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  1. Oh wow, I'm super good at that too! Idea one: Auction off the rights to toss a jerky passenger overboard to the sharks, for one. Provide "spending opportunities" that people really want, that's what I say.
  2. I have an excellent idea, but I am not sure about fair use of the funnel logo. But if it's legal, it's GREAT, and it's timely.
  3. I am merely here to state that I will enjoy my cruise even if you are not on it. In some cases, especially.
  4. After listening to Christine Duffy's message, I wonder what God I have managed to vex; she's not a very good speaker. I'm way super better. I should be president.
  5. I swear, you guys must have been a riot to behold in 2012.
  6. Surely you realize that if it were easy to do, it would have been done?
  7. You have successfully described every business ever 😉
  8. Just to be clear: it never wasn't not safe.
  9. But seriously...what does this do to the Alchemy experience? Shoots it directly in the no no place, is what it does. That might make me rethink Cheers.
  10. Do you go to Kroger or Walmart for vacation?
  11. It is an amazing world we live in where we gloat about numbers of deaths in a day. Can we please go back to using Platinum Loyalty to feel important?
  12. Well, either people will wear masks and go along with these guidelines (including the fewer people on board)...or the business will fall through the bottom because people don't want to. Either way, I don't see it as being something that will last long.
  13. Good lord, when is that picture from? We were on Paradise a couple of years ago, and it looked immaculate compared to that shot of Ecstasy, I think it is?
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