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  1. We save our points for flights because each point for flying is worth 1.5 cents. We love Southwest because of '2 bags free" I am thinking of getting either a United or delta cc, because then I can use Southwest points towards my cruise, and fly on the other airline. I also use my Marriot card[ I think it's Marriot] to pay for my hotels before and after the cruise
  2. can I request whipped cream on my banana split?
  3. I lOVE Carnival Breeze food. I feel so spoilt by it. Is it mostly gourmet food? Absolutely not. And I'm not paying anything close to "gourmet" cruise prices ether. It's silly to expect $100 a person per plate food in the MDR when for many people, they aren t even paying $100 a day for their entire cruise!
  4. The Havana area sounds incredible. Because of financial constraints[ which can't be that bad we still can cruise], though, if we were to book a Havana cabin, we would probably have to slow down our cruising from every year to year and a half, to every year and a half to 2 years. So, if booking a Havana cabin would cause you to be able to cruise less often, would you still choose the Havana cabin?
  5. Wow Sid! Awesome review, which I have read from beginning to end. From nearly the beginning, every time that someone mentioned "the tribe," I wondered if perhaps you are also a member of a different "tribe", the one I am a member of. Like you, most of my "tribe" live by making lists. Like you, they tend to be extremely detail oriented. Like the majority of my "tribes" people, you are a germaphobe. Like you, the majority of my "tribe" are single [ and often in superb shape] Like you, people in my "tribe" like to be in control of how much "socializing" they do, because if they do not, they become totally overwhelmed. Like so many of my "tribe" members, you have an awesomely snarky sense of humor. These are just a few of many examples I could give. I won't mention my neurology, but I can't help but wondering if you, possibly, at the least are a "cousin" if not a tribe member. I am proud of my neurology, and I hope that if you are one of "us" that you are proud of your neurology as well.
  6. We have been on the Breeze 4 times. always assigned seating, always the Blush dining room. I think it is prettier than the other dining room.
  7. Okay, what is the ATL thread I keep reading about? And how do I get there?
  8. Okay, this is not the most surprizing thing I saw, but the most surprizing thing my , at the time,15 year old grandson experienced when cruising. It was his first cruise, and we had sent him some links in the preceeding weeks so that he could have an idea what to expect. Obviously he did not look at them. We got on the ship and EVERYTHING SURPRIZED HIM! He had been expecting to board the ship and be assigned a seat, in a huge area with seating similar to a commercial airplane. He thought we would stay in our seats, being served meals on trays, sleeping in our chairs, and only getting up to use the bathroom, until we reached a port. He was blown away! "this is AMAZING!" I heard him say this at least 100 times on the cruise. It is always fun cruising with someone who has never cruised before, but this particular cruise with this grandson was AMAZING!
  9. My family has some "invisible" disabilities. We explained to carnival and were told to meet in the library. What was especially nice is that we were let out several minutes before any other muster stations so that we could avoid the chaos and noise.
  10. I think the reason I am so dissapointed is because I truly feel like I have been on this cruise with you [you have a gift, young man. Oh, to be 50 again!] To me, most of the food looked artsy rather than delicous. And...if I had had a something that I really liked, well, there was merely a taste and no more. Even the bread you liked so much, how different is it than monkey bread with a glaze and shaved coconut on top? ] Now, the Asian food you had last night, OMG!, I was practically drooling at almost every picture. I was so happy that someone posted that they will be bringing that place on every ship. From the appetizers to the desserts [OMG the desserts!] everything you had at the Asian place looked so much better! And I'll bet they didn't make you take as long to eat your dinner. Anyway, sleep well. I am so excited about tomorrow!
  11. I am so excited for the couples thallasotherapy package we have booked!
  12. I am so excited for the Chefs' Table. I hope that you will name and describe all the little yummies!
  13. I loved the old catalog. I would study it over and over like it was a Sears Wish book{yes, I'm old] And we used to order the videos for the specific ship for $10. I would watch it over and over again, listening to Kathy Lee Gifford singing the "Elation" song as she introduced us to "Carnivals' newest ship!" I am happy that there are still some paper brochures available.
  14. My husband and I were talking about trying some new things on our journey cruise on the Breeze this November. We have cruised on Carnival many times, but we tend to gravitate to foods and activities we are familiar with, so there are many wonderful offerings that we have never taken advantage of. I am so excited by reading others' lists as it gives me ideas for what to try on our upcoming cruise! Thank you!
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