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  1. My wife and I did the Danube in late August 2016 and had a blast. European countries normally take countywide holidays in August so check your dates, you may find some things closed. Don't know what 2020 will be like because of the shutdowns, they may figure the time off has already occurred. We left US on August 16 and stayed through Labor Day (September) did not run into any difficulties. After dealing with crowds in US at vacation spots, the places we visited weren't so bad (Vienna, London, Paris, Nuremberg, Budapest) Pretend it is Disney on a slow day
  2. Did not see any where along the route for a bike rental. Many ports are simply a place to tie up and get out the gang plank
  3. Sailed on the Amber in 2016 on the Danube. We never planked with another ship. Their docking sites seemed to be out of the way of other ships on the river. I sat out many mornings on my balcony and never smelled anything but we were midship on the Sapphire deck.
  4. Adding our children to our Hawaii cruise only "cost" 299.00 each, so we said Why Not? Forgot to figure the airfare to get them to Hawaii, the added cost in tips, the extra money for everything they ate off the ship, the souvenirs they brought back. I would do it again in a heartbeat even though the added cost was around 5 grand
  5. Regardless of what you pack or forgot to pack there are RACKS of clothing and rain gear to purchase at just about every port and the stuff is very inexpensive. Layers are great but I found that the 29.00 reversible vest I purchased worked wonders as did the hoodie I bought from Princess Wilderness resort.
  6. 6'5" here and had no difficulty with beds or showers on Scenic cruises. Chairs are fine also and I spent many mornings on the balcony with coffee as my wife slept. Don't get me started about airplanes and people who insist on reclining their seat.
  7. We did a river cruise on the Danube and had a terrific time. A set of cruisers decided not to take the bike ride offered because it would be too hard. When we bikers returned to the ship the group who declined wanted the hotel manager to let them ride the bikes at the next stop. He declined. On the staff entertaining us night the women demanded that their husbands be allowed to partake in a skip using a young woman and a tight robe but then got offended when the skit turned into the woman and just the rope. We ALL laughed at the skit but the complaining wives would not speak to their husbands for the rest of the evening. We disembarked in a terrific rainstorm and Scenic had buses and umbrellas lined up so of course the same group had to complain about the rain and the very short walk to the bus. Laughed about them for the next week of our vacation and their antics often come up in conversation
  8. Do you have a ticket for Eurostar yet? The train leaves at 13 minutes past the hour and some extra trains leave at about 15 minutes to the hour, all day long. You have a little over 2 hours on the train and it moves fast but a look out the window does not frighten. You will clear some customs in Paris before you board the train. You arrive at St Pancras station.
  9. Germaphobes often seem to be the people getting sick. Your body can deal with germs and builds up protection against many. The constant and continuous wiping of handles and armrests and shopping cart handles is often doing a disservice to your body. Yes, I use the stations in ships and hospitals. Yes I clean after using a restroom but I am saddened that our society has decided to throw discarded towels into the corner of restrooms or on the floor after they "cleanse" their area
  10. Unless the weather doesn't cooperate it matters little which side your cabin is on. Mornings may find you enjoying a coffee in your suite before you head down to the restaurant but once the day starts you will be on an excursion or up on the sun deck. I think it is Day 1 or Day 2 which is a full cruise day, lots of sights to see along the riverbank but other than that you are "engaged" in an activity most other days and evenings. We NEVER rafted while on the Amber for the same trip
  11. See if you can find a rollator which folds side to side which will make it easier to navigate
  12. Go online to their gift selection and order a few bottles of booze for your cabin. A bottle of Scotch (375 ml) is less than $30 so buy a few or a set. Then mix your own and carry a travel mug
  13. I owned a labrador who was trained to locate drugs. He was employed by RCCL and walked the hallways when people were on excursions and met every passenger when they returned. If he sat down you were busted. Many different types of dogs are used to locate drugs, and many of those are beagles since they are light and can climb over bags more easily. I think if drugs are found you will not be able to use the excuse that a beagle found them. Many dogs are also used to locate food and cash being carried in luggage.
  14. Local television reports showed a traveler going through Houston airport and one of the beagles alerted. He was removed from the airport to the police station because Houston, Texas, and the Federal Gov't do not recognize the drug as legal. I would not want a drug dog ratting out my luggage and ruining my plans
  15. Not trying to be snarky but really? A 10 gallon pail of liquid soap takes up far less room than the equivalent number of soap bars. As far as the shampoo and conditioner in the cabin, get travel sizes at home or pour some from your econo sized Costco bottle into something smaller. Travel Bar soaps are readily available in the travel section of any Target and carrying a large bar won't tip the scales against you. You might also find out that liquid soaps and conditioners are more environmentally friendly.
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