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  1. No, unfortunately it does not have the half bath. But, the balcony is far better than the S class! Enjoy!
  2. Depending on how you booked either with Celebrity or a TA call them and have them include the tips on your booking.
  3. Looking forward to following along on your amazing journey. Seems as though you got a great price on your Aqua cabin. I'm very excited to see your photos and hear everything about your adventure. Wishing you and Edward safe travels and a Happy Sailing! Patty
  4. Wondering when this change occurred as I was just on Equinox 7/6-13 and enjoyed a Smoothie every day. I had the Premium Non-Alcohol Beverage Package.
  5. Appreciate your review and happy that you enjoyed your sailing. On a past Silhouette sailing we enjoyed lunch in Murano on a sea day. Wondering if Equinox offers this option. Thanks!
  6. There are a couple of threads on the Equinox Revolution. Perhaps you can find some information there.
  7. Carol - Your very welcome! The chair will most likely be in front of the door so you'll have the extra space. The balcony is pretty big so the lack of footstools and a full sized table are one of those questionable design choices from the Revolution. The ship is lovely and the crew is wonderful! Patty
  8. Ok Carol n?????? I just accepted your request and posted the photos.
  9. Loracpin2 Yes we were on March 30 after revolution? Are you on 2.0 on FB? I'll post the photos for you if you are.
  10. Does anyone know if the Aqua Class shower jets have remained the same post semi-revolution or have they removed them as they did on Summit? Thank you in advance for any information!
  11. There is a wider chair next to the balcony door. No sofa. This cabin is limited to 2 people.
  12. Yes, your body will be moving forward. Go to C S - 2.0 on FB for photos
  13. Our daughter and grandson were in 6135 aboard Summit and we were in the connecting Royal Suite. We had the door open between the cabins most of the time and even with that, we could barely hear them talking or the television. It's a great location on the ship.
  14. We met Rhiannon on our March sailing. While waiting to check in she introduced herself and carried on a pleasant conversation. Extended her willingness to see that we had a wonderful sailing. We thought that she was lovely. Joana was the Suite Manager and she was exceptional. Very approachable and made her presence known in both suite areas, always checking that we were having a great cruise. There was an issue with our shower and she always made certain to keep us updated on the progress being made. There was a third person, but her name escapes me. We found them all to be a wonderful team!
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