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  1. It’s part of the shore excursions. No the luggage goes out the night before as usual. It is held separately for you to collect in the terminal. It is a hours drive to FCO and the new T3 is very impressive with a great range of top end designers shopping 🛍
  2. My recent Solarium dining experience was on Symphony which was superb. Does Anthem also do self serve starters and main courses? I cannot recall a printed menu in Symphony?
  3. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2668711-divina-review-a-marmite-cruise/ They’ll either love it or hate it...! You cannot compare the regular MSC experience with the cocoon of YC. You cannot compare prices either. I have booked a week in a YC for £4000. One week in a comparable loft suite on RCI would cost £10,000 upwards.
  4. On sailings from England and Australia the 18% drinks tip is built into the prices on the bar menus. No need to leave extra. In sailings from Australia the service charge is included in the cruise fare price. Not in any other country (yet) .
  5. We are booked into Jamies for lunch on embarkation day.
  6. Unfortunately with the new style boarding passes, the currency choice no longer shows so you cannot do the pink highlighter!!!
  7. I landed at 10,15 and I was at the port in the duty free shop by 11:15. If I’d made my wine selection quicker I would have been on board by 11:15. It is a short direct motorway to the cruise port. I wouldn't bother booking a driver, you would waste more time trying to hook up than it takes to walk down the slope and straight into a taxi. Hundreds of taxis at BCN. If you do land late and “miss the boat”, then I’d get straight to a Palma and spend the night there. Less stressful than catching a plane the next day if things went wrong. Plenty of excellent restaurants and hotels in Palma. Good luck!
  8. @JP82 It should be option B. However they sometimes/regularly ignore this!!! I had this option selected on my cruise last week and they still did the conversion and charged me in £. I forgot my own rule which I always tell people to do...... this is to go to the GR desk mid cruise and ask for a paper print out of your invoice. If it shows in $$ then you are good, but if it shows in ££ then it means they have done the conversion and you then ask them to set you up with a new account in $$. It is a hassle for them to do this as they have to issue with a new folio number and it takes about 10 mins but to ensure it is in ££ they must do this. The TV account in your cabin will always show in $$. LB Also a Monzo fan!
  9. I’m trying to find the gnome on Oasis.. it’s in CP somewhere...
  10. Make sure you have seats on the right side of the plane for views when landing. it is about 25 mins from airport to ship.
  11. I guess you will be first in line to see the new film version in December...??!
  12. As you are on your holiday I assume that means the 'away strip'..... LOL!
  13. Is there a Freephone number for UK CC please? TIA.
  14. @avdb I would say that if your flight is at 3 then checkin is 1 so leave the ship just before noon. Leaving at noon means you don't pay $44.99 but get the cheaper rate (not sure what that is!). If you are flying from the new FCO airport T3 it is shopping heaven though so you may want to allow more time.... Gucci.. Prada...etc etc! http://www.adr.it/web/aeroporti-di-roma-en-/tax-free-mall
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