, eat organic. The problem being when we do pick up a bug, we have nothing in our bodies to fight it, because we are not used to a little bit of good old fashioned 'muck' inside us. My grandparents probably never heard of noro, salmonella etc., and they had on outside toilet and one cold water tap in the house. Old gramps never missed a days work in his life.
  11. Land taxi? You do realise this is Venice your talking about? You can pre-book a Water Taxi, but there are only land taxi's, as far as Pizzale Roma.
  12. Sorry for your experience. it sounds awful both for you and your dog. I am lucky to be able bodied, but having read your story, I have no intention of ever doing a back to back. If I want a longer vacation, I will just find a longer cruise. Hope all is well now and you and your dog are fine.
  13. Following report says 6 people treated for flu like symptoms. https://www.wfmz.com/news/cnn/us-national/ca-several-fall-ill-aboard-docked-cruise-ship/video_b960198c-7634-5097-aaa2-54756d18441a.html
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