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  1. Looking forward to your review. We did this same itinerary in a RS last year on Silhouette and had an amazing time. Wishing you a wonderful sailing!
  2. We're right there with you the_dylaness, but at Elite Plus. Not one of the perks are of any benefit to us as we always book RS. With that being said, we don't sail with Celebrity to gain loyalty points, but for the amazing Xperience each and every time that we're onboard. Patty
  3. Looking forward to your "live" report. We sailed Summit in March post Revolution and enjoyed it so much we're booked again in January and May. Loved the look of the ship and the Crew was outstanding! Have a wonderful sailing!
  4. chemo - We have only stayed in a Sky Suite on Solstice. I found that the issue with the tub/shower is that the floor of the tub is higher than the floor of the bathroom. So where you think your foot is going to land when you step out, is not the case which in turn threw off my balance. In addition, there was nothing to hold on to which would have helped. Not certain, but I would think that it's the same on M class.
  5. We have stayed in RS on both M and S class ships with the accommodations being very different between the classes. Our most recent sailing was on Summit. We found the RS to be wonderful. The balcony is fabulous, loved it so much we have 2 more sailings booked. We find the suite to be spacious and comfortable. Bathroom is lovely with a walk in shower and jacuzzi tub as well as double sinks. Have never stayed in the Celebrity Suite, but from the photos it appears very spacious and those floor to ceiling windows are amazing. Balcony while narrow, seems adequate. What I don't like and it's really a deal breaker for us, is the bath/shower combination. It's horrible for me (as I'm short) with many others unhappy with it as well. I cannot understand why this wasn't addressed when they did the Revolutionizing of Summit.
  6. Ade999 - Hilton FLL Marina is our go to hotel. I suggest you book Tower Bridge View high level. You'll definitely be able to see the ships in port. Hotel is undergoing a renovation and higher floor were not accessible on our last stay. Not sure how long the renovations will be. I'm sure if you call the Hilton directly, they can give you an estimate on completion.
  7. No, unfortunately it does not have the half bath. But, the balcony is far better than the S class! Enjoy!
  8. Depending on how you booked either with Celebrity or a TA call them and have them include the tips on your booking.
  9. Looking forward to following along on your amazing journey. Seems as though you got a great price on your Aqua cabin. I'm very excited to see your photos and hear everything about your adventure. Wishing you and Edward safe travels and a Happy Sailing! Patty
  10. Wondering when this change occurred as I was just on Equinox 7/6-13 and enjoyed a Smoothie every day. I had the Premium Non-Alcohol Beverage Package.
  11. Appreciate your review and happy that you enjoyed your sailing. On a past Silhouette sailing we enjoyed lunch in Murano on a sea day. Wondering if Equinox offers this option. Thanks!
  12. There are a couple of threads on the Equinox Revolution. Perhaps you can find some information there.
  13. Carol - Your very welcome! The chair will most likely be in front of the door so you'll have the extra space. The balcony is pretty big so the lack of footstools and a full sized table are one of those questionable design choices from the Revolution. The ship is lovely and the crew is wonderful! Patty
  14. Ok Carol n?????? I just accepted your request and posted the photos.
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